Holistic EFT Online Training Courses and Certification

​​Powerful ​Holistic Approach to ​EFT ​Certification Online ​​from EFT Pioneers, Authors and Trainers ​Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Highly Rated Course since 2004 -- benefit from more than 2​0 years of experience.

There are many ​reasons people take this ​popular course -- no travel, start today, and go at your own pace to learn ​effective, time-tested techniques. And in the process, you can ​become a highly skilled EFT Practitioner.

Why ​Choose Holistic EFT Training ​Online ​

EFT has been called a "modern miracle" because of the results people have received. The basic tapping technique for EFT is relatively straightforward and the mechanics can be learned in a short time.

To become more masterful, however, you need the right tools, knowledge and training.​​

1. A Common ​Misunderstanding about EFT Certification

Some people think there is only one legitimate place to go for EFT Training to get certified. This is not true. It would be like saying there is only one place to get certification for hypnosis, massage, Reiki or coaching.

The fact is that there are different organizations that offer certification for those who complete EFT training. EFT is not regulated by the US government. This means that EFT Certification is different from getting a license, which is regulated by a board and/or government agency. Instead, EFT certification provides verification of your training so you can present yourself as a professional.

We at Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization, have been certifying practitioners since 2004. The hundreds of people who have taken our EFT Training Courses consistently report to us that they are easy-to-follow, effective and profound.

Based on 20 years of research, results, and step-by-step training, people consistently report to us that the Holistic EFT Course from Awakenings is a unique, highly effective training.
Phillip and Jane Mountrose EFT Training

We (Phillip & Jane Mountrose-- Founding Directors) have been fortunate to reach thousands of people during the past 25 years in the field.  We specialize on how to greatly deepen and expand the results people get from EFT and energy healing. In the process, we wrote what are now among the most popular books on EFT. Since 1996, we have written over a dozen books and manuals on energy healing, personal growth and EFT.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, wrote the Foreword to our first EFT book. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for what he created. We feel we are carrying on what he started.

Gary Craig

Let this dedicated pair help you fulfill your potential, clear blockages, and move upward with the Healing High Rise. The view from the top is spectacular!"

2. Why Choose Awakenings' Holistic EFT Online Courses over live training

There are several strong reasons to take a high-quality professional online certification instead of live, in-person training. They include...

  • No costly live weekend workshops that add even more time and expenses for travel. 

    Although they can be enjoyable, live weekend trainings have to fit everything into a short period. ​This can make it difficult to integrate the material. All the information given in one weekend results in overload.
  • Going at your own rate. You have the time you need to learn these proven, life-changing techniques.

  • Learning in small steps rather than big dosages.As research shows, your brain learns best in regular, small actions.
  • Learning as much as you want. Awakenings offers three levels of EFT training. Most students start now with the first course, which is described here.

  • Lifetime access to materials. Once you purchase the course, you will have immediate access -- and be able to return to the materials at any time in the future as part of your permanent success library.

In short, you will save time, money and energy by taking the EFT Online Certification Course from the convenience of your home or anywhere.

3. Benefits of Holistic EFT Training Courses

Many people are missing key elements to what is possible with EFT.  With a powerful effective holistic approach, your results can be faster, easier and more lasting than you might imagine.

Over the years, we have found proven ways that EFT, and our deepening Getting Thru Techniques (GTT), can…

  • produce immediate and lasting results

  • expand your skill set so you become more confident and effective in helping a wide range of people

  • experience optimal easy-to-follow course through multi-media formats: written, visual and auditory training

  • give you in-depth training, offered since 2004, from Awakenings Non-Profit Institute
  • add powerful, easy-to-apply holistic tools to give you more competency

In fact, people frequently are able to resolve issues that have been troubling them for months, years, or even decades in a very short time (sometimes just minutes). EFT and GTT revolutionize the way people understand their possibilities.

You can enroll today and get immediate access to the materials.

Why learn a special holistic approach to deepen EFT?

Sometimes EFT alone is not enough -- especially with a deeper issue. The complementary GTT (Getting Thru ) techniques work quickly and elegantly to find the core problem. 

Then when you use EFT, your results are dramatically better. Knowing how to combine GTT with EFT consistently produces deeper and more lasting results (see testimonials on this page.)

4. The Holistic EFT Courses and Certification include ...

  • A step-by-step home study EFT Online Training Course workbook that’s easy to follow and complete
  • Optional hard-copy study and high-quality reference materials you receive in the mail that teach the basics of EFT and go beyond with a systematic road map for addressing core issues affecting the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • A multi-media “Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT” success library using high-quality, easy-to-follow materials. As research shows, using different parts of your brain enhances learning. You will receive the book, 2 cds, and 2 dvds ($83 value).

  • To integrate your skills and learning, 36 hours of study that you can do in your own time and own your rate

  • Optional mentoring to get the questions that inevitably come up answered, saving potentially months and years of trial-and-error time

  • Continuing education: You have the opportunity of a variety ways to go further, including EFT Level 2 and EFT Level 3. Each level is built on the one before.  Plus you can take our Spiritual Counseling Home Study Certification Program and tools for building a successful practice.

Plus The Holistic EFT Bonus Collection...

1. "On Being Therapeutic" Special Report ($25 value)

This easy-to-read report gives you essential qualities you need to succeed with clients. It also shows you the toxic qualities you need to avoid. Includes a sample Disclosure/Information Form to give to clients to help inform them of your services. Available for immediate download.

2. Exclusive, targeted audio Interviews from our EFT Insight Series with experts Steve Wells ​and Brad Yates ($47 value)

Steve Wells shares his extraordinarily effective and easy continuous tapping technique (SET), along with a Special Report on the process. Brad Yates gives insider information on how he creates such brilliant EFT affirmations and set-up phrases and much more... Download for immediate use.

3. Immediate online access to all materials.

You will receive instant access to all of them online: ebook, 6 audios, 10 step-by-step videos. If you order the hard-copy version, you will also receive hard copy versions of the book, cds, videos.

4. Invaluable "Finding Clients" Tips Sheet

"How to Find People to Practice on" essential tips (Also works for finding paid clients too!)

5. FREE SHIPPING on all hard-copy orders to U.S. and Canada for a limited time

Also know that Awakenings Institute donates a portion of its proceeds to benefit people in need in the US and around the world and supporting environmental causes.

5. How this Holistic EFT Course works

You will get immediate access to all online materials upon enrolling. ​If you ​want, you can add hard-copy materials. 

To complete your Holistic EFT Training Course and receive your certification, you set your schedule and simply...

Step 1: Study the included book, audios and videos at your own rate

Step 2: Log 20 hours of practicing the techniques

Step 3: Complete an open book written exam when you are ready

Step 4: Have a short individual phone consultation for closure (a valuable experience in itself) .

Receive your attractive Holistic EFT Practitioner Certificate, which is suitable for framing -- with all the competence and confidence that comes with it.

How long does it take to complete the EFT Online Course?

Generally, it takes 4-8 weeks. Of course, since it's a home-study, you can go at your own pace for optimal learning and convenience.

Even though people typically finish the certification within a couple months, you have two entire years to complete it. So even if you are not ready to start today, while the opportunity is before you, you may want to invest now in the EFT Certification Home Study Course as an incentive to start sometime soon.

6. Who takes this Holistic EFT Course

Since 2004. people from all walks of life have taken our holistic EFT home study online certification training -- those from the conventional and alternative health care field, business people, teachers, home makers, and those seeking personal and professional development. There are also professionals who want to include EFT in their work.

People who take ​the Holistic EFT certification training range from beginners in EFT to those who are very experienced in EFT. Some have already taken Gary Craig's training, when it used to be offered, or have trained elsewhere. As the testimonials on this page indicate, people consistently report having significant success with this particular training. ​

If you live outside the United States: Yes, you can take the EFT Practitioner Certification Home-Study Course. The requirements (study, practice, open-book test) are the same.

7. What Graduates Are Saying

Carolyn Garner
Sales, Holistic Practitioner
Layton, Utah

"I was introduced to EFT tapping at the telesummits, which was a good basic introduction. But I wanted to go further. I'm so glad I took the Awakenings' Holistic EFT Certification Course since it took me so much deeper. I now feel well-rounded, competent and confident. I really know how to use EFT to work with the subconscious at a deeper level and clear what is really needed."

kim humphreys

​Kim Humphreys
Emotional Health Coach
​Chandler, AZ

"The most significant thing I learned from practicing the EFT and GTT processes is how much I and most others don't realize the power of being aware of our thoughts and feelings -- and how easy it can be to make changes that make a world of difference in our lives, health and emotions. My confidence level has certainly increased."

Sabina Neal EFT Training Practitioner

Sabina Neal
Business Owner
Sarasota, FL

"As I compare EFT and GTT (Getting Thru) to other self-healing methods, I always return to EFT and GTT as these resonate with me more. I particularly like that EFT empowers individuals to free themselves from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks without having to rely on a healthcare professional. Both EFT and GTT have also given me the tools to overcome my own anxiety and change limiting beliefs."

​Jay Cleve
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Stevens Point, WI

"I have been using EFT for any immediate, unpleasant fear, agitation or frustration that comes up, to stay on top of things.  And it works. Spiritually, I use EFT to reinforce going with the flow and acceptance of whatever arises. Personally, I will continue to use the techniques to deal with day-to-day troublesome emotions. Professionally, I will continue to integrate the techniques into a psychotherapy practice."

Sabina Neal EFT Training Practitioner

Erica Ross-Krieger
Coach and Author
Walnut Creek, Calif.

"I've been involved in personal growth for over 30 years. I'd been exposed to tapping before, but not in such a comprehensive way. The EFT and GTT Techniques enhance all of the other work I've done. I now feel more free, and am confident that I'll continue to use these new tools for a more joyful, rich life. Thank you from my heart for your work and the contribution it's made to my own work/life and that of my clients."

Sabina Neal EFT Training Practitioner

Leticia Grosh
Community Liason
El Centro, Calif.

"I've learned that miracles can happen when I use these techniques on so many different kinds of symptoms and problems, like body pains, stress, anxiety, anger, allergies and more. Also, these techniques have helped me to understand and accept myself in a healthier way, overcoming limiting beliefs that I new realize were affecting me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

Sabina Neal EFT Training Practitioner

Angele Boudreau
Crisis Intervention Counselor
Ontario, Canada

"I found the EFT and GTT to be simple, comprehensive and detailed procedures in this course. I now offer this mode to all my clients. The outcome from using these techniques is phenomenal and the wonder of it all is what the clients receive: a future filled with hope, harmony, happiness and freedom."

​Dr. Jennifer Harrison
​author of Stressed Self to
Best Self

​“I really appreciate the quality of the Holistic EFT course. I love the way it combined imagery/hypnotherapy with EFT. The Miracle Reframe and Realty Shift EFT processes really resonate with me and the clients I used it with saw amazing results.”

“I really appreciate the quality of the Holistic EFT course. I love the way it combined imagery/hypnotherapy with EFT. The Miracle Reframe and Realty Shift EFT processes really resonate with me and the clients I used it with saw amazing results.”
Brad Yates EFT Speaker

Brad Yates
Speaker, Author

"Even before meeting them, I had respect for the EFT work of Jane and Phillip Mountrose based on the comments I heard from a number of people. Having the privilege and pleasure of working alongside them confirmed their worthiness of that praise. They are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, integrous -- and a joy to work with. i am happy to endorse their work."

To Recap What You Will Receive ...

with Awakenings Professional Holistic EFT Online ​Certification Training, you will receive...

  • A tested and proven, step-by step course that is easy to follow
  • In-depth, multi-media Holistic EFT Success Library (book, videos, and audios)
  • How to find practice partners and clients tip sheet
  • Exclusive, targeted interviews with EFT experts on best practices
  • Innovative, effective holistic GTT techniques you won't find anywhere else
  • A personal consultation to complete your studies -- get any final questions answered and have an uplifting closure to your certification
  • Lifetime access to review materials, including updates
  • An attractive  Holistic EFT Certificate with your name on it that you can display and feel proud about what you accomplished.
EFT Level 1 Home Study Certification Course

Course Details:
Setting: Online/Virtual with Optional Hard-Copy Materials

Course Length:
36 Hours
Takes about 4-10 weeks going at your own pace

Gettingthru Heart

We value you.  

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

Become a Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner -- Enroll Below Today

As soon as you register, you will receive immediate access to the entire course online with your email receipt. We will send your hard-copy materials within a week (add another week if outside the US and Canada).

Choose the Course that is Right for You ...


EFT Level 1
​Online Course ​

includes immediate Online Access to all Materials and Bonuses

Tuition $197 



EFT Level 1
​Online Course --

includes Hard-Copy ​Materials

Includes Online Version

includes professional hard-copy book, 2 cds, 2 dvds with FREE US and Canadian Shipping ... Plus Immediate Online Access to all course materials and Bonuses

  Tuition $267



EFT Level 1
​Online Course --

With Mentoring

Includes Online &
Hard-Copy Materials

Includes hard-copy and online materials... Plus valuable individual mentoring.

... Accelerate your training and healing Two 20 minute calls with Phillip or Jane Mountrose to get further support and depth

Tuition $297

​Special Offer