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Who Wants Holistic Degree Programs and Why?

Are you interested in receiving a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate holistic degree for abilities you have or are developing as a Holistic/Spiritual Practitioner?

You probably have highly effective skills that receive very little recognition in traditional universities. In their eyes, you may feel that you hardly exist. This can change. As a person with a specialized education who provides a valuable service to your community, holistic degrees provide the recognition you deserve.

Awakenings Institute has a solution that represents a new paradigm in education. Awakenings is a non-profit religious organization with a holistic perspective and a holistic university. From its inception, it has fostered innovative programs that promote an enlightened philosophy and set of values. Its holistic degree programs are an important element of Awakenings’ mission.

They provide unique opportunities for holistically-oriented people to receive recognition for the enormous value of their achievements in their fields through earning Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Divinity degrees.

This holistic/spiritual university furthers Awakenings’ purpose of integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Its unique program is the latest generation of a pioneering effort in alternative higher education that began in 1968, so it may be considered to be 32 years old even though its name is relatively new.

The Foundation for Awakenings Institute in Holistic/Spiritual Education

A contemporary foundation for Awakenings’ Divinity Degree Programs was laid in 1964, when the elementary and secondary departments in Harvard’s School of Education and the Union for Research and Experimentation in Higher Education began to develop innovative and alternative programs. Awakenings Institute has joined forces with the movement for alternative education to provide an opportunity for holistically and spiritually oriented individuals to be acknowledged for their educational experiences.

Awakenings’ Educational Mission Statement

The Awakenings Institute serves a spiritual learning community in ways consistent with humanistic educational philosophy and psychology. Awakenings places individuals at the center of their own learning processes in relation to all aspects of life.

Guiding principles and Values:

• Every individual is in a unique and complete being on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

• Freedom of individual expression is an inherent intellectual and spiritual birthright.

• Learning is a lifelong process.

• Lifelong learning is both a right and a responsibility that cannot be ignored without denying life at its root.

• Active, cooperative, interdisciplinary learning is an integral part of one’s evolutionary journey through life.

• Everyone deserves equal access to advanced educational degrees.

• Equality and diversity are actively fostered in regard to race, sex, class, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and different abilities.

• The community is honored as a valuable resource for learning.

• Relevant life experience is a valid, credit-worthy part of academic degree programs.

• Lifelong learning allows shorter enrollment periods for each degree level.

• Theory, practice, and critical understanding must be integrated to provide a holistic assessment of learning experiences.

• The relationship between learners, mentors, and provosts (guides) functions best in an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect, including power-balanced dialogues that nurture individual and interpersonal growth.

• Academic degrees, learning, and life itself are essentially spiritual/religious experiences, in harmony with each individual’s personal beliefs.

• Human diversity, pluralism, and all nonviolent belief systems are honored in accordance with the dream of the Awakenings Institute.

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Want to Know How You Can Get Started?

Awakenings recognizes that your spiritual unfolding and educational goals are unique. We would be happy to discuss whether the degree programs are right for you.

Awakenings offers a free personal consultation and University E-Information Packet that describes the University Programs in detail. If you are interested in more information, please contact Awakenings to schedule your consultation.

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