Announcing: Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes Kindle Book

Nsgrich-magicow Wattles treasured knowledge is updated for the 21st Century. It’s broken down to 10 simple steps or lessons.

Announcing The Science of Getting Rich Magic in Minutes: 10 Simple Steps to Health Prosperity, and Success You Can Start Taking Today — now available at

We’ve distilled Wattles’ Law of Attraction masterpiece and updated it for the 21st century.

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* Know the best way to start to create greater health, wealth and success

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* Find out how successful people think (this makes all the difference)

* Get the nuts and bolts to create your action plan for better health, wealth and success

* Learn about a great vehicle for creating health and wealth and much more….

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose

EFT, Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich