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Positive Attitude

It’s your time to create the life you truly want.

Phillip Mountrose, the Holistic Dr. Phil, shares one of the key lessons from Wallace Wattles masterpiece “The Science of Getting Rich,” the source for “The Secret.” How to get what you want starts with a positive attitude.

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Claim Your Right to Be Rich: Here’s How

At a certain point, you realize you won’t live forever and you want to make the most out of your life. To optimize your life, to create fulfilling work and relationships, you need to operate from the creative plane.

As Wallace Wattles explains in The Science of Getting Rich, from the elevated creative level, you can claim your right to be rich and successful. Being rich means access to all the resources you need to help yourself and others.

Here are the three steps to help you live from the creative plane.

1. Move beyond the mainstream

2. Move beyond the resulting void

3. Embrace the best of both worlds


The mainstream is the norm, what is considered acceptable, as defined by authorities such as the government, media, education and institutions.

The mainstream tends to measure everything by scientific, externally-based ways. It needs to be provable by the five senses.

To get an idea of how this world looks, watch a typical story on CNN. Note what they consider important and how they measure things.

Facts and figures rule. To get people interested, emotions and controversy are used to bolster the bottom line: making money and profit.

In order to move to the creative plane, you need to be discerning, to separate the wheat from the chaff. The mainstream has a wealth of data, resources, quickly developing technology and research. Use the good stuff and leave the rest. Avoid getting trapped in greed, selfishness and externals.


After letting go of a one-sided reliance on science and materialism, you have room to explore your internal world. You can value meditation, various spiritual traditions and alternative approaches, and honor all people.

The trap in this phase is that you can become too subjective, too internally focused. This leads to becoming ungrounded and impractical — what mainstream people call “woo-woo.”

Also, if you reject business and money, you can easily fall into poverty consciousness. It’s hard to be about peace and love when you can’t pay your bills.

You can wait a long time for all those referrals to show up and for the law of attraction to magically manifest everything you want without any effort or growth choices.

The challenge is that you want to attract abundance, but you don’t know how. You’re left in a void. You don’t want to “sell out,” yet you’re unsure how to function and live fully.


You don’t have to end up lost in the void or escaping to an imaginary paradise island. You can go to another level — the creative plane. Here you focus on what you do want, to benefit yourself and others.

Then your vision (and mission) emerges and you translate it into action. You bring heaven down to earth, channel spirit into form.

This way includes following your guidance and being free of artificial boundaries. You can draw on the best of both worlds, conventional and alternative — and create new possibilities.

You then more easily connect with the right people at the right time.

As Bob Proctor likes to affirm regularly, “I am so happy money comes to me continuously from multiple sources!” Remember, money represents having all the resources you need to fulfill your potential.

You program your mind for success each day so you can use resources to develop your talents and become a better you.


You do deserve a great quality of life (being prosperous), helping yourself and others. Don’t you feel more alive then?

The best of all worlds is found on the creative plane. There you can use science and technology, as well as being environmentally conscious and fair to all parties. You can be free to bring out the best in yourself, so you can bring out the best in others.

From the creative plane, you receive inspiration. Then you take action on that inspiration. By following your guidance, you manifest your dreams into reality.

When you get stuck– whether it’s getting to the creative plane or taking inspired action — then do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clear whatever’s in your way.

There’s plenty of room on the creative plane, so claim your space now!

EFT, Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich