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Spiritual Guide Certification Program


Includes three unique courses for becoming a Certified Spiritual Guide: 

* Abundance with Archangels and Oracles
* Awakening to Your Magnificence with the Akashic Records
* Spiritual Transformation with the Enlightened Masters

What is a Spiritual Guide

What if much more is possible for you than you ever imagined? What could you accomplish and become? And what if you had the right guides and mentors to support you every step of the way?

Learning how to become your own spiritual guide is like having a special portal. It opens you to life's adventures and abundance in ways that will surprise and delight you. Here's what you will find ... Deep insights and synchronicity start lighting your way. You connect with the right people, tools and knowledge.

Why is developing your spiritual guidance so important? We live in a transitional time. It calls for us to release the baggage from the past -- opening to our intuitive gifts and becoming more fully the creators we truly are. 

After 33 years in the field as spiritual coaches, healers and mystery school teachers, we have carefully designed a synergistic training for becoming your own spiritual guide.

Announcing a New Program ...

Spiritual Guide Certification Program
with Healing and Angelic Support, Guidance from Enlightened Masters, Akashic Records and Oracles


This unique program is for spiritual healers, light workers, coaches, holistic-minded seekers and the like who want key tools, knowledge and support -- to help themselves and others in these awakening times.

This training will give you specific hands-on tools and knowledge to learn how to heal and grow with the extraordinary help of angels, ascended masters and special oracles, to live more from the truth in your heart. It is also an exciting opportunity for individual and collective awakening with a special spiritual community.  It is a rare training that supercharges your intuition in a grounded practical way.

The three courses take spiritual knowledge and awareness so you can use it in your everyday life.  It's a dynamic live training with lots of support -- and all classes are recorded if you miss them or wish to review them.

The Akashic Records Course starts May 15, 2024
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Note: You can take the Akashic Records Course by itself
or include that with the full Spiritual Guidance Program

 How The Spiritual Guide Program Works

There are three inter-related courses that make up the program: Angels, Healing and Abundance; the Akashic Records; Oracles and Enlightened Masters (details of contents are below).  Each of the three courses lasts four months, to give you time for exploration and mastery.

The program occurs live on Zoom three times a month and all classes are recorded (if you miss any or wish to review them). Live classes are on Wednesdays at 2pm pst/5pm est. There will be two classes and one practice lab each month, 75-90 minutes each.  There is built-in time for Q&A in each class to get all your questions answered. 

To help get optimal results, the program is filled with experiential and interactive learning. This includes transformational exercises and demonstrations. Also each course uses three specially selected oracle decks to deepen the material. 

You can take all three courses with the option of certification or just start out with the first course. Some people will take the first course with an option to continue with the other courses. Some people will take all three courses.  Some are interested in getting certified from the training as a Spiritual Guide. In any event, everyone will receive profound learning in a fun supportive environment.


Certification for this program is optional.  Many people want to just experience the spiritual training and support. Some wish to add this training to their professional work and development as well.

For those who wish certification: To be certified in this program from Awakenings Institute, you will need to log 16 hours personal practice hours and 10 hours practice with others per course and complete an open book exam. 

PLUS: Throughout the program you will learn key intuitive techniques and knowledge. If desired, you can also receive an additional certification as a Transformational Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner. It requires some practice time in the techniques and an open book exam.

 The Three Courses in the Spiritual Guide Program

Awakening to Your Soul's Magnificence with the Akashic Records Course       


In this course, you will learn to access the akashic records, your "book of life," and more.  You also will have selected oracle cards for more depth and awareness. You will ...

  • Get a clear overview of the akashic records and how to successfully connect with it, using four different approaches.
  • Learn different ways you can use the akashic library for your soul's evolution, including resolving karma and more
  • Understand how the soul exists in different dimensions
  • Connect with archangels, goddesses and masters and how to enlist them for support and healing
  • Understand what karma is and how to address it
  • Be able to use the grace points and violet flame for healing
  • Realize more of your life plan and highest possibilities

Spiritual Transformation with Oracles and the Enlightened Masters Course


This multi-dimensional training hones in on how to gain wisdom and insight to live fully. You also will have selected oracle cards for more depth and awareness. You'll be in a wonderful awakening environment that will guide you on ...

  • Keys for connecting with ascended masters -- including with the use of specific oracle decks -- and how this will transform and uplift your life
  • Understanding how to step into your fuller identity as a magnificent soul with a greater purpose
  • Finding out about Mystery Schools and how this course delivers the profound spiritual practices attuned to them for this current time
  • Opening more fully to your inner family of light, including specific archangels and ascended masters
  • Using our "Fear Monster Reframe" Process with EFT to clear blocks
  • Clearing vows and karma with intuitive processes
  • Understanding how to balance key polarities to thrive: masculine-feminine, past-future and spiritual-earthly
  • Awakening the master within you by your intent and vibration -- then manifesting it in your external reality
  • Releasing attachments and limiting beliefs about your possibilities with Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters

Abundant Living with Angels, Oracles and EFT Course 


In this profound, hands-on approach, you will connect to your inner resources for healing and direction. You also will have selected oracle cards for more depth and awareness. With this special training, you'll ...

  • Get an overview of the The Heart of Success 7-part Roadmap
  • Learn how to use body testing (kinesiology) to analyze and boost your intuition
  • Enlist the support of different archangels
  • Experience healing with Angelic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping
  • Find out how to holistically use oracle decks and the tarot
  • Connect with oracles and angels to understand the four elements (fire, air, water, earth) for healing and transformation
  • Learn from and release the past, getting free to create an extraordinary future
  • Shift into manifestation mode
  • Discover different easy ways to develop your intuition

NOTE: All classes will have dynamic, live demonstrations, This will provide experiences of connecting with angels, using energy EFT healing, body testing and more. You will also have time to practice the techniques yourself with a partner in the monthly class lab.

The Akashic Records Course begins May 15, 2024
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Note: You can take the Akashic Records Course by itself
or include that with the full Spiritual Guidance Program 

 The five complementary core elements of the training

Spiritual/Energy Healing
We all have areas to heal and nurture -- this provides some of our deepest learning and spiritual growth. For an optimal experience, we will work with Angelic Holistic EFT Tapping, balancing polarities, clearing karma and more.

Support from Angels

Angels are sublime beings who unconditionally support us when we ask for their celestial help.  In this training, we connect with them in different ways for healing and guidance. Archangels like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron, Raziel and more offer ineffable energy for your journey and awakening.

The Enlightened Masters are beings of divine love.

Unlike angels, ascended masters have experienced life on earth. This means they have learned how to transcend the limitations of our reality in the third dimension, just as we are learning how to do so now. This natural connection makes ascended masters very accessible to support you with their profound wisdom for your own self-mastery.

Among the many masters we will reference include Buddha, Mother Mary, Sananda, Babaji, Melchezikdek, Djwhul Kuhl, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin,  St. Germain and others.  

In this training, you will receive direct teaching from these enlightened masters and learn how to connect with them yourself, if you choose. 

Accessing the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are sometimes called the "Library of Life." Gaia.com says “in essence, the Akashic Records are believed to be the repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future.”

Accessing these invaluable records helps you understand your past, know how to heal and address karma, and create a more wonderful future.

Using specific, transformational oracle decks

Oracles are considered "a person or thing considered to provide wise and insightful counsel." By using oracle decks aligned with higher beings and mystery-school teachings, you accelerate your learning.  Well-known oracle decks include the Tarot and I Ching.

We have found certain oracle cards decks especially helpful for spiritual awakening. The results we have received by using them ourselves and with clients and students has far exceeded our expectations. We will be sharing these transformational tools throughout this course to reveal hidden connections and deeper truths.

Here's something important to keep in mind ... For too much of the time, our awareness is restricted to a tiny fraction of what is possible.  But so much more is available, including phenomenal resources.

Having the right tools, knowledge and support makes all the difference. And imagine how all these resources will help you by having them available for the rest of your life.

 Benefits of Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide

Here's how you can grow and transform from this unique, hands-on program:

  • Deepening love and awareness, which includes profound understanding about your soul's true identity. Draw from the past, live more fully in the present and reach powerfully into the future.
  • Accessing higher dimensions, guides and enlightened masters. See the big picture clearly and find the best options for you.
  • Using effective energy-healing techniques to clear issues, karma and balance key polarities (inner divisons) to be more aware in the world. Heal on all levels.
  • Trusting yourself more with the transcendent wisdom from your soul, guides, angels and enlightened masters
  • Connecting further with your inner (higher guidance) and outer spiritual families (like-minded souls).
  • Accelerating your evolution so you can help yourself and the world, more easily and effectively. This includes clarifying your soul’s mission in this life and determining your next step on your spiritual path.

In sum, you will develop your gifts and potential with a rich toolbox of resources to live fully and accelerate your spiritual growth. It will greatly increase your intuitive abilities as well.

Your Instructors

We're Phillip and Jane Mountrose, Founders of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to making the world a more loving place,  where everyone's unique gifts are honored and nurtured. Our work focuses on healing and awakening ever more fully to the loving power of the soul.

 What People are saying about the Mountroses' Trainings

“I took the Ascended Masters course and it was unlike any course I had taken before. I was reminded of the beautiful ways that the power of healing and the profound connection between us and the higher realms is possible. This course took my understanding to a whole new level of empowerment. It provided more clarity for my life path and loving spiritual support.

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose are amazing teachers. They believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their own innate healing abilities and uncover their true purpose in life. They had a very gentle approach. The Mountroses helped me to overcome personal obstacles and live more closely to my soul purpose, while feeling supported on my journey of healing and transformation."


"The Mountroses last amazing course helped my spiritual evolution and to help myself and clients with accessing the akashic records. It gives us an open window to new possibilities and solutions for me and those I have helped.

For example, I guided a person to help stop her caffeine addiction and its resulting anxiety. From what she discovered in the records and the spiritual guidance how to go forward without caffeine and become free of the anxiety. She had tremendous guidance and clarity, which helped her greatly improve her marriage problems, too."


"I connected with Phillip and Jane at at time in my life that, as I see it now, was the beginning of the end of a life I no longer wanted to live. In turn, I manifested wonderful friendships. I actually healed an acid reflux issue that no longer requires medication while in their course.

I also learned to manifest a mindset that helped me realize that what I already had in my life was full of love and abundance. That may seem insignificant, but to me one’s mindset of gratitude can create miracles. I am now enjoying a beautiful retirement as a holistic coach / healer and spiritual counselor with increasingly better health."

john fiore

My extensive trainings with the Mountroses helped me take charge of my life and make better, healthier choices to reach my goals.

During the extensive trainings, I lost 150 pounds and managed my fibromyalgia and diabetes. The changes have lasted too. It was a journey from multiple physical issues to having abundant health!"

sharon williamson

"I just have to share with you how very important this Spiritual Guide class is for me personally. It has been quite impactful in gathering information to help me move forward. It highlights things that I need to work on.

I love how things show up in meditation, in daily card readings or those in the lab practice -- and they’re all so connected. And eventually I can see what’s being ‘suggested’ for me, to help me evolve into my best self, and to evolve my work and my presence. Thank you for this class!"

bonita jacque

Huge rare benefit:

Being able to connect with heart-centered people (like the ones above) in this program is a rare opportunity. It can make all the difference in your experience by having such deep support.

What does this then mean for you? You can easily make key connections with people in a wonderful spiritual community.

The next course on Akashic Records starts May 15, 2024
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Note: You can take the Akashic Records Course or include that with the full Spiritual Guidance Program 


1- Awakening to Your Magnificence: 
Your Journey into the Next New Frontier for Humanity

This exclusive 80-page reference book gives you an easy-to-read overview of the Spiritual Guide Program and the wisdom behind it. Helping you move into the next new frontier, this guidebook is filled with examples and insights about how transformation happens. It explains how to work with energy healing, angels, masters, the akashic records, nature elementals and oracles in a synergistic way.  It provides a big-picture of how this training fits into the Great Awakening now underway for humanity -- and how you can play your role wonderfully well in the process.

2- Gifts and Blessings from Oracles, Angels and Enlightened Masters

This 34-page concise guidebook is customized for this training. It focuses on getting started with the tarot and other oracle decks. It will summarize general approaches to oracles, plus details our specific approach used in this course.  It also includes key insights and related information on intuition and spiritual growth that will deepen your understanding.

3- The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Resource Book

Our easy-to-read book will provide important materials that can be profound and life-changing. The essence of the book is how to become a creator in your life, rather than being at the mercy of outside forces and past programming.

We will focus on certain sections of this book, including The Heart of Success
Roadmap, a step-by-step foundation for this course).

Also included are chapters on how to do Holistic EFT and Spiritual Reframing and Anchoring that we will be using in the course.

4- Targeted Handouts and Check Lists

Have specific lists, step-by-step instructions on angels, healing, masters and oracles easily available -- for deeper understanding and ease of learning.

All the above materials are filled with targeted material, carefully designed to promote your spiritual development. The transformational information would be hard to find elsewhere, and much is original and customized for this training.

BONUS: The Heart and Soul of Being Therapeutic Guidebook

Whether you are a lay practitioner or a professional, this easy-to-read short reference e-book can be a time-saving valuable guide. It can help to optimize your ability to coach and heal with your heart and soul.

You'll receive dozens of proven strategies and tools that you can use immediately today... and for a lifetime.  You'll return to it time and again, and it can make a big difference in your practice and results with people!

In this time of Great Awakening, the world needs as many people as possible to step up and open to more of their greater potential. Developing your spiritual guidance leads to profound shifts in your consciousness.

In the process, you can become more able to develop and express your gifts, enabling you to be of more heart-centered service. You then create more joy and love, which radiates out in your daily life.

It's normal to feel some doubt about starting this adventure of profound self-discovery, wondering if you are up to it.  But here's what is really important. Only you can contribute your unique presence and energy, if you choose.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” as Margaret Mead famously said.

If this approach resonates with you, we'd love to have you join us. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Just click the arrow to the left of the question to see the drop-down answer.

What if I miss some classes due to commitments or being on vacation? Will I be able to view it later?

Yes!  We understand that sometimes you may have a scheduling conflict. We record all the live sessions, and you’ll have access to them by the end of that same week. Since the course is all online, you can access your trainings whenever it is convenient, for review or if you miss a class.

Since you can access the live classes anywhere there is internet connection, you can attend them while traveling as well. It's fine if you need to miss classes and the lab practices are optional (though highly recommended).

Will I get support or any individual attention?

Definitely. The program is designed not just to educate, but to offer plenty of opportunities for feedback and support. Every week there is generous time allotted for Q&A after each class with the instructors. In other words, you have direct access to the instructors. Plus you can also have an option for individual mentoring/personal session from them as well.

In addition, there are support/accountability partners available from fellow class mates, providing invaluable personal and professional relationships.

What is the weekly time commitment?

The course has two classes per month and one practice lab, each for about 75-90 minutes. Allow about an hour preparation time for each class. For your convenience, all classes are recorded if you miss any or want to review them.

And there are ways to do it even less time, though the more you put in the better. So there is flexibility in time commitment. Of course the more you study, the better. Yet don't consider an all-or-nothing approach. Even if you sometimes can't commit on a particular week, that is fine. Plus there is one week off a month.

Generally people are busy, sometimes very busy. Most people who take the training are working and/or are parents with children, where there is not a lot of "free time." Yet people who are the busiest often get the most done. Where there is a will, there is a way. Those who realize the value and enjoyment of the training find ways to fit it in.  

Overall, the program will enhance your daily life, giving you more support, understanding and development in many areas of your life.

Do you offer scholarships, financial assistance or payment plans?

Yes! We offer a 12-month payment plan if you do not wish to pay in full. If you need to spread the payments out over longer than 12 months that can be arranged too. Extended payment plans can make things more affordable.

Schedule a time to talk with us to discuss details.

What can I do with my certification training?

Most people who join this program have been led here by intuition and follow through on their deeper interests. All want to accelerate their spiritual growth by developing mastery and have the right support.  Some wish certification to enhance a career, start a new one, or for taking the next step in their development.

What kind of technology do I need to access the sessions? What if I'm not a technical person?

We use the popular Zoom platform for the classes. Accessing the live classes is similar to joining a webinar. You will simply need an internet connection and a device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) that has an internet connection to join the class. You can attend by video or audio only. All classes are recorded if you miss any or wish to review them.

People generally find that the technology is quite easy to use and we can personally assist you if needed.

Is there a cancellation fee or non-refundable deposit?

Some certification programs require a contract. In Awakenings Spiritual Guide Program, there is no deposit and you only pay for what you take. Most people find that the program is one of the best investments they ever made because of the quantum shifts in understanding and well-being they receive, the powerful array of hands-on tools, clarity on their life purpose and more.

To recap what you will get with the program:


3 Live Classes per month


Experiential Practices & Community


Question & Answer Sessions

Instruction Books & Handouts

3 Integrated Courses

Review classes

Classes Recorded to Review

And you will have the tools and knowledge for the rest of your life. 

The next course on Akashic Records starts May 15, 2024
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Note: You can take the Akashic Records Course by itself
or include that with the full Spiritual Guidance Program 

Enroll Now 

The Spiritual Guide Certification Program is practical and effective. It's also a program that you won't find elsewhere.

And we've kept it very affordable with introductory pricing. In these transitional times, we need as many people as possible to step up and make a difference -- for themselves, others and the planet.

You can enroll for the whole Spiritual Guide Certification Program or just start out with the first course.

Also note that each course will use three special oracle decks, which will be wonderfully transformative. The decks are not included with the tuition, so budget between $50-100 for each course's oracle decks.

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