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Awakenings’ ministers would love to help you. Many offer local classes and home study programs to provide in-depth information, along with personal and spiritual growth.

California, Central

San Luis Obispo Area

PHILLIP AND JANE MOUNTROSE, Senior Ministers and Founders, San Luis Obispo
Offerings include: EFT Home Study Certification Program, Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program with EFT, Home Study Spiritual Counseling Certification Program, and teleclass presentations. The main focus of their teachings is on the Coaching and Healing Certification Program, which includes four courses: Secrets of Joy and Fulfillment, Manifesting Your Dreams, Vibrant Ageless Living, and Discovering Your Life Purpose. Learn more at or contact

California, North

Bay Area

KATIE HERNANDEZ, Senior Minister and Founding Member, Brentwood
Katie is available to teach classes in nutrition, dowsing, and herbs.  For scheduling a class with Katie to come to your location, you can reach her at or email her at

Sacramento Area

MARION HAKATA, Senior Minister and Founding Member, Sacramento
Marion teaches
Isui Method of Natural Healing, Karuna Reiki Training, Raindrop and Reiki, Healing Oils of Ancient Time, Intuition and Essential Oils.  Learn more at or contact Marion at

KATIE HERNANDEZ, Senior Minister and Founding Member, Loomis
(See listing under Bay Area, Brentwood)

JEAN SLATTER, Senior Minister and Founding Member, Loomis
Jean offers the Creative Mystic Certification Program, a holistic healing modality and spiritual program intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness.  For more information, visit

MARY WITT, Senior Minister and Founding Member, El Dorado Hills
Through her classes, Mary facilitates self-discovery of the divinity within and the opening to the realization of the divinity and unity of all.  Mary offers classes for Meditation, Spiritual Awareness, Reiki, Angel Therapy, Self-hypnosis, Stress Management, Dowsing Tools, and Oracle Cards.  Learn more or contact Mary at

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Be sure to contact any of the ministers listed here with questions or for more information about their classes and courses.

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