Sacred ceremonies and celebrations provide opportunities to bring deeper meaning to the important events and milestones in our lives. Awakenings’ Ministers offer a wide range of ceremonies.

California, Central

San Luis Obispo Area

PHILLIP MOUNTROSE, Senior Minister and Co-founder, San Luis Obispo
Phillip is available to plan and officiate over weddings, memorials, and other ceremonies and celebrations. He brings depth and expansiveness to these experiences, helping participants to experience divine order and to understand the deeper meanings behind the important events that define their lives. With love and compassion, Phillip can help you to arrange the ceremony of your choice.  Learn more at www.gettingthru.org or contact phil@gettingthru.org.

California, Northern

Bay Area

KATIE HERNANDEZ, Senior Minister and Founding Member, Brentwood
Katie is available to officiate at weddings.  For scheduling, email her at Katie@Awakening2Health.com

Sacramento Area

MARY WITT, Senior Minister and Founding Member, El Dorado Hills
Mary seeks to assist others identify, define and explore life’s soul purpose.  She does this by creating an environment where individuals have the opportunity to feel safe and accepted during their journey.  The services she offers are:  Official at Weddings; House Blessings/Clearings; Ceremonies for Special Occasions:  Anniversaries, Coming of Age Celebrations, Life Changes; Birthing and Crossing-over Support.  For scheduling, contact her at MaryWitt.com.

California, Southern

Los Angeles Area

BIRLMARTIN, Senior Minister of Holistic Healing, Diamond Bar
As an ecumenical minister, Birl works with all kinds of couples and marriage circumstances. He officiates at many wedding ceremonies that take place outside the context of any specific religion. His heart looks past any differences in race, creed, color, situation or circumstance, and he wildly applauds people for caring so deeply for each other. Learn more at Birl Martin.com or contact Birl@BirlMartin.com.

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