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LEVEL 2 Holistic EFT Training Course for Home-Study Certification from Awakenings Institute

Unique, exclusive Level 2 EFT Training from Energy-Healing Experts 
Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose 

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Would you like to go deeper with an EFT Training Course (Emotional Freedom Techniques), to help yourself and others to be "fit for success"?

If you observe successful people, you notice how they are fit on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To be your best, and bring out the best in those you help, you too need to be fit for success.

The Level 2 Holistic EFT Certification Training is a unique training -- it covers key areas that people need to be vibrantly healthy. 
It's a systematic and  easy-to-follow course.

We have developed this course over 15 years, refining it and teaching the essence of the subject. It's time-tested, showing you what works and what to avoid -- plus the latest developments. It will help you...

  • be more confident

  • receive hands-on skills and knowledge to help a variety of clients

  • by having an attractive Level 2 EFT Practitioner Certificate suitable for display

"This program blends a holistic and intuitive approach. I would definitely recommend the training to others. Working with and learning from Phillip and Jane has been a gift. Their approach of assisting others to find their issues and helping them return to wholeness is wonderful." 

–Renee Grant, Information Systems Analyst, Hypnotherapist

What Is in this transformational Level 2 EFT Certification Training?  

As you may know, we (Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose) have created some of the most well-known books, videos and training programs using EFT and other effective modalities. We have been holistic practitioners and success coaches for two decades now. We are devoted to helping make the world a more caring, creative, collaborative and prosperous place. 

This EFT Course is multi-media (manual, audios and videos), which research has shown to be the best way to learn. So you will have a Professional Manual with essential information and step-by-step processes, along with audios and videos to make for ease of learning. In other words, it will be easy to remember what you learned and practiced.

You will explore in depth the many aspects of the healing journey, in particular, focusing on how EFT can help balance physical areas and create well-being. Here's a sampling of what you will learn how in this transformational EFT Home-Study training:

Resolving Trauma and Stress Release

Pain Management and Physical Well-being

Deepening approaches and tools on EFT and eliminating Sabotaging Beliefs

Muscle Testing and checklist for vibrant living

The Stages of Change

Enlisting the Body’s Ability to Heal

Enhancing Immunity and Well-being

Metaphors and Imagery for Getting Well

Dealing with Energy Toxins

Releasing Fears and Phobias

Dealing with Death, Dying and Grieving

Releasing Addictions, Smoking, Habits and Weight Issues

Setting up a Program to Change Habits and Addictions

and much more....

This course can also help you specialize in health coaching, diet coaching, weight/smoking/addiction-habit therapies. You can also integrate other healing and coaching tools you already have with this versatile, profound, easy-to-follow course. 

And the bottom line is you will have tremendous personal growth yourself by studying this unique, easy-to-understand material.

What does the Level 2 Holistic EFT Home-Study Course entail?

REQUIREMENT: Level 1 EFT Certification from Awakenings
(You can purchase both courses at once below, if you haven't already taken Level 1).

Like the Level 1 EFT Course, the Level 2 Training is easy-to-follow and very effective for learning and applying.

  1. Study the material.

  2. Log your practice hours

  3. Take an open book test.

  4. We will review your test and give you a final consultation (a valuable session in itself).

  5. Receive an attractive Level 2 Holistic EFT Practitioner Certificate

"This is the best thing I've ever done for myself." 

–Anna Easter, Artist, Holistic Practitioner 

"As a teacher, I've taken many classes -- this was truly one of the best.
I would definitely recommend this program because of the professionalism, organization, presentation, and the thoroughness of the curriculum."

--Beverly DeWitt-Moylan, Teacher for the Visually Impaired

Why is this EFT Training Course different and exceptional?

This 50 hour training program is carefully researched, tested and laid out. It takes about 6-12 weeks to complete.

You have the benefit of going at your own pace since it is a home study.

Here's another Big Reason this course stands out: it gives step-by-step Coaching Techniques to use with EFT. We wouldn't want to be without these powerful coaching questions and frameworks. They help clients to maintain the progress they made with EFT, as well as helping them reach their goals. (After you learn these coaching tools, we think you will be so glad you have them in your tool kit.)

You will receive other transformational healing modalities like Spiritual Kinesiology, which also wonderfully complements EFT, as well as stands alone.

Plus you will get targeted insights and tips from Exclusive Interviews with
EFT experts Eleanore Duyndam and Rick Wilkes.

What you receive in Your Level 2 EFT Home-Study Certification Training:

The Fit for Success Manual (hard-copy and online version) and corresponding 14 online audios

This well-tested and transformational course we used to teach live -- and the investment was $1095. Students loved the course!

You will receive a Manual plus accompanying audios. The professional, easy-to-read Manual you will receive in both a hard-copy 3-ring binder and online version. All the online class audios have been edited to make them even more concise and usable.
EFT Training Bonus Most Important Questions About EFT Audios Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT 2-CD set (hard copy)
You never know when you will need to know the answers to these questions and addressing elusive issues that come inevitably come up.
EFT Videos on the Reality Shift, Miracle Reframe, Being Fit for Success... Plus Using Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) and Muscle Testing

Two Exclusive EFT Insight Series interviews with Experts Rick Wilkes and Eleanore Duyndam. 

Rick Wilkes is a highly-articulate and compassionate EFT Trainer. Eleanore Duyndam is the Founder of EFT Online Radio. You will receive a wealth of insights and tools from these two experts... which you can immediately use to enhance your results and boost your confidence.


PLUS...Your Special BONUSES  

BONUS 1 The Holistic Approach to Eating ebook. by Jane Montrose

This easy-to-read ebook will give you a step-by-step, highly effective program that you can use with EFT. Download for immediate use
BONUS 2 Holistic Practitioners' Quickstart Marketing Workbook ($47 value) 

Get hands-on tools and strategies to succeed with your own business. This easy-to-read guide has 10 powerful checklists you can put to immediate use to transform your life, practice and the world. Download for instant instant access.
BONUS 3 Immediate access to all materials:

In addition to receiving the Fit for Success with EFT Manual in 3-Ring Binder plus hard-copy Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT 2-CD set, you will receive instant access to all of the materials online.

Plus Free Shipping!

 FREE SHIPPING on all orders to U.S. and Canada for a limited time

Save time, money and energy
. Take your Level 2 EFT Training Course from the convenience of home or anywhere. 

No travel or time-consuming, costly live weekend workshops that require you traveling to attend. 

With Awakenings Level 2 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Training, you'll receive...

1. The state-of-the-art Fit for Success with EFT Manual (Hard-Copy) and 14 Accompanying Online Audio Classes ($1095 Value) 

2. PLUS exclusive and targeted EFT Insights Series audio interviews with Eleanore Duyndam and Rick Wilkes; Answers  to the Most Important Questions about EFT 2-cd set (hard-copy); plus Reality Shift and Miracle Reframe EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology Videos ($125 value) 

2. Valuable Bonuses for immediate download: Holistic Approach to Eating ebook; Holistic Practitioners' Quickstart Marketing Handbook ($65 value)

3. A personal final consultation to give insight and closure to your course.($75 value)

4.. A beautiful Level 2 Holistic EFT Certificate upon completion you can display for your clients and feel proud about what you've accomplished for yourself (priceless)



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YES, ship to my door right away my Level 2 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification Course now! 

Note: You need to have completed the Level 1 EFT Certification Course from Awakenings before completing Level 2 EFT Home-Study Certification Course.

Take advantage to the introductory pricing. Here are the TWO OPTIONS to choose from:

OPTION 1: EFT Level 2 Home-Study Certification Course
includes all of Level 2 EFT Training -- Today only $297



OPTION 2: EFT Level 1 AND Level 2 Home-Study Certification Course  
includes all materials above...
plus Level 1 EFT Home-Study Course

Regular Tuition $564

(the above special savings is being offered for a limited time)


If you want to Add Mentoring to your order click button below...

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Three 20 minutes calls with Drs. Phillip & Jane Mountrose to get further support and depth.
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To the heart and soul of your success, 

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose 
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute 

PS., As noted, the basis of this unique, effective training came from our Fit for Success Telecourse. We previously charged $1095 for the Fit for Success manual and audios in our
4-month telecourse alone. And with the addtional audios, interviews and bonuses, the value is even greater.

Today it is at a very limited-time introductory offer. Take advantage of it while you can. Being fit for success with EFT is too important to ignore. Get started today.

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