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What is The Power of the Heart?

Everyone knows the heart is an essential organ in the human body. But do we understand the true power of the heart? We would say no. We would also say the heart is probably the most undervalued resource we have for realizing our full potential and living life to the fullest.

The True Power of the Human Heart

Why do images of hearts make us feel so good? Beyond pumping blood through the body, the heart holds power most of us don’t know we have. We commonly talk about “getting to the heart of the matter” and “following my heart,” but rarely consider what this means.

In the spiritual traditions of India, the heart is regarded as the doorway to our essential and ultimate nature, the Supreme Consciousness, what many in western philosophies refer to as the “seat of the soul.”

Secrets of the Heart’s True Power

The true power of the heart is like a secret hidden in plain sight.

We discovered its miraculous potential during some challenging times when we didn’t know where to turn. Maybe you’ve been there, too. It can feel like life is passing you by, which is not a good place to be.

Fortunately, we were directed to explore the power of the heart and our lives have never been the same. Now, our most important focus is on helping others to tap into the love and happiness that more often than not lie hidden in our hearts.  

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It’s no coincidence that the heart resides in the center of our being, sharing our life blood with every cell of the body. Some also call the heart the spiritual bridge and we would agree. The heart is the bridge a new way of being.

Through the love that lights an awakening heart, we can open to our full human potential. What could be more powerful?

This is the place where we discover our value, our purpose, and our connection with everyone and everything. Through the wisdom we find in our hearts, we can tap into a higher understanding of ourselves, our human potential, and what is right for us individually and collectively.

Tremendous benefits, wouldn’t you say? Buddha was a believer when he said:

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

This sounds impressive, but do we really know it’s true? We may sense the value of love and science is making some tremendous breakthroughs in this area.

The Science of the Heart

Science is proving what wisdom traditions throughout the world have passed down to use through the ages. Recent research at the Heartmath Institute has shown that as our hearts become clear, filling with love and gratitude, amazing things happen. Our heart rhythms shift, bringing the whole body into a new state of harmony.

Opening the heart reduces stress and relaxes the organs, producing positive effects that even offset the effects of aging. As you may know, stress is a killer, and the love and happiness we hold in our hearts have an opposite effect. Clear, loving hearts also engage the higher cognitive functioning of the brain and increase intuitive awareness.

Finding that it possesses a complexity that exceeds that of the brain, science is even exploring the heart as a second brain. The profound nature of the heart is another place where we can recognize that there is much more to life than most of us realize.

Albert Einstein, an undeniably wise man, once said:

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel
with their own hearts.”

Isn’t it a relief to consider the possibility that your greatest and most important inner resource is readily available in the love that resides in your heart, at the center of your being? The heart simply knows…

The Power of the Heart as Our Most Important Resource

This perspective on the heart full potential is not just theoretical. It’s a real-life phenomenon you can experience for yourself, as countless others have. When you’re stressed and confused because you can’t figure out what’s right for you, you may feel lost. You’re not in a resourceful state for creating the life you desire. You’re out of touch with the center of your being, which understands what’s right for you. It’s like your inner compass.

Maybe you’ve felt this way, as most of us have. In a very real sense, it’s heartbreaking. Many people have this kind of experience at pivotal times in their lives when they sense that something is missing or something just feels wrong. The heart speaks to us at such times. You might find yourself saying, “My heart just wasn’t in it” or “my head said yes but my heart said no.”

We tend to go through these experiences without any understanding of what this might mean. Regardless, we feel right when we say “I have to follow my heart.”

When people open to love and start to follow their hearts, their lives often change in dramatically positive ways. As we nurture a deep connection with our hearts, we recognize that the heart is quite literally our source of life energy. As Mahatma Gandhi observed:

Where there is love, there is life.”

It is also the place within us that values the well-being of those around us and the planet as a whole. Love is connectedness. Together, we can change the world in wonderful ways.

Learning to live from the love we hold in our hearts is a transformative leap in our development. Most people still look outside themselves for truth and direction in their lives. This changes as we connect with the truth of who we are and why we are here, which we find in our hearts.

Oprah Winfrey said:

“I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity
to choose love over fear.”

The Heart as the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

In uncertain times, you may feel helpless in relation to generating change. It can be disempowering and it isn’t true. Each of us matters and you matter. You can make a difference.

For many, the simple sense of well-being that emerges from their opening hearts brings new life. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. With this inner compass, we can see that we are all built to be resilient and bounce back up when life gets us down.

On a broader scale, we are also built to love others as we love ourselves. The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” – may be the most profound principle known to humankind.

In his masterpiece, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Napoleon Hill described the Golden Rule as “the Guiding Star.” It’s not surprising that the Golden Rule is a fundamental value for most of the spiritual and philosophical traditions worldwide.

What the Heart Tells You About Yourself

As the center of our being and our inner compass, the heart understands that each of us is a wonderful human being with something special to offer. The heart teaches us to simply love ourselves unconditionally, without judgment or conditions.

Each of us is in the perfect place to open our hearts more fully and benefit from its love. What an amazing resource! As we learn to follow the callings of our hearts, we see how the heart opens us to the desire for greater life. We are all here to live fully and grow. As William Blake observed:

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would
appear as it is, Infinite.”

Love is the Solution

When we open the doors to the love and the joy we hold in our hearts, the whole world benefits. Love truly is the solution. This brings us to the dream of Awakenings Institute, the non-profit organization that created this website:

Imagine a world where love is the guiding force,
where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect,
where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom,
to manifest the joy of living in each moment…

Imagine a world where all of nature is also honored,
so all may live in harmony and share an increasingly vibrant
and beautiful environment…
What we imagine we can create, starting in this moment.

This vibrant world will come into being as each of us empowers ourselves
to live the dream now and share it with others.
Playing a part in the creation of this dream is the mission of Awakenings.

In this dream, there is no poverty, because everyone is nurtured and loved. This love also eliminates the focus on fear and separation as we bridge the divisions created by race, creed, and national borders to co-exist together in harmony. The environment synchronously benefits everyone, as people all over the world shift their focus to a more holistic approach that creates balance rather than congesting our home planet with chemicals and toxic fumes.

Increasing our connections with our wholeness, which we may experience as God, the Creator, Source or simply Oneness, brings us closer to making this dream a reality. We have an inherent connection with divine order. As we evolve spiritually, we unite more with our inner wisdom, which, in turn, strengthens our connection with all-that-is. This evolutionary quest is an upward spiral, lifting us to higher levels of awareness and wholeness.

With love, we can change the world.

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