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Phillip and Jane Mountrose are pioneers in the fields of Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching, Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and spiritual mentoring and healing.

They have devoted more than three decades to exploring the fields of personal and spiritual growth, and sharing their discoveries. They have a talent for making spiritual and energy-healing matters easy to understand and practical.

* The Mountroses are the creators of gettingthru.org and co-direct Awakenings Institute. Awakenings is a non-profit organization serving a worldwide community from the Central Coast of California. Through Awakenings, the Mountroses are fulfilling their mission of helping to create a world where love is the guiding force and each person’s unique gifts are honored and nurtured.

* Phillip and Jane help people to awaken to their best possible lives and enlist their full potential through certification courses and programs, private consultations, publications, and more. They serve the worldwide community as Holistic Practitioners and Holistic Life Coaches, practicing as Ministers of Holistic Healing with Awakenings Institute.

* Phillip and Jane Mountroses’ Books include: Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT, Getting Thru to Your Soul and The Ultimate Paradigm Shift. Their newest book is The Loving Power of Your Soul.

* Here are some informative and inspirational Videos of Phillip and Jane teaching or sharing uplifting ideas:  Video page

* Podcasts and Summits/Conferences with Phillip and Jane.  With a depth of spirit, the Mountroses are engaging, informative and inspirational guests. They discuss spiritual development, holistic coaching and energy healing, life purpose and more. Here are some of their past appearances:

The Art of Intuition

Next Level Soul

Wisdom from North

The Gentle Yoga Warrior

The Vibes Broadcast

Dare to Dream

Deep Dialogues

Spiritually Inspired

Out of the Box

Here is some feedback from podcast/shows Phillip has appeared on:

“Phillip is very well prepared and he is a walking living example of his coaching. During the interview, he helped me to realize some big things about my life. Highly recommend!” — Body Is A Temple Podcast

“Phillip was a wonderful guest! So insightful and relatable. He has very practical advice to help the collective shift their mindset and connect to their soul.” — Chasing Spirituality Podcast

The Mountroses would be delighted to answer your questions and explore whether they are the right fit to help you take the next step on your journey.

Phone: 805-934-1238  (Call between 9 AM & 6 PM Pacific time)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8352, Santa Maria, CA 93456

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“There is no greater gift you can give
or receive than to honor your calling.
It’s why you were born.
And how you become most truly alive.”

  • Oprah Winfrey