Using Positive Thinking — Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Is your thinking right? Phillip Mountrose shows you how to increase your positive thinking by overcoming negative thoughts in this short video. He describes 3 “mental trip wires” that can throw you off.

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Positive thinking is a good thing but what about all those negative thoughts you have?

You may want a better relationship or income, but are you focusing on the positive or the negative?

Here are three common “mental trip wires” that can set us off on the wrong track, sometimes surprisingly quickly, maybe without us even knowing it.

1. Judging

You may have heard the wise advice, “criticize the behavior, not the child.” A child yelling in public doesn’t mean the child is “bad.” There may be some adjusting involved, but that doesn’t invalidate the child’s self-worth.

So too with adults. When we label ourselves or others as being “bad’ or “stupid,” for example, that doesn’t do anything but make us feel lousy.

Try to improve and use feedback to your advantage, not as a measure of your value as a human being.

2. Focusing too much on the negative.

“That project is a failure.” “It never works out for me.” “It looks like it won’t happen for me, again.”

When we focus too much on the negative, we often fall prey to absolutist language — “it always fails;” “it never goes my way,” etc.

Get the feedback you need again, reset and move on.

3. Blaming.

The third trip wire goes off when we see ourselves as a victim. Fill in the blank: “I can’t succeed because of ________ [my family, my education, the government, etc.].

The idea is to realize things influence us yet we control our response and our thinking. The idea is to take as much responsibility for ourselves as we can.

In closing…

Quantum physics tells us we are all connected, regardless of location. This “nonlocality” means we can switch our thoughts in an instant.We can use virtually anything to help us, rather than hinder us.

Of course EFT can help us change from negative to positive thinking, often quite quickly.

We can be aware of our thoughts and avoid these 3 mental trip wires. A much happier you will result.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose