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Is an Interfaith Ordination Program Right for You?

Wondering if an Interfaith Ordination Program is right for you?

If you can say yes to most or all of these ten questions, Awakenings’ Interfaith Ordination Program for the spiritually-minded might be what you have been seeking.

1. Are you looking into the possibility of becoming an ordained minister to provide spiritual guidance, healing, and support?

2. Would you like to complete your studies at home and on your own schedule?

3. Do you want to be part of a spiritual community built on a foundation of unconditional love and honoring of the magnificence of each individual?

4. Do you have a minimum of 200 hours of religious/spiritual training and expertise that you believe demonstrates that you have the expertise to serve as an ordained minister?

5. Are you interested in a program that allows you to express your religious beliefs as you understand them rather than having to follow a fixed doctrine?

6. Are you prepared to address any internal blockages that could interfere with your ability to serve as an ordained minister?

7. Do you also recognize and honor the higher truths that unite all of the world’s religious traditions?

8. Do you believe that people of all faiths and nationalities are in a process of awakening to their magnificence as spiritual beings?

9. Do you view your role as a minister as helping those you serve to reach for a higher way of being?

10. Do you hold a higher vision for humanity as a whole and support its transformation into a higher way of being?

If you answered “yes” to most or all these questions, you may be ready to begin.

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Not Sure What is an Interfaith Ordination Program?

It’s a program you can take to become a legally ordained minister in the United States. We would say it’s the way of the future. A spiritually-minded interfaith program honors the profound wisdom that unites rather than spiritual traditions with a common understanding of the blessings these traditions offer.

We are saddened that religious faith divides so many people and causes such conflict in the world. As more people embrace an approach that honors the beliefs of every person of faith in a spirit of love and kindness, the world can become a better place. This is the essence of Awakenings’ mission, helping to create a more loving world where the unique gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured.

We all matter and the contributions we make as individuals is our vote for the world we seek to create. We invite you to share your spiritual gifts and your mission of making the world a better place in the way that feels uniquely right for you.

To the heart and soul of your success,

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Founding Directors

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