EFT Tapping for Success and Abundance

If you’re like most people, you may not feel confident about using EFT tapping for success and abundance. Maybe you’ve never even used EFT, but you’d like to know if it can work for you.

To get the best results with success and abundance, we recommend combining the power of EFT to tap away limitations with Wallace Wattles’ wisdom in The Science of Getting Rich. It’s a powerful combination, because Wattles’ teachings provide essential “How to” information and EFT allows you release blockages that prevent you from following Wattles’ advice.

The possibility of achieving greater success and abundance probably evokes dreams of the things you want most for yourself and those you love. The key to making this work is taking initiative and putting Wattles’ teachings to work for you. EFT Tapping adds a secret most people overlook. And the four questions that make up the EFT Abundance Formula could transform your life.

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What is the EFT Tapping Technique?

EFT, formally known as the Emotional Freedom Techniques, involves tapping on certain points on the body to release stuck emotions that prevent you from being your best. These are the emotions–like anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and others–that stop you from realizing your dreams.

Many people consider EFT to be like modern magic because amazing changes can happen in minutes. It’s so easy to learn that almost anyone can do it. Think how it would feel to clear out your concerns about money and doubts that you can get what you want in life.

This is entirely possible, but you have to stay with it. You need to commit to spending about fifteen minutes on a daily basis and these could be the most important minutes of your day.

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The EFT Abundance Formula: Ask Yourself These Four Questions

First, what are your most important dreams in life?

If you didn’t have any restrictions on time, money, or location, what would be a perfect day for you and what would you have for yourself and your family?

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles talks about living fully. He further explains that we all deserve to have everything we could possibly desire to make this possible. The secret to discovering what this means to you is listening to your heart. This is where you’ll find your deepest desires. Consider what would give you the most excitement and joy in your heart and list everything that comes to mind in a journal.

Second, what does succcess and being rich mean to you?

We all have different ideas of what constitutes success–happiness, stability, power, safety, relaxation, and a lot more. the idea of being rich may also make you  think of being greedy, taking from others and other negatives that will prevent you from attracting more money.

You may recognize that you don’t need wealth to attain some of these things. With concerns like health or hoping to feel more relaxed, you may just need to liberate yourself from emotional blocks using EFT tapping. In fact, more money won’t solve many of these challenges. Letting go of them is an important part of the EFT Abundance Formula.

Third: what prevents you from thinking positively?

Positive thinking, which Wattles calls thinking in a “certain way,” puts the Law of Attraction in motion in your life and it is a critical part of the EFT Abundance Formula. If money worries, concerns about debt, anger toward others, fear of failure, or other painful emotions are clogging your mind, you have more subjects for EFT.

You can also focus on bringing more positive thoughts into your day. Remember, if you focus on negative possibilities, this is exactly what you’ll attract. Conversely, if you lift your spirits with positive thoughts, you will definitely attract more things to feel positive about.

It’s critical to understand that worries about being in debt and fears about not having enough money prevent the science of getting rich from working for you. If you use EFT every day to clear away your concerns about money, your life will improve for the better.

Fourth: what do you want to create every day?

Do you want to feel happy? Would you like to be confident that money is flowing into your life? If so, this is what you need to think about during the day. As a reminder, put little notes in places where you’ll see them, like on the bathroom mirror, your computer, and the refrigerator door.

And if painful feelings are preventing you from feeling good, confident, and optimistic, EFT can help. Remember, just fifteen minutes a day can change your life.

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With this Abundance Formula and EFT, you can take control of your life and put The Science of Getting Rich to work for you. Success is literally at your fingertips!

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