5 Ways to Communicate from Top Communicators

Why is it so important to find effective ways to communicate? It is how you connect with others: the lifeblood of your relationships.

In other words, to develop personally and professionally you want to be able to communicate well.

So what do top communicators — like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Bill Clinton — do that can teach us about communication?

Here are 5 communication tips, which through practice have become traits of great communicators, communication skills that we can develop more in ourselves.

1. Connecting.

Bill Clinton can be speaking to thousands, but it is as if he is speaking to each person individually. When speaking to an individual, he focuses so intently on them that it brings out the best in that other person.

Connecting is about listening closely to your audience, even if it is just one person. Be attentive, using forethought to genuinely share what is relevant to the other person.

For example, if we are doing a class on life purpose, we would tailor our language and illustrations based on the particular people attending. When writing this article, we keep the readers continually in mind so each part of the writing (hopefully) makes the most sense to them.

2. Being authentic.

Oprah Winfrey is so natural and conversational when she speaks or interviews. She comes from the heart, which can make her light-hearted as well.

The lesson here? Be interested in others and share what is meaningful for you, in a way that can help others. It requires being present and focused in a relaxed way as well.

3. Mastering your subject area.

Any top communicator has delved into his topic deeply, from both research and personal experience. The Dalai Lama, for example, knows Buddhism and meditation intimately, mastering both as a learner and practitioner.

Masterful communicators continue to study the fundamentals of their subject topic, while opening to new areas and discoveries.

We continue to review core success principles each day (such as monitoring our thoughts and words). We also go further in our areas of expertise (such as coaching, energy healing, life purpose, science of getting rich). Such daily focus and study keeps us on track.

4. Being purposeful.

Powerful communicators have a purpose — they act like they are on a mission. Deepak Chopra, for instance, is always showing people ways to elevate their life experience and connect the dots to greater consciousness.

Top communicators dream of a better world — then put their skills, efforts and resources to work. They continually share their commitment with others. Their higher purpose is a framework to put everything into a meaningful context.

We dream of a world that is more collaborative, creative and prosperous, a world where nature is respected and people honored… and that puts everything into perspective for us each day.

5. Inspiring

The previous four communication qualities — connecting, authenticity, topic mastery and purpose — naturally lead to being inspirational. To be sure, Tony Robbins elevates an audience with his energy and embodies the qualities we have discussed.

The idea when speaking is to control your impulses and express your passions. Good communicators train themselves to be self-aware so they can inspire their audience.

Then communicators can “inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,” as John Quincy Adams said.

A masterful communicator makes you feel good about yourself — and especially your possibilities. He or she helps us see the stars all around us.


So let’s all take a cue from top communicators. Which of the five areas are calling to you now? Appreciate your strengths and choose an area for improvement.

When you have blocks to communication, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and muscle testing.

To be your best, you need to express yourself. It will make you and others feel more alive. Isn’t that what’s it all about?

Phillip and Jane Mountrose

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