Membership: How to Join Awakenings’ Heart Campaign and the Inner Circle

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Are you frustrated with the divisions that pull people apart and recognize that love is the solution?

If so, we invite you to join Awakenings Institute and one of its valued outreaches, the Heart Campaign.

Our Credo

As a non-denominational church for the spiritually-minded, Awakenings is holistic. Awakenings’ ministers serve members in accordance with the following credo:

The process of spiritual awakening unfolds through the integrated development of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual faculties. In this unfolding, every aspect of life becomes a religious experience as embraced in the temple of my being. I am performing a religious service when I consciously participate in this sacred process, with my congregation being myself and those who seek my assistance in their awakenings.

Serving others, for fee or gratuity, who seek my assistance in the pursuit of this religious experience, is both my commitment and my right, free from persecution. My services are supported by the Awakenings Institute in agreement with the Constitution of the United States. Membership in the Awakenings Institute will be denied or revoked if I interfere with or injure the rights of others, perform criminal acts, or practice medicine without a license. My service, whether for fee or gratuity, is limited to the areas for which I have been qualified.

What is Awakenings’ Heart Campaign?

Awakenings’ Heart Campaign was created as a place of belonging for heart-centered people who want to remind ourselves and the world around us that love is the solution. As Helen Keller noted:

“The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched,
they must be felt with the heart.”

Love can change lives and the purpose of the Heart Campaign is to be a part of the change. Anyone can join the Heart Campaign as a volunteer “love ambassador” and share the message of love with the world. The more the merrier! Together, we can become a force for change, not just for an evening or a day, but for every day of the year.

The Heart Campaign is specially designed to make it easy to participate.

First, focus on love, gratitude, kindness, and joy. There are a lot of personal benefits. It’s great for your health and even better for your spirit.

Then you can amplify the love by sharing images and posts from The Heart Campaign on facebook to help them to go viral.

If desired, you may also be able to find creative ways to share the message of love with your family, friends, and local community. You could, for instance, invite them to join you in The Heart Campaign and share messages of love with their facebook friends.

Just imagine. Together, we can become “Love Ambassadors” and be part of the change we so desperately want to see in the world. it only takes moments a day to make a difference in The Heart Campaign.

What is the Benefit of Becoming a Member of Awakenings’ Inner Circle?

Awakenings Institute has an Inner Circle of dedicated members who share its vision of creating a more loving world one heart at a time. Members of the Inner Circle gather in small, intimate groups for one hour each week with a focus on love. These gatherings support members in opening their hearts and sharing the love they generate together in simple ways as they go about their daily lives.

The Inner Circle provides a special opportunity for likeminded individuals to be part of the change we wish to see in the world. We open to new possibilities by participating in one-hour weekly gatherings using Zoom Conference, which you can find on the internet. Access to these gatherings is available by phone or internet for English-speaking individuals anywhere in the world.

Inner Circle Gatherings have four objectives:

1. Uplift one another with guided visualizations and by sharing heartfelt insights and ideas.

2. Broadcast love energetically to the many places where it is needed in the world as part of the meetings.

3. Find simple ways to share the message of love directly in our local communities in simple ways as we go about our normal activities.

4. Support the growth of the Inner Circle by inviting friends to join the community.

The weekly gatherings are limited to one hour to respect each member’s time. We want to make it easy for members to integrate our activities into their schedules.

These one-hour gatherings support the expanding heart of the Inner Circle. In honor of our loving mission, members agree to do our best to bring our brightest light to share. We express ourselves lovingly, honestly, and authentically from our hearts and focus on the uplifting nature of our reason for coming together.

These gatherings are mindfully designed to meet the four objectives in a time-tested format that members find to be deeply fulfilling. To allow everyone to have time to share, the Inner Circle functions as small groups that grow, divide, and multiply much as cells grow, divide, and multiply to produce something greater than themselves.

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in supporting the creation of a more loving world, this is a unique opportunity. To maintain a high quality of members, gatherings of the Inner Circle is a held as a sacred activity.

To begin, please follow the “I Want to Join!” link below to complete the Membership Information Form.

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