The Important Questions You Must Answer

DO YOU HAVE A DREAM? Do you know PRECISELY what you want to have, do and be?

Most people can’t answer this question and most people fail to achieve the success they want in business and in life. They may have a vague sense of what they want, but they fail to be precise. This is the key.

Living life is about being fully alive — that means growing and continually enriching your life each day. A way of understanding how to have a meaningful life is to “have-do-be” more. Let’s examine each aspect of have-do-be and how they inter-relate.


Having is commonly associated with material things, like a better car or house. To be sure, it’s fun to savor the finer things in life.

Also it can be about having experiences — savoring great relationships,fun vacations, and exciting personal growth seminars. Generally, you need resources to have more, which includes money and the time to experience what you have.

Of course, just acquiring things, simply for the sake of having things, is short-lived and unfulfilling. However, if you connect having things with having wonderful experiences, you become more fulfilled. You feel more alive, more of who you truly are.

In their book Well Being, Tom Rath and Jim Harter report Gallup Polls found these characteristics of fulfilled people:

 * They manage what they have well

* They “buy” experiences that create lasting memories

* They are generous, giving to others


Many people get stuck when it comes to “having” things. They are afraid to dream. We had to clear out limiting beliefs and cloudy thinking about being too greedy and materialistic because we wanted to have more and be successful.

As this article explores, if you have-be-do more in the way that is right for you, you will get the most out of life. You become a creator and more opportunities emergy. Life becomes more on purpose, as you are better able to help yourself and others.


Besides appreciating what you have (be it things or experiences), there’s also evaluating what you do.

For a more meaningful life, it’s wise to take inspired action, in both work and play. This means listening to your inner wisdom and acting on it. Inspired action feels good (without being addictive).

Also, if you are a goal-driven person, you have the wind behind your back. You have a sense of purpose, so your actions naturally fulfill what is most meaningful to you.

People who connect what they do with a larger purpose then connect their daily actions with this bigger picture. They also continue when challenges arise, because they know their persistence will take them to where they want to go: a better, richer life that helps others.

For example, if you want to build a business, you will find ways to reach out to others. You will let them know what you have to offer and how it can benefit them. You also won’t let the no’s stop you from finding the yes’s.

Inspired action helps you overcome the inevitable obstacles you will face as you go forward. You know you are worth it and the results are in alignment with what you want to have-do-be.

Inspired play includes hobbies, travel and trips, and sports that we enjoy. As in work, you can follow your passions when you play. Life is about having fun, too. It makes us feel good, knowing that wonderful things are happening every day.


Being more is about who we are and who we are becoming. It’s about our transcendent higher self, the one that witnesses all the having and doing.

To be includes having and doing in a loving, inspired way, where we grow and become more. To be more, we find ways to use our gifts to serve ourselves and others more.

Sometimes “being” comes from meditating, reading, listening to music, or nature walks. It’s about connecting with bigger worlds — both inside and outside of us.


Sometimes we sit back, shrink and stay inside our shell. If we stay where we are for too long, we will – in Will Rogers’ words – eventually be “run over.”

So we recommend having this strong intent: to have-do-be more. As a result of this intent and following through, you will grow, have fun, contribute and feel good.

Here are just a few suggestions for your daily regimen:

· Talk to someone new today or revisit an old relationship

· Listen to or read inspiring information

· Treat your body well (exercise, eat well)

Know you are worth it. As you grow, so does your world. Go for it!


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Phillip and Jane Mountrose

EFT, Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich