Holistic Life Coaching and Healing with EFT Certification Training Program

Are you looking for powerful, effective coaching and healing tools, including holistic spiritual life coach certification online training?

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Holistic Life Coach Course

Is this your time to step up and make more of a difference?

If so, this may be what you've been seeking. Depending on the your direction you choose, you can make a a part- or full-time successful living from it.

Here you can explore how you can create abundance, health, success, and more in a Live Certification Online (course by phone or internet via Zoom Conference) with Holistic Coaches, Energy Healing Experts & Personal Transformation Pioneers Phillip & Jane Mountrose

Why Choose this Live Online Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Program​?

This highly rated program combines coaching with EFT and other effective techniques ​to produce ​powerful results. For full healing and growth, you will learn step-by-step,  in a hands-on spiritual approach.

This highly rated program has been developed and tested for two decades. Starting in 1994, we offered it in weekend trainings in different cities. We have continued to add and improve all the tools and knowledge to optimize the ease and depth of learning. Since 2010, we have offered this online coach healer certification training.

This unique program is a vehicle for accelerated ​spiritual development, as well as professional development, along with a holistic support community.

​This popular ​Online Certification Program began in the 1990's and ​continues to develop ​and update. It includes EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) a premier healing technique, recognized worldwide for its ease of use and extraordinary effectiveness.You will learn tested methods, tools and knowledge. Much of the effective training in this program, like Spiritual Kinesiology, were developed by the founders and instructors of the program.

Note: This live online training has the added convenience of being delivered by telephone or internet via Zoom Conference.  You also receive supplementary written and video material to deepen your understanding.  All classes are recorded if you miss any or wish to review them.

1. You really need both coaching and healing ​

There is an artificial division in trainings that are available. On the one hand is coach training; on the other is training in various healing modalities. Over the years, we found that to be fully effective you need both coaching and healing.

Why this Program?

Although there are other trainings, this one uniquely combines holistic life coaching with energy healing and EFT. It will deepen your connection with your soul's inner wisdom.

Yes, you will learn profound tools and knowledge, and experience a change in being -- being more of who you are on a deeper level.

Next Course Starts June ​12, 2018

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2. Who is this Holistic Spiritual Coaching and Healing Certification Training ​for?

The Holistic Coaching and EFT Healing Live Online Certification is open to anyone who wants deeper personal and professional transformation.

Over the years, people from all walks of life take the training: business people, traditional and alternative healthcare providers, educators, human service professionals and anyone else who want to empower themselves and transform others.

Many people who take this program have had prior training in coaching and healing, although such background is not required. People are drawn to this program's unique, targeted content, tools and direct learning.

The 3 possible reasons people take this time-tested Holistic Coaching and Healing with EFT Certification Program are…

1. Personal and Spiritual Growth — bottom line, everyone who takes this program has profound transformations, going deeper into their personal journey, life purpose and expanded consciousness.

These next two reasons may apply to you, depending on your particular background.

2. Create or Expand a Practice — whether as a coach or holistic practitioner, from a traditional or holistic approach, a conventional or alternative healthcare field.

3. Complement what you are currently doing — whether as a business person, healthcare provider, teacher, housewife or other area.

Return on Investment:
Some who take this program want to develop professional services. For those interested in using this program with clients or business, the training can directly lead to a small to considerable income.

Some people start to work with clients even during the course, so there can be a quick turnaround on their investment, which will continue to multiply over time.

Your Instructors

Since 1994, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) have reached thousands of people through our popular books on EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology and personal growth, and our classes, certification trainings and personal consultations.

We are also the co-founders of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to people's spiritual growth and heart-centered success.

3. Benefits of this Program

You will learn proven life coaching and healing techniques as well as the best current approaches available. This is not your conventional course that just teaches a series of techniques. You will learn and integrate essential elements -- of who you are, where you are going, and how to get there.

  • You will be confident that you can make a very positive difference in people’s lives
  • You can get consistent results helping yourself and others
  • You will be able to easily integrate a deep understanding of holistic life coaching and healing, along with taking effective action
  • You will have a powerful toolbox of soul-based approaches. These will serve you well to deal with a wide variety of situations and the challenging cases that come up.
  • By experiencing this training online, you will get firsthand knowledge on how to teach classes yourself by using ​the online teaching model we have developed, with many effective components that we have discovered over the years.
  • You will be able to right away apply the tools and knowledge you learn into your daily life and to help others and build a profitable business if you choose.

There are no quick fixes for personal and professional development. However, with Awakenings Coach and Healer Training, you will learn effective short cuts, many that you will not find anywhere else.


And after finishing the first two courses (eight months), you will receive your Holistic Coach and Healer Level 1 Certificate. After completing the third course, you will receive your Holistic Coach and Healer Level 2 Certificate. 

Anna Shirey

​Spiritual Counselor & Healer, ​Athens, AL

​Through this work I’ve been able to release limiting beliefs about what I could be and began opening up to the dreams which were always there – waiting for me to 'wake up' to them."

W​h​at Awakenings' Coach-Healer Graduates are Saying ...

-- Klara Gubacs, Assoc Professor Physical Education & Performance Coach, Montclair, NJ

--​ Jen Peters, Reinvention Coach, New Zealand

​​-- Jackie Kay, Wealth Coach, Speaker, Montrose, Colorado

​​-- Sharon Williamson, Wellness Coach, Nurse, Buelton, California

Aha's, Breakthroughs, Transformation ...

Some take the program for the sheer spiritual growth and personal use, with the idea they may start a practice at some point. Others add the profound tools and knowledge to their current situation. Others use it to start a holistic practice.

In addition to the profound and practical tools and knowledge, there is something more... The program serves as a vehicle for soul development.

Since you practice the profound skills each week, you will have many deep insights each month. These aha's sometimes lead to breakthroughs. Over time, you will experience profound transformation (see testimonials on this page). Because of the holistic training and the deep spiritual growth that occurs, the program is akin to a 21st century spiritual development school.

​Jen Peters ​-- Life Reinvention Coach, New Zealand

I spent two years searching for these courses. I knew I was looking for something, but wasn't sure what until I came across them. It has helped me enormously and in unexpected ways. It provides structure to an area that is traditionally quite ethereal and difficult to put into meaningful processes. I don't know of any other courses even remotely like these, with the scope they have.

The program has literally ignited the light within -- it's for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of who we really are and what we are here to do. These courses are the bridge into the bigger picture for those who have an awareness that there's more to life than meets the eye. "

4. How this Unique, Effective Online Program Works

The program has been carefully designed to maximize learning. Each course is four months, totaling 32 sessions (16 classes and 16 lab/practice classes).

We find that most people learn more effectively by having weekly short classes (75 minutes), rather than a large training in one weekend or more. We also limit the class size (15-20 students), so you get the attention you need to progress at the pace that is right for you.

The calls are conducted through Zoom Conference, which you can access from anywhere in the world. That means all you need is a phone or internet connection. To enrich each class, there are specific visual materials (manual, handouts, etc) to enhance the classes.

All sessions will be recorded if you miss any or wish to review it.

Another benefit is learning directly from both a male and female instructor, getting different expert perspectives from the veteran Mountrose team.

Four Main Features of the Program include ...

1 - Weekly ​Online Classes --one bit at a time

Twice a week you access the class by phone or internet via Zoom Conference: one time for a class and the next time a follow-up teleab (about 70 minutes each).

The weekly online live telelab classes provide opportunities to explore the techniques you learn in the Tuesday classes, with group practice and more opportunities to address your questions

You will gain access to an information-rich Class Resource Page, with valuable information and instructions on how to optimize the program.

You will be in an exciting, positive momentum, gaining profound knowledge and tools regularly.

2 - Practice ​with Supportive Partners -- valuable connections

You will connect with like-minded classmates to practice the techniques. In some cases, students go on to become good friends and associates. Connecting with “kindred spirits” is one of life’s treasures and of incalculable value. This kind of open learning community can be invaluable on many levels.

ALSO...with the wonders of technology, the weekly telelabs allows you to practice in pairs on the phone, for deep practice. This hands-on approach makes a big difference.

Your life purpose will be more fully realized, with the invaluable support of like-minded peers.

3 - Question & Answer Sessions

Each week we allot time to answer specific questions about the weekly material, plus any other areas where you want specific support. You can draw on our 20 years of experience in the field.

Other training programs can be quite impersonal, where you don't have direct and easy access to the lead trainers and creators of the program.

In other words, you get your questions answered during and after class time. This allows for more individual support to help you in areas needed. Great for personal support and guidance.

Also, you can take the entire Program from any where you have access to a phone or internet or mobile device.

4 - Optimized Learning:
See, Hear, Read

You will receive visual support material for each class to deepen the experience. The course draws on a detailed, written manual, along with videos, audios and special handouts (described below).

The program is carefully organized around three themes: life purpose, manifestation, and success principles. These are the profound themes of each individual course (described in the right column). In turn, these key areas can be used for a variety of niches and specialties to help others.

Once a month there is a week off, to give you a break and extra time to review or catch up if needed. Between each course, there will be a few weeks break, too.

Sandy Ewing -- Certified Holistic Practitioner, Ontario, Can​​​​ada

I actually started the program at a low point. First I learned to help myself and then I knew I could help others. Now I feel good about myself and help others heal physically and emotionally, which I do on a full-time basis.
Since the two years from when I graduated this program, my clients now number up to ten per week. Looking back, I realized that the more I invested the more I got out of it."

I actually started the program at a low point. First I learned to help myself and then I knew I could help others. Now I feel good about myself and help others heal physically and emotionally, which I do on a full-time basis.
Since the two years from when I graduated this program, my clients now number up to ten per week. Looking back, I realized that the more I invested the more I got out of it."

5. What's Included in this Program

This 8-12 month in-depth, hands-on program is for those who want to follow their inner guidance and fulfill their potential.  Interestingly, most who apply are led by their deep interest to grow. However actually following your heart’s guidance and living fully takes focus and support over a period of time.

The commitment may be a stretch. Things you get the most value from usually are. It is an investment of time and money, in yourself. It's rare to find an effective, practical and tested soul-based program like this one for personal and professional development.

Below is a description of the three courses comprising the Holistic Coach and Healer Certification Program. Together, they create a "Transformational Triad."

The courses focus in-depth on the three interactive lines of development: purpose, manifestation and self (heart of success). These courses are interconnected and synergistic for awakening to your true potential.

June ​12 -- September 2018

In this profound and practical course, you will learn how to prosper in the new economy, using holistic life coaching and spiritual life coaching for greater success.It also includes how to use SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) for rapid and long-term success. You will use Spiritual Kinesiology (an energy-healing process pioneered by the Mountroses) to connect with your inner guidance and eliminate interference.

This course can also help you specialize as a success coach and spiritual coaching/healing and more.

In these live, recorded sessions, you will learn:

  • ​The core Success Principles you need 
  • High Thymus/ High-Vibration approach
  • Powerful Checklists for success and analyzing strengths and weaknesses
  • NLP Reframing and Anchoring
  • Group and Societal Archetypes
  • Resolving Co-dependence and healthy boundaries
  • The 7 Levels of Healing
  • The Heart Focus Process and The Coaching Success Wheel
  • Organizing sessions and more...

October ​ 201​8 -- February 201​9​

Access your deeper identity as a spiritual being on an evolutionary journey, here with important lessons to learn and unique gifts to share. This course can also help you specialize in life transitions, career coaching, life purpose coach and spiritual counseling and more.

In these live, recorded classes, you will learn:

  • The Seven Stages of Spiritual Development
  • Life Purpose and Major Life Themes
  • Understanding Personality Traits from the Michael Teachings
  • Obstacles and Opportunities on the Spiritual Path
  • Common Problems and Solutions
  • Balancing Polarities (like masculine-feminine, body-mind, spiritual-earthly)
  • How to Conduct Ceremonies and Rituals
  • How to Teach Classes and Workshops
  • Addressing Core Issues with EFT and other modalities and more...

​February ​ 201​​9 -- ​June 201​9​

Learn how to raise your abundance set point, by helping yourself and others manifest better health, wealth, relationships and career.

This course focuses on fast and effective energy healing techniques, like Reframing and EFT, as well as hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It helps you to learn how to create from your heart’s genuine desires.

This course can also help you specialize in manifestation, law of attraction, helping entrepreneurs and releasing blocks from the past to move forward with your life.

  • Using EFT for Money and Forgiveness
  • The Money Wheel of Fortune and Wheel of Life
  • Reframing from the Soul
  • Goal setting and Ground Rules
  • Age regression and Inner Child Balancing
  • Hypnotic suggestions for deeper success
  • The Success Expansion Process and more…​

PLUS the Awakenings Institute Holistic Coaching and Healing Bonus Collection

How to Market Your Holistic Practice
9 hour Online Audio Program with handouts and valuable Bonus material.


Targeted Marketing Audio Downloadable Recordings on how to succeed professionally with your practice -- over 20 hours of leading-edge material and handouts ($295 value)

Once you register, hard-copy materials will be shipped to you so you can begin your studies right away, even before the classes start. Once registered, we will email you confirmation and further instructions.

Next Course Starts June ​12, 2018

Find out about the Early Enrollment Program 
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6. Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What if I am too busy to do the program?

Q: Is getting certified important?

Q: Do I have what it takes to be a coach/healer?

Q: Why get certified from Awakenings Institute?

Q: What can I do with my certification training?

Q: How long does the program take and do I need to take the courses in a particular order?

Q: Are there opportunities to meet fellow students?

Q: I'm already a coach/healer, will this be repetitive?

Q: Is there a payment plan?

Q: Is there a cancellation fee or non-refundable deposit?

Q: How soon can I start?

7. Here's more of what others are saying 

Jackie Kay
Women's Wealth Coach,
Montrose, CO

"I knew I wanted to be a life coach and also knew I would need to learn and grow to do so. I didn't realize, though, how quickly I could transform for the better. This program has really changed my life. I've grown by leaps and bounds. Now I have a new niche, quite unexpected, and have more than doubled my income from when I started as a massage practitioner and have become a speaker, life coach and empower women. So many miracles happening -- I'm really excited."

Anna Easter
Holistic Practitioner,
San Luis Obispo, CA

"I had initial concerns that the course might be too far out or maybe I wouldn’t like it. But it turned out to be a perfect fit!  And it was great being supported by like-minded people with similar values and interests.

Becoming a holistic practitioner embraced who I really was, and I have been able to bring myself out into the world with all that I learned. I am now able to help myself and others overcome stumbling blocks and become more comfortable and confident.”

​Liz Vassaux
​Owner/Coach at CrossFit Become
​​Gaithersburg, MD

"After completing this program a couple years ago, I realized that what I needed most was all the healing I experienced. Working daily with my lab partner in the program, we ended up becoming the best of friends to this day… A few years later, the Universe was ready for me to use what I learned in their course as a healer. ​I now have love, a successful enterprise, and I’m happy. I continued to learn and grow but that year of working with them laid the foundation for a great life. If you have the impulse to try it - do it!"

​Paula Edwards
​Nurse Educator,
San ​Mateo, CA

"​I loved the support and guidance this program gave me. I'm now more grounded and open to my possibilities going forward. I have a deeper connection with spirit and myself. I feel more empowered. ​I have taken command of my career and my life!"

Jay Horn
Nipomo, CA

"Besides the depth of tools and understanding I received, there was something else very valuable. The Mountroses themselves: their vision and how they model the profound life coaching and healing tools they taught.

The program was open and flexible -- plus had a step-by-step structure."

Kelly Laurendin​
Massage & Yoga School Director of Alabama
Healing Arts

"When I first came across this program I was quite financially strained and was actually not looking for a program, but a resource (like books, etc.) But I did feel "led" to this program.

Flash forward a year later after I had finished the course and now my prior issues of self-sabotage and confidence are a thing of the past. The processes in the program are invaluable and integrate well together. Most important is a clear and present, direct-access channel to my soul. As I connect more with my true self, I am more able to relate to others and fulfill my purpose."

John Fiore
Holistic Coach,
Point Pleasant, NJ

"This comprehensive program I believe should be a requirement for any holistic practitioner who works with people. In my other certification training, I did not get nearly as much valuable knowledge to be a practitioner as I did here. I never though I would have reached a level of peace as I now experience in my daily life. With anxieties and fears exponentially reduced and manageable, I'm free to explore my world knowing that so much is really possible."

Jeryl Anne Heatherdale
Holistic Healer,
Workshop Leader,
Crescent City, FL

"This ​program has pulled my 29 years on the spiritual path together, including so many modalities I've previously used. It's changed my life and what I thought was possible. The techniques I've learned here are profound yet easy and actually easy to apply.

Also, at first, I wondered whether the course would work by phone. Actually, it's helped me get phenomenal results with people who I have never met in person, both fellow students in the course and clients. The opportunity to give to people what I've learned in this program has meant everything to me."

RECAP: Here's What Is Included with Your Program 

  • 72 Live Training Sessions and Interactive Labs with Phillip & Jane Mountrose 
  • ​Recordings of each class plus PDF Handouts
  • Hard-Copy Professional Training Manual, CDS and DVDs
  • Interactive Exercises and Question & Answers for each Lesson
  • Awakenings Community: accountability partners and various ways to connect online and offline for support and developing personal and professional relationships
  • Bonus: 9-hour tutorial audios and handouts How to Build Your Holistic Practice plus 20 hours of how-to market audios and handouts
  • An attractive Holistic Coaching and Healing Certificate (suitable for framing) with all the confidence and competence that comes with it.

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Next Course Starts June ​12, 2018

Also, find out about the Early Enrollment Program 
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Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Awakenings Institute