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The Blessings of Interfaith Ordination

Many upcoming spiritual leaders are exploring interfaith ordination. Wanting to transcend the dogma that limits so many religious organizations, a movement is emerging to find a path for spiritual expression that provides an opportunity to share one’s spiritual gifts with freedom and integrity. The fact is that there are as many approaches to becoming a minister as there are religious organizations. Your job is to find the one that is right for you.

The definition of interfaith is “involving different faiths.” Many spiritual leaders are seeking more of a multi-denominational approach, which recognizes and honors the sacred truths behind all of the major religions. This is Awakenings’ orientation, which fosters unity rather than division and truth rather than dogma.

Is an Interfaith Approach Right for You?

An interfaith approach like Awakenings’ creates a space for anyone and everyone to participate. Awakenings approach is also holistic, recognizing that the spiritual journey involves the integration of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It honors truths originating both from external sources and sacred unity with the truth that resides within every individual.

Awakenings Headquarters creates the requirements for its ministers and performs ordinations of qualified individuals. Awakenings has chosen the terms Awakenings Minister, Interfaith Minister and Minister of Holistic Healing for its ordained members to encompass the wide range of integrated paths to wholeness and the use of a variety of spiritual processes for healing and well-being.

As suggested, you could describe it as an interfaith ordination, not being connected with any established denomination, or multi-denominational, in that Awakenings honors the truths in all religions.

Awakenings faced an interesting challenge. In the development of its Ordination Program, the question was how to create a program that provided both standards and freedom of spiritual expression. The approach was essentially holistic, integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. With this in mind, the program evolved with the goal that each minister’s unique approach to this integration could be freely interpreted in alignment with his or her ministerial vows.

A Unique Opportunity

As part of Awakenings Institute, each ordained minister adds richness to the organization through the sharing of his or her unique gifts, which can then offer a variety of opportunities to those who wish to participate in Awakenings’ offerings.

Does This Interfaith Approach Sound Right to You?

If so, Awakenings offers a uniquely flexible Ordination Program. A variety of spiritually and holistically oriented programs you have already taken from a variety of sources may qualify you for admission into the Ordination Program, with the approval of Awakenings Headquarters.

Courses you have already taken can qualify you to enter Awakenings’s Ordination Program. You do not need to have received previous training  from Awakenings Institute. Programs you have already taken in areas like spiritual counseling, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, hypnotherapy, holistic healing and holistic health practices, meridian-based approaches, and much more can qualify.

Our desire is to recognize your current expertise and add skills and information that we have found to be essential for ordination.

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