Magnetizing Money with a Lighter Look on Life

by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

It is awesome to think that we are all  powerful creators and we are creating our realities with the vibration of Money in Your Handsour most prominent thoughts and feelings. We magnetize to ourselves the types of things and feelings that match our vibration. So pay attention. If you focus on lack and unpaid bills, you attract more of the same. If you focus on abundance and an amazing inflow of money, you likewise attract more of the same. Magnetizing  money, then, involves raising your vibration to create a free flow of money from others to you and from you to others. This is, of course, the law of attraction in action and one of the most powerful keys to success!

The Light and Easy Way

As a creator, you can choose. Do you want magnetizing money to be tough or easy? If you choose ease, as we hope you do, your mission is to develop a lighter, more joyful, loving, and playful outlook on money. So let’s invent some money mind games that will help you to return to this playful perspective on money when needed.

Here are a few examples of money mind games to get your creative juices flowing.

When you receive a bill, tell yourself that twice as much money is coming back to you. This means that the more bills you receive, the better. We do this ourselves and it is amazing how enthusiastic you can be about receiving bills in the mail.

When you have the thought that something is not the way you would like it to be, imagine it in morphing into what you want. Imagine the shapes and sizes of things shifting before your eyes and have fun with it. You can apply this to the size of your paycheck, the size and location of your house, your car, or anything you want to create. Feel the excitement of having what you want at your command.

When you find yourself thinking or saying “I can’t afford it,” shift your thinking. In many cases, you may think you can’t afford something because that is what you heard repeatedly as a child. That doesn’t mean it’s true. This is a wonderful time to apply gratitude thinking. Expres gratitude for what you have and for what is coming your way (the thing you think you can’t afford). Notice how everything shifts.

If you notice yourself taking a tight grip on your money, find something you can do to playfully let some of it go. Having a tight grip on money creates a reality where others around you also have a tight grip on their money. Throw some quarters away; spend a bit more than you think you can; tip generously; put some money in the donation box at the grocery store. You can even imagine as you do these things that twice as much is coming back or even ten times as much. As you do this you will notice that letting go of money becomes simple and fun. You may even look forward to doing it!

We hope these ideas triggered your imagination and desire to have more fun with money. To make success strategies like these work in your life, you will need to customize with mind games you will enjoy playing when prominent thoughts of lack surface.

Three Simple Steps for Magnetizing Money

First, observe yourself. You probably already know some of the triggers for thoughts of lack and failure. You  could also carry a little pad of paper around you and write down where you notice thoughts interfering with thoughts of magnetizing money.

Second, set aside some time and create some mind games. When you’re ready, get yourself into a light frame of mind. Do something that makes you feel happy – dance, sing, play. Then, when you are feeling light and playful, sit down with your list and think of mind games to play in each situation.

Third, focus as you go about your day on playing your games. When you notice your vibrations lagging, pull one of the games out of your toy chest and play!

We hope these examples will provide some food for thought. You can also contribute to the cause by sharing your creative ideas here. You never know when your idea may be the exact thing that someone else may be waiting to hear.



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