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What Exactly is Your Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is the the key for creating a more meaningful life, a life that matters. It’s your deepest reason for being alive.

This is important because your purpose lights up everything you do. You will feel fabulous when you are fully “on purpose” and terrible when you are totally “off purpose.”

We all want to feel fabulous and engaged in the life we are creating, but it’s not generally that simple. Many of us get confused  when we try to find our life purpose.

The Key to Your life Purpose

Determining exactly what is your life purpose often feels out of reach, but it’s really much easier than you might imagine if you have the key.

Your life purpose brings new meaning and it feels good to create a life that matters. Your purpose is like a guiding light that dispels the darkness and brings clarity to everything you do. It’s the direction you deeply desire to take.

The key is to identify the source of your deepest desires, so here it is. The key is to access the truth that emerges when you open your heart.

The heart knows and as the saying goes, the key is to follow your heart. As holistic life coaches who focus on life purpose and spiritual development, we’ve also discovered some specific questions can clarify your purpose.

Ready for a Breakthrough in Your Life Purpose Now?

And more importantly, is now the time to make your dream of living a meaningful, prosperous, and joyful life a reality?

You’re probably here because you sense how important your life purpose is. We did, and we have spent three decades exploring the possibilities, first for ourselves, then for our readers, clients, and students.

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Allowing Your life Purpose to Bloom

One thing to note is that life purpose isn’t static and it isn’t necessarily just one thing. As evolving humans, we’re on a beautiful journey to wholeness and

Each step we take on the journey to wholeness provides a new piece of the picture of who we are and why we are here.

On this journey, the heart is the beacon that lights the way. The more we open our hearts and follow it’s calling, the closer we get to our purpose. Some call the heart the spiritual bridge because it takes us to a new world where we can discover what is our life purpose

Some years ago, we became disillusioned with our work. At the time, Phillip was an educator and Jane was an architect. We were successful enough but something deeper was missing. We were seeking a life with deeper meaning. We wanted to create a life that matters.

Seeking a change, we got involved in a home business, so we could have more control of our lives. This business wasn’t a place we ultimately wanted to be, but it was a good start on the journey. We learned a lot about becoming free thinkers and reaching for our dreams through this experience.

We started to dream of a more fulfilling life and set goals for the what we wanted to create. Our hearts led the way and over time, the goals we set back then virtually all came true, though often in unexpected ways.

Opening your heart and setting goals can awaken a creative spirit you never knew you had. You start to get clues about your reason for being alive, which is the essence of your life purpose.

Over time, as you get clear on your purpose, your goals and vision can take you on a transformational journey. This is an important part of the picture, too, because you are here to evolve and grow.

Getting Lost in Your Life Purpose

Sometimes people get lost in the messages that emerge from their hearts. Most of us need to practice opening our hearts and sometimes clearing blocks to the truth we hold there. This is an area where we often help our clients and students.

The heart is the center of your being. It knows who you are and why you are here. it’s also underrated. As Albert Einstein observed:

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

It’s truly an awakening. As your heart opens and the truth starts to emerge, it will probably tell you to relax. iI will also tell you that you are a uniquely wonderful spiritual being with special gifts to share.

You’ll probably start with an overview, and it’s easier if you don’t get lost in the details. Your purpose will become clearer and it will evolve over time.

On the journey, know that life purpose is not an exact prescription of what you are to do. You have to take its promptings and find ways to live them out in your life. This is when the magic happens.

On the journey, remember there isn’t just one “right” way to express your life purpose. As we describe in our book The Ultimate Paradigm Shift, it’s more like a process of making your life into a work of art.

The key point is to start taking action in what you feel is a positive direction for you. Sure there will be some twists and turns, detours and dead ends. There will also be surprising synchronicities validating that you are on the right track.

It is truly a paradigm shift, a journe into a new reality where your creative potential can blossom. Just follow your passions and talents to explore your next steps.

Going deeper into Your Life Purpose

In the end, your actions are what you’ve got to show for that purpose you are here to fulfill. If you really want a life with deeper meaning, a life that matters, start now. Jump in with all your heart and expect the unexpected. It will work out.

And by following your purpose, and taking the many possible routes to fulfill it, you will create a fabulous life and make a difference.

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And remember, if you really want a more meaningful life – a life that matters – you just have to start, and the best time is now.