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Step 1 of 2: Ordination Program — Introduce Yourself

Thank you for your interest in Awakenings’ Ordination Program. You have taken your first step toward ordination.

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Great! Your next step is to introduce yourself to Awakenings Institute’s founders, directors, and lead ministers –  Phillip and Jane Mountrose. 

STEP 1 OF 2:
Please complete the Questionnaire below (Step 1), then go to the tuition checkout page (Step 2).

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF USING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE. Please answer all of the questions thoughtfully. Awakenings’ Administrative Office reads each Introduction Form and your responses become part of your evaluation for Ordination.

2. SUBMIT THE COMPLETED FORM. When you press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form, you will be sent directly to the Tuition Page. Your completed form will be delivered instantaneously to Awakenings’ Administrative Office.

3. PAY YOUR TUITION. When your payment is received through Awakenings’ Secure Electronic Payment Service, you will have immediate access to your Ordination Resource Page and you can start your Ordination Journey.

Just think. You can start the Awakenings Ordination Program today! There is no time like the present to commit to your future and you can complete your Introduction Form right now. Phillip and Jane will be delighted to meet you through your introduction and get you started.

Introduce yourself below …

Please fill out this introduction carefully completely, so we can learn a bit about you and your goals. 
Your thoughtful responses will help you get clearer about what you want, so we can serve you better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you submit the above questionnaire, you will be taken to the Checkout Page. Be sure to make your payment on this page to complete the application process.

To you and the person you are becoming,

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

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