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Powerful & Profound Approaches to Holistic/Spiritual Coaching & Healing with Holistic EFT & More...

Transformational courses & offerings from Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to creating a more loving world.

Your Greatest Opportunity

Are you here for a reason? Do you want to accelerate your spiritual growth and make a difference? Are you looking for a holistic/spiritual approach to coaching and healing with powerful tools and approaches that transform lives?

Maybe you're a budding holistic/spiritual coach, healer, or lightworker who's ready to realize your full potential. Maybe you’re in the health care field, a business person, artist, speaker, author, teacher or holistically minded seeker... Certification courses in Holistic Life Coaching and Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Holistic EFT and more can prepare you for a new career. Or it will enhance your work in your current profession. It will also accelerate your own spiritual growth and abilities.

Holistic Resource Kit

 You'll get instant access to: an enlightening excerpt from the book The Loving Power of the Soul, the empowering “Aliveness Checklist,” an uplifting video of the “Happy Tap” healing process with EFT, and more... 

Holistic EFT and Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Guidance Training Courses from Awakenings Institute

All of the courses and offerings on this website are provided by Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission of creating a more loving world where each individual's gifts are honored and nurtured. 

Awakenings' heart-centered Holistic EFT and Spiritual Coaching Training Courses further this mission of making the world a better place. Also learn how to greatly develop your own spiritual guidance to help yourself and others. These trainings have reached thousands of lives over more than twenty years now, with positive results.


Whatever you do now, courses that teach you the most effective holistic/spiritual approaches to EFT and coaching can make a dramatic difference for you, both personally and professionally. And certification can prepare you for the future your heart desires.

Why Consider Targeted Holistic/Spiritual Training?

A holistic approach is the way of the future - integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Here's what you need to grow: the right tools, knowledge and support ...

  • You have unique gifts and talents -- it's a matter of developing them with the right training and learning skills that will build your confidence so you can do more.
  • There is so much more to life than meets the eye to understand yourself and your reality. At Awakenings Institute, you can learn how to tap into a new depth of spirit, using precise Holistic EFT and Spiritual Coaching skills that produce profound, lasting results.

Holistic/Spiritual Coach and Healer Training Options

Awakenings Institute specializes in providing powerful and profound trainings for holistic/spiritual coaches, healers, lightworkers, and more.

Choose your next step from one of the following:

Holistic/Spiritual Coaching & Healing Live Online Certification with EFT

In-depth Coaching and Healing Certification Program -- live online training, with all classes recorded.

Personal Coaching and Healing Sessions

Would you like help eliminating what’s blocking your path? Get individualized help to save yourself time and energy...

Holistic EFT Online Certification Courses

Step-by-step training from holistic experts, Offered since 2004. Benefit from our experience and learn holistic EFT and more and go at your own pace.

Spiritual Guidance
Online Certification

Learn how to develop your intuition by connecting with angels, higher guides, the akashic records and special oracles.

Benefits of Studying at Awakenings Institute

Awakenings Institute is unique and deep in spirit. Students report experiencing significant results. They integrate powerful skills derived from Holistic Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuorlinguistic Programming), personal and spiritual growth, spiritual healing, intuitive development, and more. 

Courses also include detailed, easy-to-follow study materials by your instructors, Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose. These books, manuals, audios, and videos are valuable resources you can refer to for refreshers and continued learning year after year,

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose (Authors, Trainers, Coaches) are the Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute. The Mountroses have been active as researchers, teachers and published authors in the areas of spiritual development, holistic life coaching and healing with EFT and more for almost three decades. 

The Mountroses' passion in life revolves around helping their students and clients to overcome challenges, discover their purpose -- their reason for being alive -- and creating vibrantly wonderful lives. In addition to professional training, accelerated personal and spiritual development are central to their teachings. 

You, too, can be part of the change you wish to see in the world
and you can start now with your FREE "Resource Kit."

Holistic Resource Kit

 You'll get instant access to: an enlightening excerpt from the book The Loving Power of the Soul, the empowering “Aliveness Checklist,” an uplifting video of the “Happy Tap” healing process with EFT, and more... 

"How wonderful it is 
that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world."

-- Anne Frank