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Isn't it time to boost your spirits and those you love.
EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques), called "a modern miracle," can relieve physical pain and negative emotions and so much more... 

This highly effective and versatile "tapping technique" can boost your mood in a natural way, sometimes in ways you can't even imagine...

Let EFT and our signature Getting Thru Techniques (GTT), which complement EFT and help you get better results, help you and those you love. Celebrate yourself and loved ones for the season.

Give EFT, the gift that just keeps on giving. Be of good cheer!


Heart and Soul of EFT Book Holiday Gifts: 
TWO unique and transformational EFT Hard-Copy Products bundled together!

1) Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond (paperback) 
by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

This book "is a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge in EFT and energy and spiritual healing, written in an easy-to-understand manner."

It will help you...

Know what to do when you are "switched." Learn what to do when you are disoriented or at a loss..  

Deal with the most common and devastating fears: the fear of getting well and fear of success.  

Find out about how any problem can be due to "energy toxins."  Included are 7 ways to address energy toxins and 2 checklists to identify and muscle test specific toxins. 

Know the 10 keys for being therapeutic when helping others. 

   Find out how to use the Magic Question. A simple but effective way to get clarity when EFT is not working..

Learn about what is often the missing ingredient in healing:  forgiveness. 

Learn the 7 Defense Patterns that we all have and how they are integral to healing. (Knowing this alone will give you a quantum leap in healing.)

Use 17 quick-reference charts, diagrams, and checklists for EFT, muscle testing, and holistic healing and more...


2) Answers to Your Most Important Questions - 2CD Set 
with Dr. Phillip Mountrose

Whether you're new to EFT or already an expert, you'll find lots of new information and important insights to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

This 2-CD Set provides a rare opportunity to have your burning questions and elusive issues answered... Sometimes you never know when you this will need this information, but when you do, you'll be glad you have it. 

Also includes tracks on How to Do EFT and how to do the Mountroses' Holistic Process. In this elegant Getting Thru Technique, you find the 4 levels of healing, to help get to the core and quickly resolve the  issue.


($49 value) :

These two how-to online videos show you step-by step how to...

  • Do the basics of EFT (a great introduction or review of the process)
  • Do the Mountroses' popular signature Miracle Reframe with EFT
  • Comes with a step-by-step instructions on how to do the Miracle Reframe Process with its special affirmation

You will get Instant Access to these special videos after your order. 

Heart and Soul of EFT Book

Book and 2 CDs plus Bonuses

Act now so you can Give the Gift of EFT to yourself and to those you love!

The Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond (hard-copy book) PLUS Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT (2-CD Set)

This special set includes...

1) The Heart and Soul of EFT book is an easy-to-read reference book on how to use EFT more easily and consistently. It also shows how to use EFT with other powerful techniques.. 

2) The Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT 2-CD set CDs gives you straightforward answers about EFT and Energy Healing that can save you years of misdirected time and energy!

($49 value): Get Instant Access to the How to Do EFT and Miracle Refame with EFT Videos

Heart and Soul with "Answers" Set: $29 
($41 value plus Bonuses)
Includes Heart and Soul of EFT Book, the 2-CD Set Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT... Plus EFT Video Bonuses.

   OR YOU CAN...  

Give a gift! Get 2 Sets of the above Special... Save more and Give more.

2 set: Heart and Soul EFT AND "Answers" Set: $49 
($83 value plus Bonuses)
Includes 2 COPIES of BOTH the Heart and Soul of EFT Book, and the 2-CD Set Answers to Your Most Important Questions About EFT... Plus EFT Video Bonuses

Also the 2-set gift comes with FREE SHIPPING!


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