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Abundant Living with Angels, Oracles and EFT Course


"Abundant Living with Angels, Oracles, EFT and More" 

Abundant Life Course

"Discover how to live with more abundance 
and for the rest of your life."

What if you could accelerate your growth with spiritual healing and approaches that are both intuitive and grounded? 

What if you could access the resources you need to live fully now -- and open fully to your true potential?

With the right intuitive tools and knowledge, you can create more financial independence, better health, and new/improved relationships.

In these pivotal, turbulent times, the world needs you. Now is the time to learn how to create the future you want.

Announcing ....

"The Abundant Living with Angels, Oracles, EFT and More" Course

This course will give you deeper meaning and spiritual depth. In the process, you will learn easy, fun and powerful ways to manifest. This includes clearing blocks to your success -- plus drawing on powerful invisible resources like your own soul and archangels (it's easier than you might think).

If you like an intuitive approach that uses spiritual healing, angelic support and Oracles in a grounded way, we think you will learn and grow alot from this course.

With the right toolkit, knowledge and support, it can make a big difference. And you can have this now and going forward for the rest of your life!

How We Can Help

We're Phillip and Jane Mountrose, Founders of Awakenings Institute, and we are devoted to making the world a more loving, prosperous place -- where everyone's gifts are honored.

We are now known as pioneers in spiritual healing and transformation and it was quite a journey of discovery and exploration to get to where we are now. 

Among our many trainings, we teach people a "Manifesting Your Dreams" Course, which is part of our Holistic Coaching and Healing Program. People who are spiritually minded usually report they love the courses.

We've helped people manifest in different areas ... People have gained more financial freedom: including cash flow influxes, finding their inspirational career and much more. They have also manifested better health: though weight loss, managing diabetes, eliminating chronic pain and more. Better relationships also occur from these engaging trainings.

A Breakthrough Approach We've Added ...

We continually find and develop different ways to accelerate spiritual growth, including healing and awakening methods.

Some of the most powerful ways to understand yourself and your reality is connecting with Angels and using oracles. We have found these resources so consistently effective that we now want to share them with you. It will give you specific ways to boost your results.

Learning more effective approaches to spiritual healing, ones that are grounded and fun to learn, will help you to live a richer life on many levels. 

In turn, you will generate more possibilities and accelerate your spiritual growth.

""Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

-- ralph waldo emerson


The many benefits of learning these intuitive, practical approaches

There are truly an "abundance" of benefits, you'll ...

  • Be better able to manifest in different areas of your life: wealth, health and relationships.
  • Access your inner guidance for direction and fulfillment. Understanding what's beneath the surface of events is crucial.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, knowing you're guided by the soul to direct you to the right resources.
  • Trust yourself more with the aid of energy healing, and soul and angelic support. This will include using Angelic EFT.
  • Improve your health and well-being. Become more comfortable in your body and feel good each day.
  • Learn how to take charge of your life so you can be in the right place at the right time.
  • Understand how money fits in with abundance, so you will be clear in what you want and how to create it.
  • Think better and get clear on what you really want. You will monitor your thoughts and direct them for better results.
  • Tap into life's synchronous flow so you can have more presence and resilience.
  • Align with Source and the Universe -- otherwise called God, Infinite Intelligence, Non-Dual Awareness -- for manifesting your best life.
  • Connect with angels and guides. By vibrating at higher levels, you communicate with your invisible friends and support. 
  • Use a toolbox of resources to live fully and accelerate your spiritual growth

There are many ways to create abundance, that is why we offer an array of proven approaches.

What People are Saying about the Mountroses...

I connected with Phillip and Jane at at time in my life that, as I see it now, was the beginning of the end of a life I no longer wanted to live. In turn, I manifested wonderful friendships. I actually healed an acid reflux issue that no longer requires medication while in their course. I also learned to manifest a mindset that helped me realize that what I already had in my life was full of love and abundance. That may seem insignificant, but to me one’s mindset of gratitude can create miracles. I am now enjoying a beautiful retirement as a holistic coach / healer and spiritual counselor with increasingly better health."

John Fiore, Pleasant, New Jersey

First I learned to help myself and then I knew I could help others. Now I feel good about myself and help others heal physically and emotionally, which I do on a full-time basis. Since the two years from when I graduated this program, my clients now number up to ten per week. Looking back, I realized that the more I invested the more I got out of it."

Sandy Ewing, Ontario, Canada

My training with the Mountroses helped me take charge of my life and make better, healthier choices to reach my goals. Over the training, I lost 150 pounds, manged my fibromyalgia and diabetes. It was a journey from mutliple physical issues to having abundant health!" 

Sharon Williamson, Buelton, California

From my program with the Mountroses, I had so many manifestations: I’m more in tune with the universal abundance flow. I’m believing in my power of creating everything I desire. I’m manifesting money doing what I love to do.  I’m getting opportunities to create cash flow when I need it.

Loola Mora, Los Angeles, California

Here's what you receive in The Abundant Living Course

Your course is carefully developed with our Heart of Success Roadmap, laying out seven parts for optimal results.  

Live webinars will occur on April 13, April 20, May 4, May 11.  All classes will be recorded as a video and an audio version for ease of access.

Note: There will be live and recorded transformational exercises and demonstrations. Here is what the course includes...

Below is the CLASS 1 limited-time replay followed by an outline
of all five classes you will receive.

Class 1: Activating Your Inner Resources for Creating an Abundant Life

In this session, you will connect to your inner resources for many profound purposes. With this activating class, you'll...

  • Get an overview of The Heart of Success 7-part Roadmap
  • Receive manifestation/money creating  mantra to help your focus and stay track
  • Use our "Super Belief Buster Checklist," a powerful tool for assessing and healing
  • Experience Angelic EFT
  • Know how to use the course materials found  on the Resource Page to accelerate your learning and growth

Class 2: Developing Your Creative Potential with Angels, Dowsing, Body Testing and More

In this class, we will explore -- in practical, accessible ways -- how angels can help you.  Like a lotus opening its petals, you will...

  • Learn steps 2 and 3 of The Heart of Success Roadmap
  • Learn how to use a pendulum, dowsing and body testing to intuit and test for answers and direction
  • Additional ways to use energy healing to get clear for abundance
  • An overview of the Archangels, including a handout and checklist for easy reference
  • Receive angelic support to aid in being abundant -- using Angelic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with The Creation Process

Class 3: Awakening Your Higher Wisdom with Oracles and Archetypes

Did you know that you can become your own psychic, without needing or relying on others? Yes, others can support you. To help empower you, we will show easy ways to use the Tarot, in order to get intuitive insights and sound advice.

We will use the time-tested tool of the Tarot and other complementary resources. We'll guide you through ...

  • Learning step 3 of The Heart of Success Roadmap
  • The four stages of competence
  • A soulful easy way to use the Tarot deck. (We will be using The Angel Wisdom Tarot deck)
  • Key points on how to use the Tarot
  • Illuminating demonstrations

Class 4: Amplifying Your Intuitive Powers and Moving Freely into an Abundant Future

In this session, we will delve more into how to practically use the Tarot along with angelic support. We'll guide you through...

  • Learning step 4 and 5 of The Heart of Success Roadmap
  • How to do an enlightening daily reading
  • Key elements to consider for creating abundance
  • How to make an oracle reading easy to do and be successful
  • Illuminating demonstrations

Class 5: Shifting into Manifestation Mode as  a Self-Empowered Creator

In this final session, we will put the pieces together: using energy healing and working with angels and oracles. It's a wonderful synergistic combination, where the sum is greater than each of the parts.

In this putting-it-altogether class, you'll ...

  • Learn step 6 and 7 of The Heart of Success Roadmap
  • Review the importance and how-to's of Soul Centering
  • Experience "The Amazing Me Process"-- an easy way to boost your self-esteem and be on the right track for manifesting
  • Use automatic writing to access your intuition and guidance
  • Experience powerful demonstrations using a pendulum for assessing and guidance

Plus these Valuable Bonuses ...

BONUS 1: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift  Resource Book

This easy-to-read book will be a valuable reference for the course. It will provide additional supplemental materials that can be profound and life-changing.

The essence of the book is how to become a creator in your life, rather than being at the mercy of outside forces and past programming. This transformation leads to an abundant life, rich with purpose and contributing your gifts to the world more easily.

We will focus on certain sections of this book, including The Heart of Success Roadmap (the step-by-step foundation for the Abundant Life Course).

BONUS 2: The Holistic EFT Magic in Minutes Quickstart Kit

If you're new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or want a review, this is an easy way to do it. The Kit is multi-media to optimize your learning. It includes a couple short videos, a concise Holistic EFT manual and how-to EFT audio.

The Holistic EFT approach is how we use EFT, accessing the  heart and soul energy for healing.

BONUS 3: Video Demonstrations using Angelic EFT and Oracles

Watch Phillip and Jane work with individual clients in these fascinating and transformational processes. By seeing how people become more aware and freer in these recorded videos, you will get great insights and awareness for yourself.

We value you.  

After you go through the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

In these challenging times, it's crucial to be and become your best. Creating more abundance will help you directly access your full range of resources -- so you can truly make a greater difference personally and in the world.

By taking this course, you will not only be able to manifest more from your soul. You will have the know-how and support from other powerful sources (angels and oracles).  The results then are exponential.

And you will have the tools and knowledge for the rest of your life.

Choose the Option that is the best for you

What you focus on expands... We can help you release blocks to your success. Now is your time. You deserve love, prosperity and happiness.

This is a unique, effective course that you won't find elsewhere -- and we've kept it very affordable. In other words, you'll receive  a high-quality course at a low price.

abundant living course

Get Immediate Access to  this Unique, Easy to Follow Course

  • Five How-to Abundance Creating Webinars with audio version and handouts 
  • Holistic EFT Magic in Minutes Quick Start Kit
  • Demonstrations and exercises using the course's abundant life tools
  • Three abundance-creating bonuses



abundant living course --
 with three personal sessions

Get everything in the course -- Plus add:

  • Three Personal 60-minute sessions. Working with Jane or Phillip over time can have a large impact on your well-being and abundance in different areas of your life that need boosting.



If you have any questions, please email us here.

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