Your Best Year Ever With Positive Self Talk and Dream Building

by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Would you like the coming year to be your best year ever? If so, you CAN make this happen with a little positive self talk and dream building.

If you are thinking that times are tough, money is scarce, and it’s unlikely that this IS possible, then this is your reality. On the other hand, if you are ready to open to the power of your mind, the coming year could surpass your wildest expectations.

Which sounds better – tough times or best year ever?

Hopefully, the choice is clear. The place where people get stuck is with the process. First, you have to understand that you have created everything in your life so far. This is a challenge for a lot of people, because it often seems like outside forces were responsible for the things that have happened to them.

Here’s another way to look at it. If you haven’t created what you have so far, this also means that you have no power to change anything in the future. It also suggests that life is just a random series of events and quantum physics clearly demonstrates that this is not true.

In fact, science has shown what wise people like Albert Einstein, Napoleon Hill, and most successful people know. These people take full responsibility for themselves and their lives. They understand that thoughts are things and they are creating all the time with the things they say to themselves. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “You become what you think about all day long.”

Your Self Talk Makes It So

If your self talk is positive, your life will reflect this perspective. With this in mind, we offer the following 30-day challenge for January. For the next 30 days, make this your mantra:

“This is going to be my best year ever!”

Write it on post-it notes and put them on the refrigerator, your desk, the bathroom mirror and any other place where you can see them regularly. Gaze into the mirror, stand up straight and tall, look yourself in the eyes, and say it aloud, with conviction.

If you are feeling doubtful, first say “Every day in every way, things are getting better and better.” This famous phrase by Emile Coue has produced amazing results. You can put this on your post-it notes, too.

As you continue saying these phrases to yourself, look for signs that it is true. Make note of any signs of improvement. You may notice that you are feeling more optimistic and hopeful. Good things may start to happen unexpectedly. The point here is to keep your eyes open and notice how things change.

The Power of Dream Building

How would your best year ever look and feel?

Think about it. If you don’t know what you want, your life IS a random series of events. Studies have shown that only 5% of the population dreams of creating a truly awesome life. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

January is a perfect time to write a list of what you really want. Consider these areas:

  • Health: How you want to look and feel physically
  • Wealth: What you would like financially to create the best year ever
  • Time: How you would like to spend your time, if you could create your life any way you want
  • Environment: Your home, work environment, the places you spend your time
  • Relationships: The kinds of people you want in your life
  • Passions: The things that bring you joy

Studies have shown that people who put their dreams in writing are the ones who make their dreams come true. Make this your best year ever. Accept this 30-day challenge, remind yourself throughout the day that this is your best year ever and do some dream building. You will be surprised and delighted with the results.



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