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What if there was some easy-to-understand material that could directly help you in the “science of getting rich”?

Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes

Learn the 10 simple steps to health, wealth and success  you can start taking today in this affordable, easy-to-read ebook The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes.



Find out exactly what you need to get the resources and knowledge for success…

The Science of Getting Rich for the 21st Century with EFT Program The Science of Getting Rich Simplified with EFT
is a multi-media program carefully designed to share, clarify, and simplify Wallace Wattles’ transformational teachings. This transformational set includes:

  • A Cliff Notes version of The Science of Getting Rich for ease of reading and application
  • Updated commentary and ideas for implementing Wattles’ teachings from Phillip and Jane Mountrose
  • Unique, targeted EFT processesfor overcoming the kinds of challenges people commonly encounter with these teachings
  • Plus exclusive EFT wealth creation how-to videos… AND valuable bonuses.

EFT, Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich