Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual Energy, Counseling, and Healing

Life often feels like a maze of questions. When it comes to spiritual energy and spiritual healing, we’ve always had a lot of questions and it has always frustrated us when we couldn’t find answers.

We don’t want other likeminded people to have to go through the years of trial and error we had to endure to find practical answers to some of life’s deepest questions. Now, with three decades of experience,¬†we’re delighted to direct people to the resources that have had the greatest value for us.

Please follow the links on the menu bar to learn more about what is available on this part of the website. If you are a new visitor, you can also find a wealth of Free Spiritual Healing Resources here.

Our “Doses of Love and Happiness” Report is a great place to start. A few daily doses of love and happiness can change your life, along with the lives of the people you love. And, unlike medical treatments and medications, it’s free for the taking.

If you want to go further, this site is extensive, with different areas including the following:

The Home Area, where you can explore how to change your life personally and professionally with Holistic EFT, Coaching, Healing, and More

Learn EFT, a part of the site focusing on EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping

Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching, where you can explore how to coach yourself and keys for becoming a Holistic/Spiritual Life Coach.

Awakenings Institute, the place to learn about the non-profit organization that created this website


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