Your Generous Donations

Awakenings Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization that has been approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service to receive tax deductible donations. The institute is funded by the generous support of its members and others who seek to help further its purposes.

Donations in support of Awakenings mission of creating a world where love is the guiding force an the unique gifts that each individual brings are honored are greatly appreciated. You can now make your tax deductible donation with a secure payment through Paypal over the internet. Just click on this button:

If you prefer to donate by check or want to contact Awakenings to discuss your contribution, refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page.

A Glimpse of the Future

Awakenings is currently seeking to obtain facilities along the central California coast to create a Holistic Healing Center. It is envisioned as a peaceful environment where all are welcome to come for rejuvenation, and/or to attend a variety of classes and retreats, along with housing Awakenings’ administrative facilities.

A tax-deductible donation of suitable land or facilities would be most welcome and would contribute positively to the support of many people on their evolutionary journeys.


Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose would be happy to answer any questions you have about Awakenings Institute, its programs, and ways that you can participate.

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