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Are you here for a reason? Do you want more depth, meaning and purpose in your life? ​Are you looking for a holistic/spiritual approach to life coaching and healing with EFT and more?

Whether you're in the health care field, a coach, ​business person, artist, speaker, author, teacher or holistically minded seeker... knowing how to use the most effective holistic/spiritual coaching and healing approaches can make all the difference.

Without the right tools and knowledge, you can truly be at a loss...

  • You have unique gifts and talents -- it's a matter of developing them and learning skills that will build your confidence so you can do more. And you can do it.
  • Learn how to tap into a new depth of spirit, using precise techniques that produce profound, lasting results.

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Create the life you truly want by eliminating the blocks that are holding you back. For over twenty years, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) have specialized in bringing spiritual wisdom and healing down to earth.

"Anything is possible and miracles can happen now"
--from Mountroses' Miracle Reframe Process

Awakenings Institute​​​​ specializes in a variety of solutions ...

Holistic/Spiritual Coaching & Healing Live Online Certification with EFT

In-depth Coaching and Healing Certification Program -- live ​online training, with all classes recorded.

Personal Coaching and Healing Sessions

Would you like help eliminating what’s blocking your path? Get individualized help to save yourself time and energy...

Holistic EFT ​Online Certification Courses

Step-by-step training from holistic experts, Offered since 2004. Benefit from our experience and learn holistic EFT and more and go at your own pace.

Spiritual Counselor
​Online Certification

Learn powerful skills with depth of spirit that you can use personally and professionally.

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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world." 
-- Anne Frank

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