008: Your Best Year Ever

In this podcast episode, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) show you how to really make those new year resolutions manifest — and tap into your heart’s wisdom.Phillip and Jane Mountrose

We answer some pivotal questions our audience asked us. One question had to do with “In a busy life, how do I find quiet time and remember who I really am?”

Another question we explore is “How do I not let the fear in the world affect me when I know all is well? How do I not get up in the drama of the world?”

We also give some specific suggestions on how to deal with deadlines.


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Being in the moment vs. momentum
  • Wallace Wattles’ advice from The Science of Getting Rich to “act in a certain way.”
  • Seeing is believing vs believing is seeing
  • Using the Serenity Prayer for more love and happiness
  • Process vs outcome goals

Make this year your best one yet …

“Don’t delay — your life is waiting.” — Phillip Mountrose


Phillip and Jane Mountrose