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Holistic EFT Home-Study Training Course
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Unique Level 1 Holistic EFT Training and Certification Course with Awakenings Institute, directed by EFT Pioneers, Authors, and Trainers Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

OFFERED SINCE 2004 - gain from more than 25 years of in-depth experience

Would you like to learn a simple, proven, effective approach to EFT and holistic healing from two leading experts in the field?

You may have heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the “modern day miracle.” Now how can you get it to really work for you? 

And with Holistic EFT Training and Certification, how can you be confident about helping others with these extraordinary techniques?

Because of its proven results, EFT has been used by many thousands of people around the world. Drawing from ancient Eastern acupuncture, this modern-day healing-without-needles (it uses finger tapping and affirmations) was discovered by Gary Craig in 1991

Since learning EFT in 1998, we have experienced amazing success using a unique, holistic approach to EFT with our students and clients with a wide variety of issues, including physical and emotional pain, loss, phobias, bad habits, relationship issues, personal development, peak performance, and abundance.

The basic tapping technique for EFT is quite simple and the mechanics can be learned in a
very short time. 

You will have some success. However, from working with countless people over the last decade, we have found that some people's results are inconsistent and limited because essential pieces are missing ... 

Many people get frustrated because they don't know what to do when "EFT doesn't work." We don't want this to happen to you. We can help you become exponentially more effective.

A common misunderstanding about Emotional Freedom Techniques Training and EFT Certification

Some people think there is one place to go for EFT Training to get "officially" certified as an EFT PractitionerIf you've been told that there is only one place to get certified, this is not true. It would be like saying there is only one place to get certification for hypnosis, massage, reiki or coaching. 

The fact is that there are different organizations that offer certification for those who complete their EFT training. EFT is not regulated by the US government. This means that EFT Certification is different from getting a license, which is regulated by a board and/or government agency. Instead, EFT certification provides verification of your training so you can present yourself as a professional.

We at Awakenings Institute, a non-profit 501c organization, have a unique holistic approach to EFT. We have been certifying Holistic EFT Practitioners since 2004. Hundreds of people have taken our Holisitic EFT Training Course. People consistently report to us that it is easy-to-follow, effective and profound.

With our unique, holistic approach to EFT training, you can...

A holistic approach to EFT can be far more effective than the standard, typical EFT alone. It can help you...

  • Get consistent results with the exact knowledge, tools and implementation you need

  • Have unshakable confidence because of the results you can produce, creating sometimes miraculous changes in people’s lives - and your own...

  • Enhance and increase your effectiveness in complementary techniques you already know - and take them to another level

  • Make a significant difference in those you help and the world

  • Find core issues, often surprisingly quickly, using our GTT Techniques (Getting Thru) -- and resolve them with EFT

  • Open to more possibilities to create a joyful and fulfilling life ... and much more..

"As I compare EFT and GTT (Getting Thru) to other self-healing methods, I always return to EFT and GTT as these resonate with me more. I particularly like that EFT empowers individuals to free themselves from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks without having to rely on a healthcare professional. Both EFT and GTT have also given me the tools to overcome my own anxiety and change limiting beliefs."

--Sabina Neal, Business Owner, Sarasota, Florida

 Here's how we became leading EFT Training Experts...

Confidence, clarity, making a difference -- these all things we longed for when we were searching for effective approaches to personal growth back in the 1980’s. After a while, it became apparent to us that you could only develop so far without addressing personal blocks that were in your way. 

So we learned hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and other powerful holistic healing modalities. We used these techniques with individual clients and students in our certification courses starting in 1994. 

And then when we learned EFT in 1998, our work took off. It quickened and supercharged our results. We were so impressed with the results that we wanted others to know about EFT. 

We also sensed that we could really deepen and expand the results people generally get from EFT. In the process, we wrote what are now among the most popular books on EFT. Since 1996, we have written over a dozen books and manuals on energy healing, personal growth and EFT.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, wrote the Foreword to our first EFT book. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for what he created. We feel we are carrying on what he started. 

EFT Originator Gary Craig


Here is what Gary Craig wrote about
Phillip and Jane Mountrose in the Foreword to their first book on EFT:

"Let this dedicated pair help you fulfill your potential, clear blockages, and move upward with the Healing High Rise. The view from the top is spectacular!"


In 2004 we developed this unique Home-Study Holistic EFT Training and Certification Course, which includes our highly effective GTT (Getting Thru) Techniques to use with EFT.

Why learn GTT (Getting Thru Techniques) in addition to EFT? Sometimes EFT alone is not enough -- especially with a deeper issue. The GTT techniques work quickly and elegantly to find the core problem. Then when you use EFT, your results are dramatically better. Knowing how to combine GTT with EFT consistently produces deeper and more lasting results.

We have become known for our ability to implement state-of-the-art techniques in ways that are user-friendly and effective. This all fits into our mission of helping people succeed. So doesn't it make sense to work together to make the world a better place?

Benefits of Awakenings' Holistic Home-Study EFT Training Course

Over the years, we have found proven ways that EFT, and our deepening Getting Thru Techniques (GTT), can…

  • produce immediate and lasting results

  • help you become competent to handle a wide variety of situations and challenging clients

  • expand your skill set so you become more confident and effective in helping others

  • experience optimal learning through multi-media written, visual and auditory training

  • give you in-depth training, offered since 2004, from Awakenings Non-Profit Institute

In fact, people frequently are able to resolve issues that have been troubling them for months, years, or even decades in a very short time (sometimes just minutes). EFT and GTT revolutionize the way people understand their possibilities. 

To optimize success, we have put together a step-by-step EFT Training Course. It combines studying and applying a variety of easy-to-use tools for ultimate effectiveness.  

One of the reasons this particular Holistic EFT Training course is so effective is that it uses different modalities for learning.

You will read about the material, watch DVDs and listen to audios. There is also a big experiential component in practicing the techniques. Studies show that such multi-modality learning accesses different comprehension centers in your brain.

The Holistic EFT Home Study Training Course and Certification includes...

  • A step-by-step home study EFT Training Course workbook that’s easy to follow and complete
  • EFT Training MaterialsHard-copy study and reference materials you receive in the mail that teach the basics of EFT and go beyond with a systematic road map for addressing core issues affecting the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

  • A multi-media “Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT” success library using high-quality materials. Use different modalities to deepen your understanding: book, 2 cds, and 2 dvds ($83 value). The book is thorough and easy-to-read and the DVDs are professionally produced.

  • Material that shows you how to delve into specialty areas like pain relief, stress, weight loss, performance and more… 

EFT Certification Diploma

A Professional Holistic EFT Practitioner Certificate suitable for framing.

The Certificate will have your name on it and say "EFT Practitioner." 

  • To integrate your skills and learning, 36 hours of study that you can do in your own time and own rate
  • Optional mentoring to get the questions that inevitably come up answered, saving potentially months and years of trial-and-error time
  • A variety of ways to follow up: More studies with our Spiritual Counseling Certification Program and tools for building a successful practice

"It's easy and profound..." To complete your Holistic EFT Training Course and receive your certification, you simply...

1. Study the included book, audios and videos

2. Log 20 Hours of practicing the techniques

3. Complete an open book written exam

4. Conclude your studies with a valuable personalized telephone consultation reviewing the program.

How long does it take to complete the Holistic EFT Training Course?

Generally, it takes 4-8 weeks. Of course, since it's a home-study, you can go at your own pace for optimal learning and convenience.

Even though people typically finish the certification within a couple months, you have two entire years to complete it. So even if you are not ready to start today, while the opportunity is before you, you may want to invest now in the EFT Certification Home-Study Course as an incentive to start sometime soon.

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EFT Training Student Shari Montgomery

 "Going into this EFT Training Course, I wondered if many people in my area would be open to EFT and how I could work with them. After taking the course, I felt empowered by all I had learned, to help myself and clients. It gave me a lot of confidence, knowing I can present myself in a professional manner. I now recommend people regularly to this EFT Training Course." 

--Shari Montgomery, Holistic Healing Practitioner
Gibsons, British Columbia 


Erica Krieger

"I've been involved in personal growth for over 30 years. I'd been exposed to tapping before, but not in such a comprehensive way. The EFT and GTT Techniques enhance all of the other work I've done. I now feel more free, and am confident that I'll continue to use these new tools for a more joyful, rich life. Thank you from my heart for your work and the contribution it's made to my own work/life and that of my clients."

--Erica Ross-Krieger, Coach, Author
Walnut Creek, California


Dr. Joseph Mercola

"The Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique I routinely use in my practice and most highly recommend to optimize your emotional health. Although it is still often overlooked, emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing - no matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle." 

--Dr. Joseph Mercola, Natural Physician and best-selling health author/expert 


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Who takes this Holistic EFT Training Certification Course?

Since 2004. people from all walks of life have taken our holistic EFT home-study training -- those from the conventional and alternative health care field, business people, teachers, home makers, and those seeking personal and professional development. There are also professionals who want to include EFT in their work.

People who take our Holistic EFT certification training range from beginners in EFT to those who are very experienced in EFT. Some have already taken Gary Craig's training, when it used to be offered, or have trained elsewhere.

As the testimonials on this page indicate, people consistently report having signifcant success with this particular training. Even those with much prior experience report how much they learn, sometimes including powerful breakthroughs. Wouldn't it be good to have a proven, holistic (mind-body-spirit), hands-on approach to EFT and healing?

What is your EFT Certification Training Alternative?

EFT Training options offered by other organizations are usually based on live trainings. Although this is a viable way to learn, there are disadvantages.

Disadvantages to live trainings (versus a home-study course like Awakenings) include travel time and many extra expenses.

Also, have you ever attended a live seminar and been unable to integrate so much learning in a short time? You can only understand so much at one time. Learning is more lasting and deeper when it occurs over an extended period.

Comprehensive and in-depth, Awakenings' Holistic EFT Training Course is quite affordable as well. Many certification trainings can run into the thousands of dollars.

But what will happen if you don’t go forward with this home study EFT Certification course?

Without a systematic understanding of EFT, it’s likely you will be left with a hit-and-miss, inconsistent approach. Without guidance and structure, you will probably be less effective and less confident. This will make it harder to be credible to others. And you will miss opportunities to help people with EFT that you otherwise could. 

What’s a Holistic EFT Training Course like this worth?

It's hard to measure, but do you want to be 40-80% more effective using EFT? Would you be willing to give up that great an improvement?

Instead of being just competent with EFT, would you like to "wow" those you help, getting consistently greater results? The EFT Home-Study Certification Course can give you the ability and confidence that you wouldn't otherwise have. You can become exceptional.

So what is it worth to have more confidence, clarity and ability to help others? Also this EFT Home-Study Training Course will complement any other healing modalities you already know. 

This is a unique course, which will give you tools that you can use over a lifetime. There is nothing quite like an opportunity to learn from our many years of experience and trial-and-error in the field. Our experience and research has been distilled into this step-by-step course. 

This course is designed to shortcut the learning curve. Can you imagine how effective you will be by having optimal results in a relatively short time?

What if you've studied EFT already? Many of our students have EFT experience, sometimes an extensive background. Yet experienced EFTers still report how much they get out of this certified home-study training. 

Whatever your background, this easy-to-follow self-study course provides key tools and tips for effectiveness not found elsewhere. We take the EFT basics and combine them with our GTT techniques for quick, deep lasting results.

Perhaps the bottom line is: if you feel guided to learn these simple and powerful techniques, we suggest you follow your heart and let this EFT Training Course assist you. 

Note for people who live outside the United States: Yes, you can definitely take the EFT Practitioner Certification Home-Study Course. The requirements (study, practice, open-book test) are the same.

Brad Yates

“Even before meeting them, I had respect for the EFT work of Jane and Phillip Mountrose based on the comments I had heard from a number of people.  Having the privilege and pleasure of working alongside them confirmed their worthiness of that praise.  They are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, integrous - and a joy to work with.  I am happy to endorse their work.”

      -- Brad Yates co-author Freedom at Your Fingertips


EFT Training Student Jagi Egnell "A lot of different emotions come up with people, but sometimes you just don't know why. Before I learned GTT (Getting Thru Techniques) in this course, all I did was clear these emotions with EFT. Now clients are very happy to get to the root of the problem rather just get rid of the emotion. The results have been amazing! GTT will help me build better personal relationships, too."

-- Jagi Egnell, Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner


PLUS...Your Special BONUSES  


1. "On Being Therapeutic" Special Report ($25 value) 

This easy-to-read report gives you essential qualities you need to succeed with clients. It also shows you the toxic qualities you need to avoid. Research-based and essential, must-know information. Includes a sample Disclosure/Information Form to give to clients to help inform them of your services. Available for immediate download.

2. Exclusive, targeted audio Interviews from our EFT Insight Series with experts Steve Wells & Brad Yates ($47 value). 

Steve Wells shares his extraordinarily effective and easy continuous tapping technique (SET), along with a Special Report on the process. Brad Yates gives insider information on how he creates such brilliant EFT affirmations and set-up phrases and much more... Download for immediate use.

3. Immediate access to all materials

In addition to receiving the hard-copy of the book, cds, and dvds in the mail, you will receive instant access to all of them online: ebook, 6 audios, 10 step-by-step videos.

4. Invaluable "Finding Clients" Tips Sheet

How to Find People to Practice on (also works for finding paid clients too!)

Plus Free Shipping!

5. FREE SHIPPING on all orders to U.S. and Canada for a limited time. 


Here's a sampling of what you'll learn in this Holistic EFT Course...

How to use EFT in a systematic, comprehensive way to be consistently effective and confident

Dozens of transformational tips and insights you won't want to be without on how to use EFT and muscle testing

How to use EFT in specialty/niche areas, like pain, peak performance, addictions, weight and smoking, stress, insomnia, relationships and more

Implementing the GTT (Getting Thru) Techniques to detect deeper issues, and then being able to resolve these thorny areas where EFT alone cannot address

Connecting EFT with spiritual and soul development, for more long-lasting results

Other Alternative energy-healing methods that work well with EFT or by themselves

Having back-up strategies, when encountering sabotaging beliefs and challenging issues

How to use the versatile Holistic Process for the 4 levels of healing (knowing this process alone will dramatically improve your confidence and effectiveness)

Knowing how to access the inner parts of a person, the root of where the problem can lie

Find out what works and what doesn't -- save yourself time and energy, greatly speeding up your learning curve.

Crystal-clear, step-by-step descriptions of the EFT and GTT Techniques through diagrams, audios and dvds (multi-media learning deepens and quickens your learning process) and much much more...

Save time, money and energy. Take your Holistic EFT Training Course from the convenience of home or anywhere. 

No travel or time-consuming, costly live weekend workshops that require you traveling to attend. Live weekend trainings cram everything into a short period, which makes integrating difficult. In other words, there is too much information given in too short a time, resulting in information overload. Ever taken a great workshop that you couldn't put to use?. 

By taking Awakenings Holistic EFT Home-Study Course, you go at your own rate, having time to learn these proven, life-changing techniques. Wouldn't you enjoy learning at your own pace?

Levels 2 and 3 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Courses

We also have a Level 2 and Level 3 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Training. So know that you have plenty of high-quality, affordable continuous education available.

The Level 2 EFT Course focuses more in-depth on how to use EFT with physical issues, such as bad habits like smoking and overeating, addictions, stress, pain and grief to name a few (these areas are introduced in Level 1 Training too).

Level 3 EFT Home-Study Certification focuses on conscious creation with EFT.

Level 1 EFT Training is required to go on to Level 2, so you proceed in an easy-to-follow way that will optimize your learning. Over the years, we have seen that people have the most success by going through one level at a time.

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jeanette claveau

 "I am so grateful to have chosen the Mountroses' home-study courses to do my EFT Certification. It has surpassed all my expectations. They share so many healing techniques on how to use EFT. It was a profound transformational experience to practice and apply them on myself and others. It has been the best investment I ever did, since it can resolve virtually any roadblock, at any level. Thanks again!" 

--Janette Claveau, Holistic Coach, CPC, CNLPC
Montreal, Canada

With Awakenings Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Training, you'll receive...

1. In-depth Multi-Media EFT Success Library (Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT book, 2 cds/audios, and 2 dvds/videos) -- $83 value 

2. Valuable Bonuses for immediate download: Includes the Audios to the Most Important Questions about EFT, plus online versions of the ebook, 6 audios, and 10 videos -- core materials for the course  ($95 value) 

3. A personal final consultation to give insight and closure to your course.($75 value)

4. An attractive EFT Certificate with your name on it upon completion that you can display for your clients and feel proud about what you've accomplished for yourself.

Our Confidence Guarantee

Here's why we are so confident about this course and we think you will be, too...

You will be learning from veteran teachers who have developed this program from over a decade of experience, research and proven approaches.

You will receive a library of comprehensive study materials, which you will refer to for years to come. It will continue to deepen your learning.

You will become much more resilient, an essential trait to help people, including yourself, through the ups and downs of helping people.

You can go further with different levels of EFT learning and follow-up course offerings. 

If desired, you can take further levels of EFT Home-Study Certification courses (Levels 2 and 3). Other options available to you for your continuing quality education include Awakenings' home-study courses on Spiritual Kinesiology, Intuitive Techniques, Life Purpose and Holistic Coaching.


We’re so certain that you will be happy with your investment in this course, with the results and transformation you will receive, we make this guarantee.

After you complete this course, if you don't find it worth every cent you invested, we will refund the entire amount to you, no hard feelings.

Your Personal and/or Professional Development

People from all walks of life have taken the Awakenings' EFT Home-Study Courses for personal and professional development since 2004. They have included traditional and alternative healthcare providers, professional and lay practitioners, business people, teachers, and many others interested in learning these highly effective techniques.

Return on Investment: Some who take this course want to develop or add to their professional services. For those interested in using this certified course with clients or business, the training can directly lead to a small to considerable income.

Enroll below now

YES, ship to my door right away my Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Course now! 

As soon as you register, you will receive immediate access to the entire course online (book, audios, videos and bonuses) with your email receipt. We will send you your hard-copy materials within a week (add another week if outside the US and Canada).

EFT Level 1 Home-Study Certification Course
includes professional hard-copy book, 
2 cds, 2 dvds wth Free US and Canadian Shipping ... Plus Immediate Online Access to all course materials and Bonuses --

Regular Tuition $267



Add Mentoring -- only $80*
Three 20 minute calls with Phillip or Jane Mountrose to get further support and depth
*Can add mentoring at a later time.

NOTE -- to those living outside the US and Canada or who want an online course only:

Do you live outside the U.S. and Canada and want an online-version of the home study courses (without hard-copy materials and no shipping costs)?

CLICK HERE for the Online Version of the EFT Certification Home-Study Courses


Congratulations for a wise decision and taking your next step. We look forward to seeing your progress.

To the heart and soul of your success, 

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose 
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why get certified?

Here are five of the strongest reasons to get certified:

1. It considerably expands your knowledge and tools

2. It gives you more credibility to yourself and others

3. It disciplines you to go deeper into healing for your
well-being and those you help.

4. It's an easy-to-follow course that will help you overcome
difficult situations

5. It will boost your confidence with a beautiful certificate
upon completion

Why Certification from Awakenings Institute?

Awakenings Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting a world "where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect, where all are nurtured." Its founding directors, Phillip and Jane Mountrose, have been in the field 25 years and on the leading edge of EFT and other modalities for 15 years through their publications and trainings.

There are many programs that have sprung up in response to people's desire to be certified. Here are some advantages of being certified by Awakenings Institute:

  • It's been offering EFT certification since 2004 and continues to develop and
    upgrade its certification

  • A high-quality course that you can take from home, going at your own pace.
    Saves time and expenses of travelling and trying to learn everything in a
    weekend training.

  • The depth and ease of learning works for people with extensive EFT experience
    as well as those getting started.

  • Unnecessary to pay dues and join an association

  • 100's of people have taken the course with consistent positive reports
    (for a sampling, see testimonials on this page)

  • An easy-to-follow course with depth of learning from written, audio and
    video training

Can I combine EFT with other modalities?

Yes, EFT can stand alone and combines well with many other modalities. Those who study it find the EFT amd GTT techniques to be essential tools to have to help yourself and others.

Do you have an EFT Certification Training Course as an online version only (with study materials that I can access online)?

The EFT Certfication Course has both hard-copy and online materials Yes we do have online version of the Certification course, which is the same course without the hard-copy materials. It can be found here.

If I take this course, do I have the right to use EFT on others?

Yes EFT does not require a license like a doctor or therapist does. Check your state or local area for any particulars for being an alternative practitioner. So yes you can certainly get training and start or enhance a practice. The EFT Level 1 Certification Home Study is a good place to start:

What have others said about this training?

Throughout this page you will see testimonials about this course. We are continually receiving very positive feedback. Here are couple more:

"In practicing the EFT and GTT techniques, I have learned, regardless of the emotional problem, the easiness and gentleness of these techniques amazed me how efficient the healing process began to reunite myself to wholeness."

--Linda Rhoades, Olympia Washington

"In the 26 years in the practice of healing arts, I am truly amazed at the speed and depth with which the EFT & GTT Techniques work. They are the perfect addition to any healing modality I currently use."

-- Jeryl Anne Peterson, Crescent City, Florida

How do I get started?

If you have a question or want to order offline call us at (805) 931-0129 (9am-6pm pst).

Enroll here now.








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