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  • What is Awakenings Institute?
  • Why was Awakenings Institute created?
  • I value my independence and don’t want to belong to a group, especially anything to do with religion. How can I relate to Awakenings Institute?
  • Is Awakenings Institute a religion?
  • Is becoming a minister just some kind of “tax dodge”?
  • Can you be part of another church or group and still be a member or minister with Awakenings?
  • How do you avoid dogma compromising your organization?
  • What is a minister of holistic healing?
  • What is the role of Awakenings Institute in the future?


What is Awakenings Institute?

Awakenings Institute is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that has been approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service to receive tax deductible donations as a Religious Ministry. The institute is funded by the generous support of its members and others who seek to help further its purposes. It’s home office is in Central Coast California.

Why was Awakenings Institute created?

Awakenings was born with the dream of helping to create a world where love is the guiding force and where the unique gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured. 

Its Founding Directors, Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose, view the realization of this dream as their mission in life. Both of the Mountroses were ordained as Ministers of  Holistic Healing in 1996. Over the years they learned a lot about the form and substance of being a minister and running an organization. For a while they considered leading the other religious non-profit organization, but as things turned out, they thought it would be truer to where they were being led to form their own organization, consistent with their dream:

Imagine a world where unconditional love is the guiding force, where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect, where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom, to manifest the joy of living in each moment…

Imagine a world where all of nature is also honored, so all may live in harmony and share an increasingly vibrant and beautiful environment…

What we imagine we can create, starting in this moment. This vibrant world will come into being as each of us empowers ourselves to live the dream now and share it with others. Playing a part in the creation of this dream is the mission of Awakenings.

Thus the Mountroses formed a new organization, Awakenings Institute, since they that felt there was a profound niche to fill and could not find anyone else quite filling it, so they chose to create Awakenings Institute. The Mountroses diligently did all the legal submissions, with state and federal governments, thoroughly researched being a minister, and developed a high-quality ordainment program that could be taken from anywhere, since the consultations are done by phone. Awakenings started ordaining people in 2006.

They have been delightfully surprised at the wonderful response they have already received from so many uplifting people. As more dynamic and varied individuals participate in Awakenings Institute, the resonance grows richer and more diverse.

I value my independence and don’t want to belong to a group, especially anything to do with religion. How can I relate to Awakenings Institute?

Rather than restricting individual freedom and choice, Awakenings Institute deliberately expands it. Awakenings values each person’s individual path. So it helps individuals find ways to spiritually progress and achieve their goals. Awakenings Institute is not interested in creating obedient followers. Instead, with the support of the organization, people find they are more aligned with what they really want to do. Individuals can then act confidently with greater freedom, creativity, and independence.

One needs an open mind to understand what Awakenings is doing, since it has drawn from higher truths to offer a new vehicle for awakening and helping others. Trying to pigeonhole Awakenings into previous forms of religion and spiritual groups can sidetrack you from understanding the real opportunity the organization presents. Something akin to putting new wine into old wineskins. Awakenings Institute doesn’t follow a conventional format like traditional churches or alternative churches. Yet it has to have a structure to function successfully.

Awakenings is creating a worldwide spirituality community based on holistic healing and following your soul’s guidance. We are a legal non-profit religious organization, which means we have the benefits and rights bestowed by law, coming from this country’s (United States) separation of church and state.

Awakenings’ integral vision incorporates many spiritual approaches, both traditional and alternative. It has created a new opportunity for people to express their spirituality and further their deeper purpose in life. Awakenings expresses itself through e-newsletters, meetings, teleseminars and teleconferences, spiritual retreats and potlucks, ceremonies, various healing modalities, and group healings and classes. See the Awakenings E-News for more information.

Awakenings provides a wonderful place and opportunity for those who want to strengthen their spiritual identity. In the process, people associate with like-minded people and create more peace, harmony, and a higher vibration in the world. Awakenings welcomes people from diverse backgrounds to participate in its organization. By associating with Awakenings Institute, people generally find their deeper sense of freedom and purpose is considerably advanced.

Is Awakenings Institute a religion?

Awakenings embraces all kinds of spirituality and the core truths embodied in the major religions. It avoids dogma from whatever source it may stem. It’s goal is to grow a worldwide spiritual community based on love and compassion, soul guidance and holistic healing. It welcomes people from different backgrounds and seeks to have an integral approach to spirituality. Religion is simply organized spirituality. The U.S. Government confers rights to religions as part of its constitutional separation of church and state. So in that regard, Awakenings Institute is on the religious side of the equation.

Is becoming a minister just some kind of “tax dodge”?

Although you are legally entitled to tax advantages by being a minister, that is not the reason to become one. As described in this page and throughout this website, Awakenings is a worldwide spiritual community for people who want to create a better world, based on love and cooperation. Through using a holistic approach to help people, Awakenings Institute and its ministers help people to understand themselves and achieve their dreams and goals. Awakenings Institute has no interest in “dodging” the IRS. Awakenings is a legitimate non-profit religious organization. We are fine with the IRS, and they are fine with us.

Can you be part of another church or group and still be a member or minister with Awakenings?

Yes, we are not an exclusive organization and find different forms of spirituality can fit well with Awakenings.

How do you avoid dogma compromising your organization?

We have a board of directors who help establish the direction of Awakenings. By getting many people’s input, with a high priority of avoiding dogma and rigidity, we have checks and balances. Our newsletter and Awakenings Minister’s Handbook also reflect our integrative, holistic approach. Awakenings promotes the paradigm of both collaboration and flexible hierarchy. You need a structure, yet Awakenings invites everyone to participate.

What is a minister of holistic healing?

That is the primary designation of those we ordained, although other alternative titles are possible. It reflects our soul-centered, holistic-healing approach to ministry.

What is the role of Awakenings Institute in the future?

Awakenings Institute provides an emotional and energetic support for people who want a more soul-based life that focuses on fulfilling their spiritual purpose in life. This supportive environment is rarely found in society today. Awakenings will continue to expand ways to strengthen people’s character and purpose, realizing that individual accomplishment can be more easily achieved with group support. In turn, many people from all walks of life can benefit.

Awakenings Institute is committed to establishing a resonance for people to easily release limiting beliefs and heavy thought forms. As a result, people can follow their heart’s deeper guidance and express the music inside of them.

We are establishing a societal presence, so we can make the world a more loving and harmoniously connected place. Currently, many alternative-minded people are disenfranchised and have little voice in society. Thus many people, with much talent and wisdom, can feel powerless. In effect, they often react to what they don’t want– misuse of power, corruption, hypocrisy, exclusiveness — without expressing what they do want. By coming together with a soul-centered, holistic-healing approach, our voices can be more clearly heard and we will connect with other like-minded organizations.

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