Three Essential EFT Training Exercises

Are you studying the EFT techniques? Here are a few EFT training exercises that can make a huge difference.

Are you learning EFT? Are you thinking about using these amazing techniques to create a professional practice? The fact is that all the books you can read won’t qualify you to be an EFT Practitioner. But here are three simple EFT training practices that can help.

The secret to become an effective EFT professional is to master various skills so you can become successful in many situations. This takes practice.

What is the EFT Technique?

If you haven’t heard about EFT, you’re in for an eye opener that could shift everything. EFT is a set of surprisingly fast and effective techniques that just about everybody can use to clear painful emotions. As unbelievable as it may be, EFT frequently works in a few moments by simply tapping on a series of specific places on your upper body.

The idea that tapping on a few points can make huge differences is one of the amazing elements about ”tapping”.

This method, which you can do in a few minutes, can elicit changes with just about any emotion and in some cases, with physical problems as well. EFT has proved to be helpful with fear, phobias, loss, anger, performance anxiety, stress, weight management, money issues, and even more.

How can you become effective?

1. Learn the techniques from a skilled practitioner with a history of success. Take the time to learn all the techniques by yourself until they are natural and easy to perform. This will build your confidence and at the same time, you will have an opportunity to clear a bunch of stuck emotions along the way.

2. Pick a specific subject where you could assist others. While EFT is amazingly helpful with a broad range of problems, you can be more effective by focusing on a single topic where you sense you can be the most helpful. Pick an area where you have made changes in your life that you can explain to others.

Create a written plan for how you would approach that particular challenge. For instance, if you would like to create a program for stress management, what ingredients would you incorporate in your approach to your clients? A structure will allow you to make the best use of your consultations and optimize your results.

Ask yourself these questions:

* What are the essential ingredients in a session or series of sessions for this issue?

* How many sessions would you recommend for the typical client?

* What areas would you focus on in these sessions?

* What would you ask your clients to do at home to continue to change their lives for the better?

3. Find some people with the problem you want to specialize in and hone your skills with them. Don’t know where to find them?

There may already be a group in your community that helps these people. One option is, where people meet up on practically any subject. And if you can’t find a group on your subject, all you have to do is create one. In a short time, you could have access to a number of individuals who are seeking the exact solutions you want to offer.

An added benefit of a meetup group is that you may be gathering a list to contact when you are done with the EFT training. They may follow through as clients and/or recommend you to others when the time comes for you to start your professional practice.

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