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The Four Biggest Myths about the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vast higher-dimensional storehouse. It holds each person’s energetic imprints (past, present and potential futures). These archives have been drawn on by spiritual luminaries (like Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Yogananda and others), and by major religions as we have previously described .

Since the Akash is not a normal physical or digital library, there are understandably misconceptions about its actual nature.

Let’s dispel four common myths about this “Book of Life,” so you can better understand it and open to  receive its many profound benefits.

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The Extraordinary Value of the Akashic Records

What if there was a way you could easily access and evolving library of records of your past, present, and future? What if there was also a way to mold your spiritual journey to optimize your growth and enhance your experience of life in magical and mystical ways?

Yes, there is such an open source available to everyone: the Akashic Records. It’s sometimes called the Book of Life, the Universal Library or The Hall of Records. This cosmic library holds all human events and experiences. It contains the energetic imprints of every soul’s journey. Yes, it’s hard to get our minds around that.

To be clear, this is not a Hollywood movie, although imaginative stories are certainly drawn from this vast database by creative writers. And the Akashic Records are open to everyone.

So how do you enter this “library’? The good news is with methods like certain meditations, visualizations and past life regressions, everyone can access their own records, with their past, present and potential future.

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Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth by Connecting with Nature

Einstein on Nature

What’s one of the most important elements of our spiritual growth that we take for granted?  Connecting with nature.

Connecting with nature – particularly the core elements of fire, air, water and earth – can enlighten your daily life and accelerate your spiritual growth. This “ecotherapy” also makes us feel good.

All of the natural elements are essential to being alive on the earthly plane.  They are foundational for life. We share the same space with these elements and co-create with them.

Nature is talking to us all the time. But are we listening? Let’s delve into this essential relationship between us and nature.

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Keys for Developing Intuition and Spiritual Growth with Oracle Reading

Oracle reading is receiving more recognition and respect in recent years. In this time of the Great Awakening, people like us – lightworkers, EFT users, spiritual coaches and healers, way showers and spiritual seekers – are searching for ways to develop our intuition and accelerate our spiritual growth. And oracle reading can play a pivotal role. It’s … Read more

You and Your Soul’s Plan: Getting onto Your Highest Path

Your soul is calling you to a greater life — a great life, one filled with joy and wonder. And before you were born, it had a path in mind for you.

How then do you recognize the signs to get on your highest path or one that is highly beneficial for your growth?

This leads to some important questions: what do you need to do and to avoid? Let’s examine your possibilities to create this wonderful future you.

A Helpful Metaphor for Your Soul’s Plan

Say you want to go to a tropical island.  You prepare for the trip and plan to depart, knowing that this will be an exciting adventure, one that you feel inspired to do.

But someone told you about another trip you should take. So you get distracted and forget your longed-for trip to the tropical island.  It turns out that by following the other person’s advice, you go in a very different direction. You end up in a cold winter land with snow and mountains. All your swimwear and snorkels are of no use here.

How to Find Your Soul’s Highest Path

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