Biography of Wallace Wattles, Author of The Science of Getting Rich

A hundred years have passed since the first publication of The Science of Getting Rich and the legacy of its author lives on. This biography of Wallace Wattles touches the surface of a classic book for all times.

Wallace Wattles’ Early Years

Wattles was born in Illinois in 1860. Before he became known as a pioneer success writer and advocate of the New Thought Movement, humble beginnings marked his childhood. According to an 1880 census, he lived on a farm in Nunda Township of McHenry County, Illinois with his parents. His father was reported to be a gardener, his mother a housekeeper, and Wallace himself a farm laborer. Wattles had no known siblings.

With very little formal education, Wattles travelled to Chicago, where several leading New Thought leaders of his time were located. He studied the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and many others. He was also an avid student of the teachings of Jesus. He went beyond scholarship by putting their theories into practice in his own life and became wealthy.

Wattles’ Teachings

Through his study and personal practice of the ideas in his own life, Wallace Wattles declared that he had discovered the keys behind the New Thought principles. He tested his principles and shared what he learned in articles and books. His most famous book is, of course, The Science of Getting Rich.

According to reports from his daughter Florence, Wattles was a pragmatist. “He lived every page” of his writings. Wattles likewise challenged readers to apply the instructions he laid out in his books in their lives. In The Science of Getting Rich, he guaranteed that if they did so, they would surely get rich.

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Wattles didn’t pass away without leaving his mark in this world. Before his death in 1911, he published a number of books and articles that continue to help thousands of people to attain wealth, health, positive relationships, and happiness in their lives.

Thinking and Acting in a “Certain Way”

Wattles discovered that to get rich, you have to think in a certain way AND act in a certain way. To begin, it is your mind—your thoughts—that hold the key to your prosperity. They bring you closer to what you want. Yet many who succeed with their thinking fail to act in the certain way that will bring what you desire to you. It is through your actions that you bring what you want to you. Both elements are necessary if you want to get rich.

Thinking and acting in the “certain way” Wallace Wattles taught produces magical results, but he didn’t stop there. Along with The Science of Getting Rich and articles that regularly came out in The Nautilus, he published more “science” books that revolve around his philosophy:

•  The Science of Being Great
•  The Science of Being Well
•  The Science of Winning Love

These three books are equally powerful. The Science of Being Great takes The Science of Getting Rich adds more piece to the puzzle that take Wattles’ teachings to another level of power and self-fulfillment.

Wallace Wattles’ Legacy

The Science of Getting Rich, which first came out in 1910, has withstood the test of time and remains as one of the most highly regarded books on becoming wealthy. Over the years, it has been reprinted by publishers worldwide.

This book has also inspired a number of contemporary authors. One of them is Rhonda Byrne, who said that The Science of Getting Rich transformed her reality. It’s the book that came magically into her life and inspired her to create The Secret in 2006.

Changing Lives

Even more than the authors who were influenced by Wattles’ teachings, it is the readers whose lives were changed that carries more weight. Here are what a couple of readers have to say.

One such reader suggests that if someone creates a “Hall of Fame” for self-help success books, The Science of Getting Rich has to be included. Like many people, he read Wattles’ book many times, finding it very readable and to the point.

Another Wattles fan read hundreds of success books before reading The Science of Getting Rich. Nothing else compared. In fact, within less than a year of applying Wattles’ concepts and principles, this reader had attained results that would have been unthinkable a year earlier.

To complete his biography, Wallace Wattles was only 51 when he passed away. His daughter, Florence, aptly described his death as “untimely.” Not all self-help books, especially on the topic of attaining wealth, reach the status that Wattles’ now has.

Wallace Wattles’ Depth

It is also important to note that Wattles brought tremendous depth to his teachings. The Science of Getting Rich is not about succumbing to a life of greed. Instead it tells the story of human evolution. The Science of Getting Rich is about living life to the fullest and highest, in ways that benefit everyone and further the development of the entire world.

A hundred years later, The Science of Getting Rich remains a highly recommended book. Wallace Wattles provided a tremendous gift to the people of his time and continues to do so today. A true classic, indeed.

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