What is Intuitive: Following Your Fears or Intuition?

Are you following your intuition? Sometimes we find that people end up following their fears and thinking its their “guidance” or being intuitive.

What is intuitive? The meaning of intuition has to do with listening to your gut, and your inner intelligence. Let us clarify, first with a little background on us.

Our long-time driving force is living a soul-inspired life. We seek to align consciously with infinite intelligence as much as possible each day.

We attribute our success to “keeping the faith” in this approach. Living a wonderful life in a beautiful area and house, doing what we love (training and publishing), networking and helping others has been a true blessing.

Yet we’ve definitely had our share of setbacks along the way as we continued taking “leaps of faith.” It does take some perseverance and staying the course.


From what we’ve learned, we teach people to follow their deeper wisdom and hunches. Being receptive to your intuition is the internal feminine part of your being.

The gap can come in following your guidance, the masculine/doing action part of yourself.

The challenge may go something like this…

I have this calling to be a healer/coach/networker/ start a business or whatever is inspiring. But when it comes to taking action (training, investing, marketing), obstacles naturally arise.

A common reaction then is, “Maybe it’s not for me”; “I’ll do it later”; or “My intuition is telling me not to go ahead because of this resistance.”

There may be some truth in any of these responses. It’s likely, however, that your fears and doubts are clouding your guidance. Instead of following your hunches, then negative self-talk prevails: “What if it fails?” “I probably can’t do it anyway.”


When you do rise from the competitive to the creative plane, as Wallace Wattles described, things look differently. You are then divinely guided. You access what physicists call the nonlocal mind, which transcends time and space.

You see your possibilities and what you can accomplish — how you can help yourself and others. Fear does become a legitimate warning system at appropriate times. If you are climbing a mountain and the path is slippery, you take extra caution.

If you are starting a new venture (say, a new training or business ), you may need extra effort and patience to succeed. The idea is to bring heaven down to earth, to integrate the creative plane into your daily life.

Challenges and stress naturally occur. Overcoming obstacles and rising to the occasion then is part of the journey to a greater life. That’s how you make progress.

In other words, having challenges when acting on your guidance doesn’t mean that your original insight was wrong. It often means that you are being tested. Following through on your hunches builds character and fulfills your deeper purpose.


Many of us can get lost in our internal world and feel separate. We can be fearful of offending others, too.

Once you actually follow your guidance, however, you add value to yourself. You add value to yourself by

~ studying

~ investing

~ enlisting support

~ and taking specific actions.

Then you truly are able to help others, rather than getting stuck for fear of criticism or making a mistake.


Following your guidance and intuition is a journey. We all have times of getting off track, and maybe even fooling ourselves by blaming others and outside circumstances.

Forgive yourself. Then decide to move forward… starting today.

The goal is to keep spiraling up — from stepping out of the crowd, to embracing yourself, to more fully expressing yourself.


So what is your next step in following your intuition? It may be just finishing a small task. Or perhaps talking to someone you’ve avoided. Doing the small things makes it easier to do the big things.

To be sure, following your guidance doesn’t mean there are no challenges or glitches. You still need to prepare and do your homework.

Of course, doubts and fears will arise. Following though sometimes means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Let yourself be courageous. You can do it!




Phillip and Jane Mountrose