The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes Ebook

For creating success, Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich is recognized as one of the most brilliant works on the Law of Attraction.

But how do you understand it easily and put it to work for you?



Do you want to travel more… invest more… give more… support the people you love more?
We did too. It’s natural to want better health and greater wealth. It energizes you and gives you more possibilities to enrich yourself and others.

By following certain principles, we now do what we love (holistic coaches, authors and trainers), live where we want in a wonderful house, and travel and give generously. You can too.

Success starts in your mind and then is followed up with the right kind of action.
This takes us to…The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes ebook, which provides 10 simple steps to transform your health, wealth, and success… starting today.

Yes, Wallace Wattles original brilliant and classic book The Science of Getting Rich was the inspiration and source for the movie/book The Secret.
Yes, The Science of Getting Rich book goes beyond The Secret in both depth and detail.
Here’s the challenge… it was written a hundred years ago and is hard to read and apply. That’s why we created an easy-to-read ebook that updates Wattles information for today’s world.

After many hours of work, we distilled the the essence of his work so you can immediately understand and use it.

Now Wattles treasured knowledge is updated for the 21st Century. It’s broken down to 10 simple steps or lessons. (We have written over a dozen books and people often report how practical and easy they are to read).

 Here’s how you can benefit greatly from this one-of-a-kind ebook…/

  • Know the best way to start to create greater health, wealth and success
  • Understand the importance of having a clear vision
  • Learn how your past is holding you back and what to do about it
  • Discover a big success mistake you probably don’t know you’re making
  • Find out how successful people think (this makes all the difference)
  • Get the nuts and bolts to create your action plan for better health, wealth and success
  • Learn about a great vehicle for creating health and wealth and much more…

So you will receive instant access to this specially crafted ebook…

    • It’s easy-to-read
    • It has 10 step-by-step chapters
    • Each chapter has an easy-to-apply action plan, so you can get the most from this essential how-to knowledge

sgr2-philPLUS a special Science of Getting Rich video expanding the contents of the ebook.


“I so like the 10 steps in this ebook that simplified Wattles’ teaching yet preserved its richness. It made me much more aware of things — what I can do to be healthier and wealthier and have fun with it!”

–Kristin Hill, Teacher, Las Vegas, Nevada

The entire Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes ebook and Bonuses are available for Instant Download after ordering.

YES! I want all the powerful insights from “The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes”. Please give me INSTANT access to the 10 simple steps to transform my health, wealth and success right now!

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It is also a great gift to yourself and to others in your personal and professional network.

“With Phillip and Jane Mountroses and Wallace Wattles help, I’ve experienced a big difference in my life. I didn’t know that it could really be as easy as it is. My life has been quite complicated, and they’ve shown me a way to make it uncomplicated. I actually look forward to everyday now.”

— Dolores Ramsbottom. Researcher, Yorkton, Canada

Order Now and access your materials immediately. Your dreams and goals are worth it.

To the heart of your success,

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

P.S The real value of learning these essential lessons about wealth on all levels is many $1000′s of dollars on how it can help you (income, career, relationships, performance, health) over a lifetime. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Common Questions:

Why read a book based on The Science of Getting Rich?

The Science of Getting Rich inspired The Secret. It’s knowledge and profound advice has withstood the test of time. The challenge for most people is to update it and apply it to the 21st Century — which is why we wrote our 45-page The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes Ebook.

What are your qualifications?

We are holistic coaches and practitioners. Since 1994 we have helped thousands of people through our many publications, trainings and consultations, specializing in life purpose and personal growth and transformation.

Is this book practical information or just an interesting theory?

“Thinking and acting in a certain way,” as Wallace Wattles advised is as valuable today as when he wrote it many years ago. There are specific reasons why certain people succeed where others don’t. He spells it out and we go into more detail in our ebook.

For less than the price of a pizza, you can learn the magic of The Science of Getting Rich.

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