The Science of Getting Rich for the 21st Century with EFT Course

Want to learn how to combine EFT, energy psychology and abundance with spiritual growth?

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Are you tired of struggling with money and seeking a more prosperous life, with more meaning and purpose, where you can make a bigger difference?

Introducing The Science of Getting Rich for the 21st Century Course with EFT and more…

A fresh approach to using EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) for abundance may be just what you are seeking.

Would you like to know any of the following …

* Step-by-step ways to create what you want

How to get rid of the beliefs and programming that are holding you back

* How to maintain a positive attitude toward challenges that come your way

How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clearing blocks to wealth.

* How to trust yourself and your guidance

* Missing ingredients from “The Secret”

* Practical keys to stay focused and keep on track, even if things aren’t going as quickly as you like…

The step-by-step Science of Getting Rich with EFT for the 21st Century Course addresses all of these key areas and more in one of Awakenings Institute’s most popular continuing education courses.

What do you need to live your best life, to live fully and grow in wonderful ways? As Wallace Wattles pointed out in The Science of Getting Rich, living fully requires full access to resources, which includes having money.

There are different aspects of wealth. It not only includes material wealth and resources (physical), but also positive feelings and thoughts (emotional and mental) — and access to creative intelligence (spiritual), the source for a greater life. It helps people who want to do good and thrive.

You might have landed on this page for a reason… to create the life you desire with an abundance of money and resources.

That is why Awakenings Institute created the The Science of Getting Rich with EFT Course. We have updated this brilliant work for the 21st century.

Who is this EFT Abundance Course for?

We created this Continuing Education Course for business people, independent professionals, coaches, consultants holistic practitioners and holistically minded people who want to learn how to achieve their goals, manifest their dreams, and live life on their terms.

It will help empower yourself and those you serve to live a more abundant life.

This course is not for those who want to get rich quick (although some results can come surprisingly quickly). It’s not a quick fix or magic bullet. This course is for those who want a proven approach for creating abundance and more resources that works daily — so you have the resources you need to benefit yourself and others.

The Science of Getting Rich Updated for the 21st Century…

This unique course contains a simplified, easy-to-read version of Wallace Wattles classic book The Science of Getting Rich (the source of the movie/book The Secret) with 21st Century commentary and carefully crafted EFT processes to make it more even more effective.

We combined Wattles’ extraordinary knowledge with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to clear blocks and make wealth creation clear, easy and do-able. A marriage made in heaven.

We have helped thousands of people through our EFT and personal growth materials and the programs we have directed and offered over two decades. This course is a culmination of many years of helping others, research, and growing our own 6-figure income by helping others to enrich their lives.

The Science of Getting Rich opens a whole new realm of possibilities. There is more to life than meets the eye. Why settle for the status quo when a life that connects you with your greatness is within your grasp? In any event, this course shows you how to understand what is right for you.

What You Can Expect From the Course

* You will understand and be better able to use the law of attraction. This includes how to “think in a certain way” that aligns with your dreams and goals.

* You will be able to determine how “acting in a certain way”  leads to conscious creation and fulfilling your purpose.

* You will learn step-by-step EFT clearing techniques to remove obstacles. This will keep you on track, happy and fulfilled.

* You will be able to use successful people as models and resources, while following your own unique path. This leads to accessing wealth and resources with more joy and ease.

Details about the Course

Now you don’t have to spend time and money traveling to a workshop to learn this valuable knowledge and accompanying hands-on tools. You can study the course from the convenience of your home and office, go at your own pace and review whenever you wish.

Studies show we learn best we can have access to materials in different formats (written, video and audio). That’s why we designed this course to be multi-media formats.

Here’s what you will receive in this course:

1. Six Targeted Coaching Calls

Science of Getting Rich Puzzle Pieces

A. Super Simple LOA Manifestation Formula you cant afford to miss for making your dreams come true (It really works!)

B. How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Blunders that Keep Most People Stuck and frustrated with the Law of Attraction

C. The Immensely Important and Often Overlooked Keys to Success with The Science of Getting Rich most people miss

PLUS… Three additional recorded coaching calls where we cover essential areas where we dive deeper into the material… Totaling six step-by-step Science of Getting Rich Coaching Calls.

The Science of Getting Rich Simplified with EFT2. The Science of Getting Rich Simplified with EFT Ebook and User’s Guide:

This 21st Century version is much easier to read. Wattles’ work is brilliant but hard to read in its original form, as it was written many years ago. We spent considerable effort simplifying it.

It’s updated and re-formatted, yet preserving Wattles’ profound content. We added a concise commentary on each chapter, making the ideas immediately usable for today’s world.

And here’s something that is critically missing in the law of attraction teachings: how to clear the nagging fears, doubts and limiting beliefs get in your way. Clearing wealth issues (such as “money is bad or too hard to get,” as well as many other common showstoppers) is an essential but missing piece from the law of attraction.

In this hands-on user’s guide, you will receive an EFT tapping process to go with each chapter to remove whatever is in your way to greater wealth and resources.

To increase your effectiveness, we’ve included our original signature GTT (Getting Thru) techniques. They enhance EFT and quickly clear what’s in the way.

Bottom line: you will have lifelong essential strategies to feel good daily and manifest what you want.

3. Four Original Wealth-Creation Videos using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Fascinating, content-rich video demos of EFT and GTT processes.

These breakthrough processes are also described step-by-step in the ebook that integrates with this course.

* Watch how to go from the “pain of paying” to having the “power to pay”…

* See how Cynthia clears her “competition monster,” shifting her negative view of money and competition. She opens to new opportunities, so she can live the life she truly wants…

* Find out how Anna realizes she deserves money as much as anyone else and how that wonderfully changes her life…

* See Jay find out how to feel more supported by people and the universe, so he can more confidently move forward.

* And much more…

email4. Weekly Coaching Sessions on The Science of Getting Rich

You asked and we listened. Our students and subscribers said they wanted ongoing support to stay on track.

Staying focused and establishing regular ways to keep the correct state of mind are critical for success. So one of the biggest benefits of this course is a weekly follow up email.

You will receive an easy-to-read coaching session in your email box each week, corresponding to one of the 17 lessons from The Science of Getting Rich.

Invaluable ongoing support — in the form of regular reminders, new tips, insights and exercises — can directly helps you create the life you truly want.


BONUS 1: “Finding the Right Business” Audio

David Wood, CEO of his own Network Marketing Company and former lead trainer for T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials, shares what you need to know when evaluating a business opportunity. He details what is needed to have a success mindset, one that leads to riches. He also shares great business vehicle options to create wealth. ($25 value)

BONUS 2: Wallace Wattles The Science of Being Great book

Did you know Wattles wrote another amazing book? The Science of Being Great powerfully complements The Science of Being Rich. It builds a powerful foundation for embracing your own uniqueness and contribution.

Here’s what people are saying about this course and the customized EFT clearing techniques..

hilary-anderson“After doing the Mountrose’s Science of Getting Rich Process with EFT my life really opened up. I came in with my financial wheels falling off. My piano clients were falling off and other sources of income were dwindling and I was started to wonder how to pay the mortgage…

Extraordinary things happened after the wealth creation  and life purpose EFT Process. In short, I ended up opening a bed and breakfast in my house. It has been a great  source of income and meeting wonderful new people. My piano students came back too with many new ones as well!”

–Hilary Anderson, Piano Teacher, San Luis Obispo, California

melania-barnes“This course really brought it all together for me – encouraging me on my current path of coaching and healing. The first obstacle I faced was utilizing technology.  I used the “Resistance Monster” process to overcome this limitation and address my fears.

I not only ended up creating a website but also started the Facebook business page and, essentially, did both on my own. The second obstacle I faced was writing my own courses  I used the Reality Shift process to change that landscape and envision my own work being taught.

Today, I have written several courses that I am currently offering and have ideas for several more. I’m currently building my business and am excited to see the growth that each day brings.  I know that these tools are available to me at anytime, and if you haven’t tried them, I would wholeheartedly recommend them!”

–Melania Barnes, Spirit Walk EFT, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

victor-romero“Two weeks after doing just one of the EFT techniques in this course, I manifested a great job that pays $50,000 a year more than my previous one! I now have more work and wealth opportunities. Also the people I now work with are really nice, too! As a result of this course, I definitely opened up to the flow, a big step in the right direction!”

— Victor Romero, Physical Therapist, Paso Robles, California

gettingthru HeartWe value you.  

After you complete the course, if you don’t feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

Here is a recap of what you will receive

* A concise updated version of Wattles classic book … with full commentary and User’s Guide

* a dozen EFT processes to easily clear wealth-creation blocks

* 4 how-to Wealth-Creation Videos with EFT

* 6 targeted Coaching Calls

* 17 Weekly Coaching Sessions conveniently delivered each week to your email box

* Bonuses including “Finding the Right Business” Audio, and The Science of Being Great Ebook

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why get a course for learning The Science of Getting Rich?

The Science of Getting Rich inspired The Secret. It’s knowledge and profound advice has withstood the test of time. Yet the original classic book lacks a clear, how-to plan for manifesting what you want.

In short, the original book is difficult to translate into practical, step-by-step actions. This course updates the brilliant ideas and foundation from the original work and fills in the pieces with tips, strategies and insights.

You will learn an easy-to-use approach for creating what you want. The course also takes a multi-media approach — written, audios, videos — to optimize learning and ease of understanding. Research shows this is the best way to learn.

What are your qualifications?

We are holistic coaches and energy-healing pioneers. Since 1994 we have helped thousands of people through our many publications, trainings and consultations, specializing in life purpose and personal growth and transformation.

Is this course practical information or just an interesting theory?

“Thinking and acting in a certain way,” as Wallace Wattles advised, is as valuable today as when he wrote it many years ago. There are specific reasons why certain people succeed where others don’t. He spells it out and we go into detail in the course, so we simplify it while enabling you to optimize your results.

How do I start?

Just add to cart below and you get instant access to this hands-on online course.

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We are excited you are committing to your best life possible — and are excited to help you in this course.

To the heart of your success,

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Phillip & Jane Mountrose
Awakenings Institute

PS: Just one of the many ideas and tools you will receive in this content-rich course can easily cover your investment in a more prosperous future. The best is yet to come.





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