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What are the Akashic Records?

The Mystical Value of the Akashic Records for Light Workers, Spiritual Healers & Way Showers

What are the Akashic Records

People like us – lightworkers, spiritual healers, and way showers – tend to be drawn to the magic and mysteries we discover in the spiritual realms. It’s a wonderful journey.

We have been on this journey for more than three decades now, and it has completely transformed our lives. In the process, we have grown spiritually and opened more fully to our souls' gifts and purposes.

We’re still amazed that the journey continues to reveal more. Most recently, we have been exploring the mystical realms of the Akashic Records. This is one of the most profound opportunities for expansion we have ever experienced, and in this time of change on the planet, we have been guided to share what we have learned.

What are the Akashic Records?

As a definition, the word “akashic” comes from the word “akasha,” which is Sanskrit. In traditional Indian cosmology, the word “akasha” means space or sky or ether. Many view this as the empty space within which consciousness emerges.

The Akashic Records emerge within the akasha. They are known to be living libraries housing complete records of the past, present, and future of every soul in this universe. And as we awaken, they call us all to explore the deeper purpose and meaning of our lives.

Taken as a whole, it’s easy to see that the consciousness that exists within the akasha is vaster than we could possibly imagine from here in this physical reality. Fortunately, each of us can start where we are, with the intention of exploring our soul’s unique journey.

Your Akashic Records are said to be living libraries, because they change as you change and evolve. They are invaluable resources because it is here that we can more fully understand the fullness of our identities as magnificent spiritual beings.

Consider these potential benefits of visiting your Akashic Records:

  • What if you could retrieve any information you may be seeking about your past, present, and future? With access to your Akashic Records, you can do this and more.
  • What if you could learn more about the reasons your soul came into this life and how you can joyfully move forward into the best possible future for you? With your Akashic Records, you can do this, too.
  • What if you could visit the Akashic Records any time to realize your full potential as a lightworker, spiritual healer, and/or budding spiritual master? This too is possible.

The Great Awakening is upon us. 
It is time for us to step up and access our full range of resources as light workers, spiritual healers, and way showers.

If this opportunity feels right to you, consider this. The Akashic Records may provide the support and guidance you are seeking, and quite likely, even more than you have ever imagined before now. 

The Akashic Records are indeed vast. As mentioned, each soul within the universe has its own records of its journey through the ages into present time, as well as into the future. We have confirmed from our own experience and in sessions with clients how profound this can be, revealing life-changing insights about brilliance and our roles in the Great Awakening.

Referring to the Akashic Records as being housed in libraries is, of course, a metaphor that helps us to understand concepts that defy description from our current perspective. It might be more accurate to say that we are connecting with different frequencies of the soul’s journey back to source. 

Our Journeys in the Akashic Libraries

When we started to visit our Akashic Records, we recognized that the angels, guides and beings of light who keep our records are available to provide support, so we also focused on learning more about them – most specifically learning about the archangels.

The archangels are magnificent beings of love
that are available as resources to guide us and support us on this mystical journey into the unknown.

Over time, we also realized that we can access the Akashic Records in different dimensions. Thus, each of us has a series of libraries in different dimensions of reality, just as each of our souls exist simultaneously in different dimensions.

This takes us to the big picture of the soul’s journey back to source. It’s interesting to think that we exist in all of the dimensions of reality here now. We’ve known for many years that the soul exists in different dimensions of reality, and we access the soul at the level we are currently capable of reaching.

This means that when we visit the libraries, we aren’t actually going anywhere other than upward into the higher levels of our own inner awareness. We understand these levels as the individual soul, the oversoul (soul family or group soul), avatar (original identity, master), and source (God). The level of our original identity is where our greatness and unique genius lie.

We are truly masters in the making. This may sound somewhat abstract at first, but it makes sense in the big picture of who we are as individuated aspects of our creator.

How the Akashic Libraries Can Accelerate the Soul’s Journey 

The big picture of the soul’s journey occurs in two phases. It started with the journey we took from the oneness of source down through the dimensions of reality to this limited perspective of who we are here as physical beings.

Our focus on accessing the soul’s libraries is on second phase of the journey - the journey home. The Akashic Records can provide an excellent roadmap for this journey back up through the dimensions to source. In the process, we can explore our true identities in these increasingly higher dimensions. 

One of the greatest and most fascinating opportunities in the Akashic Libraries is learning to embody your soul’s magnificence.

With this in mind, This is the greatness and unique genius within you that is longing to emerge on the journey home. 

The more you visit the Akashic Libraries and avail yourself of the opportunities you can find there, the more you can embody higher vibrational energies and ground your greatness into your current life .

Rainbow of Hearts

The Heart’s Role in Accessing the Akashic Records

The heart plays a central role in accessing the records. The energy that takes you there – that lifts your vibration into the higher dimensions – is love.

Your libraries are places of immense love populated by beings of light who are pure love. This realization is breathtaking. And in your interactions with these beings, it is the loving presence of an open heart that receives the blessings they bestow.

This alone – this immense love – has transformed our lives in profound ways. We approach our libraries with deep reverence and gratitude for the support we receive from the masters, angels, and other beings of light who are present there.

This magical, mystical environment awaits you, too, and there’s so much to explore. The beings of light who travel with you and maintain your libraries respond promptly to every inquiry. They offer generous blessings of guidance, healing, information about your soul’s highest purpose in life, activations of your spiritual gifts, and more.

As suggested, we have been introduced to archangels, spiritual masters, guides and more on our journeys. We never know what might happen next, but we know we are in loving hands and trust that everything that occurs will support our highest good and purpose.

Rainbow of Hearts

Your Next Steps for Accessing the Akashic Records

If this magical, mystical opportunity feels right to you, we invite you to explore our unique Akashic Records Course.

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