035: Your Inner Child, Akashic Records & Soul Contracts with Cathryn Taylor

What can you do when you are unhappy? Pause and ask “Who inside is unhappy and what do you need from me?”

cathryn-taylorIn this podcast episode, we have an engaging conversation with Inner Child Workbook author Cathryn Taylor. She delves into how  to deal with disruptions from our childhood feelings and how to deal with the emotional triggers we experience.

In the audio interview below, Cathryn goes into what’s really going on with inner child wounding and how it relates to your soul’s development. By connecting with the Akashic Records, the universal library can help you see what you are here to learn at a deeper level.

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • What to do when you feel unhappy
  • How the brain and body deal with stress
  • Retraining your mind for empowerment
  • The relationship of your soul to your personality
  • How to value your human and spiritual self
  • and much more
“You have a natural right to be happy. Anything less than that reflects an inner wound. Be as compassionate with yourself as possible, ” says Cathryn Taylor. Cathryn’s signature Interactive Tapping™ empowers you to heal and her 7 Month Mentoring Program gives you the tools you need to succeed.



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