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What is Spiritual Energy Healing?

Spiritual energy healing is a mystery. It utilizes spiritual energy, which is arguably the most powerful energy for healing, to improve one’s life in potentially miraculous ways.

To many people, spiritual energy healing seems like a far out idea that has no practical application in real life. Having experienced the power of spiritual energy first hand, we see it differently.

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With more than thirty years devoted to exploring human potential and spiritual energy healing, our discoveries have transformed our lives. The techniques we have developed have likewise transformed the lives of countless others. What, then, is the truth?

The Truth About Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual energy healing builds on the understanding that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Fear and anger feel much different than love and happiness. Wouldn’t you agree?

This understanding changes lives. Fear and love vibrate at different frequencies with different possibilities. One is restrictive and one is expansive.

The key with spiritual energy healing is substituting a frequency that’s restrictive with one that’s expansive. This makes practical sense and we would also say this is how miracles happen. Albert Einstein seemed to agree when he said this:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

You can explore the free resources on this site now to learn ways to use spiritual energy healing to improve your life.

The Secret to Success with Spiritual Energy Healing

Our approach is holistic – integrating the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Holistically, everything is also connected, so physical challenges also have emotional, mental and spiritual components that need to be cleared to achieve complete healing.

Here’s the secret. The spiritual level is the deepest level of healing, so spiritual healing affects the mind, emotions, and body as well.

It doesn’t work the other way around, which highlights the limitation of physical healing and conventional approaches to healing. Physical healing leaves imbalances in the emotions, mind and spirit in place. Since the healing is incomplete, this opens the possibility the physical condition will recur.

It’s becoming more widely recognized now that many physical conditions are related to stuck energy in the form of restrictive emotions like fear, stress, anxiety, and the like. The holistic model also highlights the fact that the mind and spirit are likewise restricted.

We describe restrictions in energy or life force as restrictions in “aliveness.” We’re all here to live fully and grow. This means we’re here to feel good and excited about where we’re going.

Everything has meaning from a spiritual perspective.

Isn’t this a beautiful thought? Even when a physical condition is the result of an accident or has a hereditary or environmental component, it may be understood to be a step on an evolutionary journey.

As Dr. Christine Page mentioned in her book Frontiers of Health: From Healing to Wholeness:

“ … true care must include the activities of the mind and the soul. The physical body is purely a vehicle for the soul and the spirit. Treating one aspect in isolation from the others will lead to an incomplete cure, although on a physical level the patient may appear healed.”

It’s easy to see that the body has an inherent desire to return to its natural state of well-being. When we cut ourselves, the cut heals over time. When we get a cold, the body generally restores its natural state of well-being in a week or so.

No one can do this healing in the body’s place, not even a medical doctor. A doctor can only help the body to help itself. We want this too, with the added goal of taking the healing process deeper to facilitate emotional, mental, and spiritual expansion.

Holistically, healing at the spiritual level shifts energy patterns that affect all levels, including the spirit, mind, emotions, and body. This reveals new possibilities for total well-being that may go beyond anything you may have experienced before. And this is where miracles happen – bringing spirit into form.

Confirmations in the Latest Science

Science and spiritual principles that have come down to us through the ages are coming together now. According to recent scientific discoveries, everything is composed of fields of energy, or “morphic fields.” Sound familiar?

These morphic fields are like realities unto themselves. They contain the thoughts and feelings that become reflected in our experience as well-being or restrictions to well-being.

Each organ or part of the body has its own focus and energetic field. As an example, the stomach relates to digesting. When we say “I can’t stomach this situation,” in essence we are saying we cannot digest or take in the experiences that life is bringing our way.

Similarly, the legs relate to moving forward. When we say something like “I’m frozen in my tracks,” we’re saying that something is preventing us from moving freely forward.

When the field of energy (morphic field) related to any specific emotion or area of the body is restricted, this restriction can filter down into our ability to feel happy and fulfilled, and even into the body as disease.

Spiritual energy healing creates the possibility of shifting a restricted field of energy into a field where well-being can flow more freely on all levels – in body, emotions, mind, and spirits.

The results of spiritual energy healing can be dramatic and at times almost instantaneous.

Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques

Over the years, we have studied, and in some cases developed, a variety of holistic techniques like Holistic EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology, and more. These techniques explore the ways everything about us is connected and how to heal with spiritual energy.

We call our latest and purest example of spiritual energy healing the “Super Reality Shift.” It builds on concepts we discuss in our book The Ultimate Paradigm Shift. This book focuses on shifting from a reality based on fear and limitation to a reality where love and happiness prevail.

Find out for yourself with a personal healing session.

This miraculous healing technique has been shown to be highly effective. It’s completely non-invasive and holistic, encoding the energy system with new fields of information that can potentially produce dramatic changes in your life.

We enjoy hearing the surprise in our clients’ voices when we complete the process. They often report being “stunned or “amazed” to notice feeling much different about their challenge and the potential for well-being.

Physically, clients often notice that pain they have experienced for years is substantially or completely gone and that swelling, redness, and other visible signs have changed dramatically as well, all in a few minutes.

Results that clients have reported include surprising feelings of well-being and even excitement about what might be possible now. Clients also report visible physical changes, reduction or complete elimination of pain and other physical symptoms, a new sense of confidence, and more.

These kinds of results highlight the miraculous potential of spiritual energy healing.

Our Spiritual Energy Healing Introductory Course

You can learn one of the systems we developed for spiritual energy healing today. The best part is that just about anyone can use it to make positive changes in their lives.

We call it Spiritual Kinesiology (SK for short). SK includes kinesiology (muscle testing), so you can identify the source of the problem. The system also includes a fast and effective healing process that draws on powerful spiritual energy, so you can clear the issue.

To make it easy-to-learn this invaluable spiritual healing modality, we have a very affordable introductory course. It includes:

Lesson 1

Get an overview of the course along with how it was created, using your heart’s intelligence and simple action steps you can take to make immediate progress.

Lesson 2

How to get off to a good start with Spiritual Kinesiology (SK). Includes how to do soul centering, a cornerstone to the technique and one’s spiritual growth. Plus simple action steps for this lesson.

Lesson 3

Here you will find crucial information on how to muscle test, a great versatile tool that combines with Reframing and Anchoring (the fifth lesson) for Spiritual Kinesiology. Learn some simple tests and the how-to’s of muscle testing. Included are a variety of ways to muscle test with another person or on yourself. And some simple action steps to take.

Lesson 4

Learn the many effective ways to use checklists for assessing and healing in a wide variety of situations. Included are two powerful checklists: The Current Lesson Checklist and the Transcendence Checklist. Plus some simple action steps to take

Lesson 5

Learn the extraordinary power of reframing and anchoring with the soul’s energy. This approach harnesses healing and deep guidance. You will be guided step-by-step through the process and receive several alternative ways to use this highly effective approach.

Lesson 6

Understand how vibrations affect you, your energy, and success on many levels. You will learn how to stay connected to higher awareness as well as the most beneficial specific daily practices for long-term success.

Plus More Resources

This section provides ways to go further with your learning and complementary resources for this course.

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  • A video demonstration of using Spiritual Kinesiology with “The Current Lesson Checklist.”

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