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Holistic Life Coaching and Healing with EFT Certification Training Program

Explore how you can create abundance, health, success, and more in this unique Live Certification Telecourse with Holistic Coaches & EFT Experts Phillip & Jane Mountrose

Note: Due to the time zone, this program is best suited to people in the United States, Canada, Asia
and Australia. If you live outside those areas, consider our Home-Study Certification Courses.

"Life-Changing Coaching & Healing Certification Program"
Intro Teleclass
with Phillip Mountrose (61 minutes)

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Confused about how to get the direction, tools and knowledge you want?

Uncertain about how to go forward helping people with coaching and healing?

The answers you are looking for could be in a unique Holistic Life Coaching and Healing
This time-tested program has been developed for two decades... and people say it's
one of the best things they've ever done.

Combining coaching with EFT and powerful holistic techniques produces extraordinary results. For full healing and growth, the program is taught step-by-step in a hands-on spiritual approach.

Since 1994, we have reached thousands of people through our popular books on EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology and personal growth, and our classes, certification trainings and personal consultations.

We are also the co-founders of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to people's spiritual growth and the Heart of Success Academy.

Why you really need both coaching and healing...

As you may have noticed, there is an artificial division in trainings that are available. On the one hand is coach training; on the other is training in various healing modalities.

Over the years, we found that to be fully effective you need both coaching and healing. Why? Well if you coach someone and help them with their goals and support their progress, that's great. But what about the existing blocks, the fears and doubts that hold you back.

That's where holistic healing comes in. If you know how to deeply and permanently eliminate the doubts, fears and confusion that stop people, you can make big progress. However, once cleared, how does the person move forward?

That's where coaching comes in. Healing alone clears blocks, but it doesn't provide help for goals and dreams and ways to move forward. And coaching alone doesn't adequately address deep roadblocks to success.

So that's why we offer both coaching and healing, a wonderful marriage of complementary approaches. It's all set within a deep spiritual context for the largest progress, both personally and professionally.

A Program for Personal and Professional Transformation

Are any of these familiar to you?

You're tired of being confused and unsure. You want to be more confident helping yourself and others, to make transformational changes

You sometimes feel alone and isolated. You want to learn with like-minded, supportive people, where you are acknowledged and have room to grow.

You notice there is a lack of hands-on spiritual training available. You place a high priority on integrating spirit into form, to put things in the bigger picture, to become more consciously aware.

You get overwhelmed by too many choices. You want to know the best, effective ways to coach and heal, to help people and, if you choose, make a profitable living from it.

You want to know the best ways to succeed in the new economy, aligned with your gifts and talents.

You no longer want to settle for an ordinary life. You want to make a bigger contribution and know you can grow greatly by fulfilling your life purpose.

The idea is to find the right vehicle to go forward, one that is deeply fulfilling in itself and will have many benefits now and into the future.

This program has been developed and tested for two decades. Starting in 1994, we offered it in weekend trainings in different cities. We have continued to add and improve all the tools and knowledge to optimize the ease and depth of your learning.

As a note, you may know that EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a premier healing technique, recognized worldwide for its ease of use and extraordinary effectiveness.

We combine EFT, the “modern miracle,” with our GTT (Getting Thru) Techniques. Easy to use, this approach quickly finds and transforms core issues. Thus many of the healing and coaching techniques, you will learn in this hands-on program were originated by us and fine-tuned over the years.

We combine our own tested methods with the best tools and knoweldge available for holistic coaching and healing. Can you imagine how much time and energy this will save you?

Who is this Program for?

Although there are other trainings, we know of none that combines holistic life coaching with energy healing and EFT -- with so much spiritual depth.

The Holistic Coaching and EFT Healing Telecourse Certification is open to anyone who wants deeper personal and professional transformation. Over the years, people from all walks of life take the training: business people, traditional and alternative healthcare providers, educators, human service professionals and anyone else who want to empower themselves and transform others.

The 3 possible reasons people take this time-tested Holistic Coaching and Healing with EFT Certification Program are...

1. Personal and Spiritual Growth -- bottom line, everyone who takes this program has profound transformations, going deeper into their personal journey, life purpose and expanded consciousness.

These next two reasons may apply to you, depending on your particular background.

2. Create or Expand a Practice -- whether as a coach or holistic practitioner, from a traditional or holistic approach, a conventional or alternative healthcare field.

3. Compliment what you are currently doing -- whether as a business person, healthcare provider, teacher, housewife or other area.

Return on Investment: Some who take this program want to develop professional services. For those interested in using this program with clients or business, the training can directly lead to a small to considerable income.

You will learn practical tools and know-how to be confident to help others. Included are core success principles, which will also help in marketing your services. With the wealth of tools and knowledge, you will learn key basics such as how to enroll clients, charge for services, teach classes, marketing your services and much more.

Some people start to work with clients even during the course, so there can be a quick turnaround on their investment, which will continue to multiply over time.

What’s included in the Holistic Coaching and Healing with EFT Certification?

There are three courses and two levels of certification. Here are the details...

Here are the Three Courses (4-months each):

Discover Your Life Purpose - Access your deeper identity as a spiritual being on an evolutionary journey, here with important lessons to learn and unique gifts to share.

Manifesting Your Dreams and Purpose - Using fast and effective energy healing techniques, like SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) as well as hypnotherapy and NLP. Learn how to create from your heart’s genuine desires.

Heart of Success: Transformational Spiritual Coaching -This profound and practical course teaches you how to prosper in the new economy, using holistic life coaching and spiritual life coaching for ultimate success. It also includes how to use SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) for rapid and long-term results.

View the column to the right for course details =====================================>

Each course takes 4 months to complete. Trainings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm PST with one week off per month. All calls are recorded in case you miss iany or wish to review them.


Here is an overview of the two Certification levels. Each level builds on the previous one by adding a single course. So the first level includes 2 courses and the second level includes 3 courses.

Level 1 Certification: Holistic Life Coach Certification
two courses, 100 hours, 8 months of training

Level 2 Certification: Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification
three courses, 150 hours, 12 months of training

The entire teleprogram (3 courses) includes 36 weekly teleclasses and 36 weekly telelab classes, plus study and practice time. This program includes any three of the three courses (described in right column).

You can also start by taking any individual course as well. Each course includes an in-depth manual, book, and CDs or DVDs..

Here's what you can expect from this program...

You will learn proven life coaching and healing techniques as well as the best current approaches available. It will be put in a rich, spiritual context for greater depth of understanding and a big picture view.

You will be confident that you can make a very positive difference in people’s lives

You can get consistent results helping yourself and others

You will be able to easily integrate a deep understanding of holistic life coaching and healing, along with taking effective action

You will have a powerful toolbox of soul-based approaches. These will serve you well to deal with a wide variety of situations and the challenging cases that come up.

You will be able to immediately apply the tools and knowledge you learn into your daily life and to help others and build a profitable business if you choose.

As a note: some students get an immediate return on their investment by having clients even during this training.

Anna Shire

-- Anna Shirey
Spiritual Director & Healing
Kansas City, MO

"As it turns out this program took me exactly where I wanted to go. Many of the things which came my way were not things I initially knew I wanted.  I felt restless and disempowered and disconnected from the world. But through this work I've been able to release limiting beliefs about what I could be and began opening up to the dreams which were always there - waiting for me to "wake up" to them.

Without actively seeking them out, I've had two opportunities for teaching and retreat leadership opportunities, which will likely lead to more.  People have begun to seek me out for spiritual direction and healing, even now when I'm not promoting my practice (since I'm in transition right now). But probably the biggest gift had been my healing around some childhood issues, which had made possible inner reconciliation with my family of origin. It all opened up for me once I was healed enough to receive it. "

This program is ultimately about creating a life fully lived, not just a practice. Some take the program for the sheer spiritual growth and personal use, with the idea they may start a practice at some point. Others add the profound tools and knowledge to their existing practice and background. Others use it to start a holistic practice.

Can you see how combining holistic coaching with healing is so effective?

An Invaluable Support System

Students tell us there is something else, often unexpected, that they receive from the experience of becoming a Certified Holistic Coach and Healer with EFT...

It’s the class community that develops, enriching your life. In order to fulfill your purpose, you need to persist through the challenges you encounter. That's where having a support community with fellow students is so invaluable. It will support you through the up's and downs so you can grown and make your contribution.

Wouldn't it be nice to make relationships with like-minded people? Many people create lifelong friends and professional relationships with those they meet in this program.

Audrie Edwards

--Audrie Marie Edwards -- Musician, Relationships Coach

"I was surprised how easy this program was to apply. It was almost like I was remembering how to coach and help myself and others heal.And I reached so many goals, from dealing with overwhelm and anxiety to attracting the exact relationship I wanted. And the group support from the class was invaluable. I made great connections and could do everything that much easier knowing I was not alone, but fully supported by the Mountroses and my classmates."

How the Program Works

The program has been carefully designed to maximize learning. Each course is four months, totaling 32 sessions (16 classes and 16 lab/practice classes). The calls are conducted through a telephone bridge line which you can access from anywhere in the world.

All sessions will be recorded if you miss one or wish to review it.

Weekly Teleclasses

Twice a week you call in to a special telephone bridge line and have a teleclass one time and the telelab the next time (about 70 minutes each).

The weekly telelab classes provide opportunities to explore the techniques you learn in the Tuesday teleclasses, with group practice and more opportunities to address your questions

You will gain access to an information-rich Class Resource Page, with valuable information and instructions on how to optimize the program.

Practice and Accountability Partners

You will connect with like-minded classmates to practice the techniques. In some cases, students go on to become good friends and associates. Connecting with “kindred spirits” is one of life’s treasures and of incalculable value.

ALSO...with the wonders of technology, the weekly telelabs allows you to practice in pairs on the phone, for deep practice. Again all you need is a telephone (no travel necessary).

Question and Answer Sessions

Each week we give extra time to answer specific questions to the weekly material, plus any other areas where you want specific suport. You can draw on our 20 years of experience in the field.

Other training programs can be quite impersonal, where you don't have direct and easy access to the lead trainers and creators of the program.

Optimized Learning Environment

Ever been to a weekend or intensive training and found you couldn't absorb it all? Over the years we have found what research has also shown: People learn best in short, regular intervals.

You will be in an exciting, positive momentum, gaining profound knowledge and tools regularly. Your life purpose will be more fully realized, with the invaluable support of like-minded peers.

We find that most people learn more effectively by having weekly short classes (75 minutes), rather than a large training in one weekend or more. We also limit the class size (15-20 students), so you get the attention you need to progress at the pace that is right for you.

Other programs usually teach content as a series of techniques with related information, The educational design in this program is different. It's a holistic approach, one that organically puts the different pieces together for optimal results.

The program is carefully organized around three themes: life purpose, manifestation, and success principles. These are the profound themes of each individual course (described in the right column). In turn, these key areas can be used for a variety of niches and specialities to help others.

You will receive visual support material for each class to deepen the experience.The course draws on a detailed, written manual, along with videos, audios and special handouts (described below).

Once a month there is a week off, to give you a break and extra time to review or catch up if needed. Between each course, there will be a few weeks break, too.

Also, you can take the entire Program from anywhere you have access to a phone.

Anna Easter

-Anna Easter
Holistic Practitioner
and Artist

“I had initial concerns that the course might be too far out or maybe I wouldn't like it. But it turned out to be a perfect fit! Jane and Phillip were very educated and instilled their positive outlook into all of us. We didn't have to fit into any particular box. And it was great being supported by like-minded people with similar values and interests.

Becoming a holistic practitioner embraced who I really was, and I have been able to bring myself out into the world with all that I learned. I am now able to help myself and others overcome stumbling blocks and become more comfortable and confident.”

The Study Materials:

Awakenings' Program provides a wealth of invaluable resources that you will have available to continue your personal and professional development for years to come. The live classes will help you integrate this material and apply it.

You will receive a wealth of in-depth study materials:

An easy-to-read, in-depth Holistic Coaching and Healing Manual for each course by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose. This carefully organized manual gives knowledge and processes for each course. In addition there are extensive appendices with valuable information on professional development, coaching basics, being therapeutic, and more resources.

State-of-the-art books, audios and DVDs by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose Professionally produced hard-copy multi-media material, covering the essentials of energy healing, holistic life coaching, EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology and more...

Holistic Coaching "7-Part Roadmap" Seminar: 8 hours of downloadable audios with handouts. You will get immediate access to them upon enrolling to get off to a strong start.

Holistic Marketing CoursePlus *SPECIAL BONUS* How to Build Your Holistic/ Spiritual Practice included with any Certification Program;

A step-by-step online course on how to attract clients and create a prosperous practice. Includes connecting your practice with your purpose, crafting your message, finding your niche, writing an ezine and blog and much more. Fully downloadable 9 hours of audio, worksheets and e-handbook. Available for immediate download. ($197 value).

Are You Ready?

The Holistic Coaching and EFT Healing Telecourse Certification is open to anyone who is ready for their next step into deeper personal and professional transformation.

This 4-12 month in-depth, hands-on program is for those who want to follow their inner guidance and fulfill their potential. Interestingly, most who apply are led by their deep interest to grow. However following your heart's guidance and living fully is another matter.

What really matters to you? Deep personal and professional transformation that will benefit you going forward... Isn't that a priority?

The commitment may be a stretch. Things you get the most value from usually are. It is an investment of time and money, in yourself.

Here's why people choose Awakenings training to move forward:

  • gain more confidence and eliminate the energy drains of vacillating and
    waiting for the "perfect" time

  • dissolve confusion and overwhelm as you gain clarity of purpose

  • remove the isolation -- replace it with deep, ongoing support for your goals and dreams

  • stop settling for less than you could be -- embrace your fuller potential, the larger version
    of yourself that is ready to make a greater difference

  • develop a powerful array of coaching and healing techniques, accompanied by
    profound knowledge, that you can use for a lifetime to help yourself and others

The course will have up to 20 participants, so there can be plenty of feedback and valuable individual attention. If you think this for you, don't delay to reserve your spot.

Telecourse Schedule and Details

Starting Date and Time: The next telecourse focuses on the Heart of Success: key principles, strategies and knowledge to succeed personally and professionally. It helps you align body and mind and spirit to live the life you wish and help others do so.

It is one of our most popular courses. It starts June 9, 2015. Regardless of the current date, there are ways you can start right away and take advantage of a special tuition as well.

Classes occur by phone Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm pst (7pm mt, 8pm ct, 9pm et, 1pm Sydney). Sessions are 75 minutes and all calls are recorded if you miss any or wish to review them.

Wouldn't it be valuable for you to manifest your dreams and purpose and help others do so?

Tuition: As you may know, coaching certification programs may cost as much as $8,000 to $10,000. By comparison, the tuition for this tranformational program is just $295 a month or a single pament of $3095 for the complete certification: the entire one-year program (or $1035 a course). There are also different payment plans available. Another option is to start with just one course and decide if you wish to go further.

Note Early-Bird Registration Savings: Up until June there are significant early-bird registration bonuses and savings. Please inquire when you apply or enroll.


1) Enroll in the program now

2) Have a Free Strategy 20-minute Session with us.
Get clear on your goals and your questions answered.

3) If you have questions, just contact us. Call (805) 931-0129 9am-6pm pst or email us.

Provide your name, phone number, time zone and best time to reach you. We will be happy to discuss your goals, challenges and answer your questions.

We recommend you taking action now so you can find the best path for you. Avoid getting sidetracked by delay. Space is limited. Make an informed choice and feel good about following your heart, whatever you decide.

NOTE: Is time or money holding you back from going forward? If so, we have a great alternative. You can go at your own rate and it's affordable if you are on a budget. Click Here to see the alternative way to go forward.

Here's more of what others are saying about their training...

"When I first came across this program I was quite financially strained and was actually not looking for a program, but a resource (like books, etc.) But I did feel "led" to this telecourse.

Flash forward a year later after I had finished the telecourse and now my prior issues of self-sabotage and confidence are a thing of the past. The processes in the telecourse are invaluable and integrate well together. Most important is a clear and present, direct-access channel to my soul. As I connect more with my true self, I am more able to relate to others and fulfill my purpose."

- Kelly Laurendine MassageTeacher,
Yoga School Director

Jerris Greenblatt

-Jerris Greenblatt
Business Manager

"Going into this program I wondered if I would be confident enough to apply what I learned. It turned out that I was amazed at how well the tools worked! I had great personal shifts. I have had a remarkable confirmation about the program: people I have worked with walk away with something they can use, with more confidence and feel empowered. 

If you have a spark of interest about this course, don't let your hesitation stop you, because the results are life-changing."

"Besides the depth of tools and understanding I received, there was something else very valuable. The Mountroses themselves: their vision and how they model the profound life coaching and healing tools they taught. The program was open and flexible yet had a step-by-step structure.

I also didn't have to be a carbon copy and blind follower. It's one of the rare programs where I could learn and grow while being recognized for my own life experience and understanding. It instilled a lot of confidence in me and it helped me to start my own spiritual community!"

Jay Horn

-Jay Horn
Musician, Counselor


Jeryl Ann Heatherdale

-Jeryl Anne Heatherdale
Holistic Healer, Workshop Leader

"This telecourse has pulled my 29 years on the spiritual path together, including so many modalities I've previously used. It's changed my life and what I thought was possible. The techniques I've learned here are profound yet easy and actually easy to apply.

Also, at first, I wondered whether the course would work by phone. Actually, it's helped me get phenomenal results with people who I have never met in person, both fellow students in the course and clients. The opportunity to give to people what I've learned in this program has meant everything to me."

This kind of feedback about the program we get from our students on a regular basis. It's inspiring
to see what is possible? Hope you enjoyed hearing about the success graduates experienced
with this unique, transformational training.


1) Enroll for the program now.

2) Have a Free Strategy Session to get more clarity about your goals and your questions answered
with Phillip Mountrose

3) If you have questions, please contact us. Call (805) 931-0129 9am-6pm pst or email us.

Provide your name, phone number, time zone and best time to reach you. We will be happy
to discuss your goals, challenges and answer your questions. We will get back to you within
24-48 hours.

We will get back to you within one to two days.

We look forward to connecting with you!

To the heart of your success,

Drs. Phillip & Jane Mountrose
Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

PS, Powerful tools and knowledge, innovative techniques, ongoing support and inspiration... doesn't that sound like a good recipe? Isn't it your time to shine even brighter?

Is it worth it?. Here's what just about every successful person will tell you: they had to stretch and take a leap of faith to live the life they truly wanted.

If you'd like the tools and knowledge to gain clarity and purpose -- and live life more on your terms -- then you might want to follow your heart and go forward now.





Healing Lotus

Coaching Quiz


Note: Courses may be taken in any order.


Course #1: Discovering
Your Life Purpose

Study Materials:

* Awaken to Your Purpose Workbook and 5 CDs

* 1/3 of Holistic Coaching/Healing Manual

Total value of Study
Materials: $105


* Access your deeper identity as a spiritual being on an evolutionary journey, here with important lessons to learn and unique gifts to share.

This course can also help you specialize in life transitions, career coaching, life purpose coach and spiritual counseling and more.

You will learn:

* The Stages of Spiritual Development

* Life Purpose and Major Life Themes

* Personality Traits from the Michael Teachings

* Obstacles and Opportunities on the Spiritual Path

* Common Problems and Solutions

* Balancing Polarities

* How to Conduct Ceremonies and Rituals

* Teaching Classes and Seminars

* Dream Interpretation

* Meeting the Magician

* Addressing Core Issues with EFT and other modalities and more...


Course #2: Manifesting
Your Dreams and Purpose Course

Study Materials:

* Manifesting Your Dreams
with EFT, SK and More hard-copy book

* 1/3 of Holistic Coaching/Healing Manual

Total value of Study
Materials: $75


This course focuses on fast and effective energy healing techniques, like Reframing
and EFT, as well as hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

It helps you to learn how to create from your heart’s genuine desires.

This course can also help you specialize in manifestation,
law of attraction, helping entrepreneurs and releasing blocks from the past to move forward with your life, and more.

You will learn:

* How to become clear about attracting wealth

* EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Reality Shift

* Using EFT for Money and Forgiveness

* The Money Wheel of Fortune and Wheel of Life

* Reframing from the Soul

* Goal setting and Ground Rules

* Age regression and inner child work

* Hypnotic suggestions

* Pacing and leading for success

* The Success Expansion Process and more…


Course #3: Heart of Success

Study Materials:

* Getting Thru to Your Soul set
(book, 2 CDs, 3 DVDs)

* 1/3 of Holistic Coaching/Healing Manual

Total value of Study
Materials: $130


This profound and practical course teaches you how to prosper in the new economy, using holistic life coaching
and spiritual life coaching for ultimate success.

It also includes how to use SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) for
rapid and long-term success

Discover how to soulfully connect with deeper and
higher levels of your consciousness for self-awareness and healing.

You will use Spiritual Kinesiology (an energy-healing process pioneered by the Mountroses) to connect with your inner guidance and eliminate interference.

This course can also help you specialize as a success coach and spiritual coaching/healing and more.

You will learn:

* The core Success Principles

* High Thymus/ High-Vibration approach

* Muscle Testing/kinesiology

* Soul Centering

* Powerful Checklists for success and analyzing strengths and weaknesses

* NLP Reframing and

* Group and Societal Archetypes

* Co-dependence and boundaries

* 7 Levels of Healing

* Heart Focus

* The Success Wheel

* Organizing sessions

* Language patterns and more...


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm busy and not sure I will have the time to do this program justice?
Generally people are busy, sometimes very busy. Nonetheless, there are ways
to fit this program into your schedule, which we can
discuss with you, as well as recordings of all the calls. People do miss occasional classes due to commitments, etc.

The big question is what will adding this program do for your future? How will it help you, not only in the short-term, but going forward? We find people who put off taking the program, "to take it later," usually don't get back to it. It turns out that It's never the "perfect time," your ducks never get in a row, and there's always something to contend with. That's what
the program will teach you:
how to optimize your time and energy to live your greatest life.

Q. What will I be able to do with my certification?
Everyone who takes this program will receive a
powerful toolbox of healing
and coaching tools, which
they can put into immediate use. This translates into enormous advances in personal growth and effectiveness in transforming one's own issues as well as helping others. Some people choose to use this certification to build or enhance a practice as well. It also complements many other areas of business and personal life.

As a note, coaching does not require licensing, like medicine, therapy or psychiatry does.

The certification you receive
will be issued from Awakenings Institute, a non-profit corporation.

Q. How is this program different from other trainings?
This program is a unique, practical blend of both coaching and healing with
EFT and other modalities, like NLP and hypnotherapy and Spiritual Kinesiology.

You need both coaching and healing to be fully effective. Coaching for support and energy tools for clearing blocks. Plus there are many original, tested techniques the Mountroses developed themselves (like Spiritual Kinesiology) that you will add
to your toolbox that you can
use for a lifetime...

The program is like a mystery school for deep sprititual transformation. It has a
practical approach to have deeper, lasting results.

Q. What is the investment
in the program?

There are different payment plans, including monthly rates which are quite affordable, plus different levels of certification. We would enjoy discussing
your goals and options with
you personally (see scheduling a planning session link below).

People who take this Certification Program follow their guidance and take action. They aren't looking for the bottom of the barrel, least expensive program, but one that is fairly priced and highly effective.

Those interested in this program want depth of materal, access to the instructors and
a proven system to succeed. They understand the need to stretch and grow in different ways to live a fulfilling life.


Q. Is there a cancellation fee or non-refundable deposit?

Unlike other certification programs, there is no deposit and you only pay for what you take. Most people find that
the program is one of the
best investments they ever made because of the quantum shifts in understanding they receive, the powerful array of hands-on tools, clarity on their life purpose and more..

Awakenings Institute
This Program is part of Awakenings Institute, a
non-profit 501c Organization.

Our Mission includes...

"Imagine a world where love is the guiding force, where the unique gifts that each
individual brings receive
honor and respect,
where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom, to manifest the joy of living in each moment…

Imagine a world where all of nature is also honored,
so all may live in harmony
and share an increasingly vibrant and beautiful environment…"

We know you "vote" by where you invest your time and
money. We thank you for considering Awakenings Institute's Training.







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