The Bottom Line Secret to Success in Business and in Life

by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

 Wouldn’t just about everyone want to know the most essential secret for creating success in business and in life?

 There are a lot of possible answers:

  • You need to know what you want.
  • You have  to “think success.”
  • You probably need to know specific skills and strategies.

All of these are true and the first key is in your thinking. If your thinking is wrong, the skills and strategies won’t create success. Success guru Tony Robbins suggests that success is 90% thinking and 10% action and most highly successful people would agree.

This is the reason we focus so much on thinking on this blog. In this article, you are going to learn the most critical element of your thinking. It’s NOT focusing on thinking about what you want to have or what you can do. None of your dreams of what you want can come true without this single, critical element.

So what IS the bottom line?

It’s what you think ABOUT YOURSELF! You could also include what you BELIEVE about yourself and how you FEEL about yourself in your heart.

If you believe that you are inadequate or flawed or not good enough or not the right gender or too short or too young or too old, your limiting beliefs about yourself will drag you down.

The Real Truth of Who You Are

The truth, which has been proved in quantum physics, is that you have access to an infinite intelligence that runs through everything in the universe. You have power beyond your imagination. You are magnificent!

You may be thinking that this is easy to say, but hard to believe, and this is true. As with everything of value (and there is nothing more valuable than this), changing your belief takes consistent focus. With belief in yourself, you could view it as a lifelong journey of expansion and growth.

Some Keys to Success with Confidence and Self-Esteem

Over many years of working on ourselves and helping thousands of others to make positive changes in their lives, we have found three techniques to be particularly helpful.

1. Start to act more like the amazing person you are.

Here are a couple of simple suggestions:

(1.) Sit and stand up straight. You can do this now. Hold your head high and push your shoulders back. It’s amazing how this can change the way you feel. You can even add saying ” I am magnificent” like you mean it.

(2.) Dress and groom yourself like the successful person you want to become. When you feel good about the way you look, you feel better about yourself.

(3.) When you look at yourself in the mirror, say “I am magnificent!” to yourself or if possible, aloud, with feeling. If you do this every day, your belief in yourself will grow.

These things are external, but these habits will pay off if you follow them every day.

2. Build confidence and self esteem by reading and applying the techniques in two classic books.

(1.) How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

(2.) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The main focus in these books is on valuing and paying positive attention to other people. When you do this, you also feel better about yourself. The key is to read a bit from one of them every day and apply what you learn.

3. Clear blocks with a quick and easy energy healing technique like EFT.  If you don’t know about EFT, you should. It’s a simple technique that seems very strange at first, but it’s amazingly effective. You just tap on specific points on the body to release blockages, which can include things like feeling inadequate for any reason, not believing you deserve the best things in life, and more.

As mentioned, raising your belief in yourself and what is possible for you is a lifelong journey and it’s one that is well worth your attention every day.

This Month’s 30-day Challenge

We hope you won’t just go from here to the next article on how to succeed in business and in life. Opportunity is knocking and you could completely transform your life if you follow the three suggestions above. You WILL, however, need to focus on this every day.

Your thirty day challenge, then, is to apply the suggestions in Item 1 above every day.

Here they are again:

1. Sit and stand up straight.

2. Dress and groom yourself like the successful person you want to become.

3. Every time you see yourself in the mirror, say “I am magnificent!”

When you look at yourself in the mirror dressed and groomed like the successful person you want to become, stand up straight, and say “I am magnificent!”, you’ll feel amazing. Try it today, you’ll see.

The Key to Success with the 30 Day Challenge

The key is in the follow through and this is where most people fall short. It has to be important to you or you won’t do it. Think about it for a moment so it’s clear in your mind.

Look at it this way. None of these things will take much time, but you’ll need to put reminders on sticky notes everywhere so you will see them throughout the day. If you do this and focus on all three of these suggestions, you will notice a BIG shift.

We also highly recommend the books and EFT clearing. All of these activities will contribute to creating awesome success.

Here’s a final reminder that applies to everything in life.

There’s no time like the present.

Don’t think for a moment that this is trite. If you don’t take action today, when will it happen? Most people put off living for their entire lives and this is probably not what you want. This is why taking simple steps starting today is so important. It’s your way of telling yourself that your life is important, that you are important, with NO EXCUSES!



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