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Awaken to the Power of Your Soul

Video Preview of the Awaken to the Power of Your Soul Program. 

Groundbreaking New Book & Program!

How important is it to you live by the light of your soul's guidance and support?

Are you sensing that there must be more than surviving and settling for a "normal" life?

We asked these questions years ago and with three decades in the fields of Holistic Life Coaching and Healing, we now have a clear sense of the big picture.

It's better and much more miraculous than we could have imagined when we set out to access our soul's  guidance and wisdom. Beneath the surface of this normal life, we have vast potential and possibilities.

But how do we access a deeper life -- full of meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

Announcing ....

Awaken to the Power of Your Soul Program

A Roadmap for Reaching Your Full Potential

As you may know, it's hard to find practical, reliable ways to learn soul development. We spent years seeking a way to access our soul's wisdom and intuitive strength, and we were frustrated at times, when we learned superficial approaches that failed to get to the heart of the matter.

We know that a lot of spiritual seekers are still facing this frustration. We also understand now that there is a simple process anyone can use to connect with the soul and to live fully with its guidance. It's truly miraculous.

Is It Time for You to Awaken to the Power of Your Soul?

We hope so, because this is one of the most transformational of all possibilities.

Over the past year, we have carefully laid out an in-depth roadmap on how to connect with the soul -- plus how to successfully co-create with your soul.

The result? We have developed a how-to reference book and supporting material that is easy to follow. With your soul's essential help, this program is designed to help you align with your Life Plan. Understanding your Life Plan is what you came here to do.

in addition to the book, we also provide three webinars that teach each of the book's parts: preparation, activation and transformation.

"Life is ripe with opportunities, and in this moment, your greatest opportunity may be right where you are now."



The Important Benefits of Awakening to the Power of Your Soul

There are so many benefits to living with more soul connection and presence in your daily life. The benefits include...

  • Access your inner guidance and wisdom. Understanding what's beneath the surface of events and your life can make all the difference.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety. Knowing your are guided by the soul gives you resources you need at the right time that you need it.
  • Build your confidence with the benefit of your soul's strong connection
  • Improve your health and well-being. Become more comfortable in your body and feel better each day.
  • Think better and more clearly. Have more positive thoughts, while monitoring your thinking and directing it effectively.
  • Direct access to Oneness and the Universe; otherwise called God, Infinite Intelligence, Non-Dual Awareness.
  • Connect with guides and angels. Vibrating at a higher level gives you access to receiving and communicating with your invisible friends and support.
  • Understand your life purpose and plan. Your soul holds the keys for what you are here to do and how to do it.

Ultimately, living with the guidance and wisdom of your soul transcends any one technique. That's why we offer here a collection and synthesis of proven approaches. As you discover how to be more soul connected, it becomes a way of life.

With so many benefits, living this spiritual way of life is enriched by hope, gratitude, creativity and purpose. Life becomes a blessing not a burden.

Living with Your Soul Awake

  • You follow your excitement
  • You go deeper into purpose
  • You handle adversity 
  • Synchronicity and meaning increase

Living with Your Soul Asleep

  • Life is routine and repetitive
  • You feel out of sorts, adrift
  • Continual struggling
  • You lack understanding and connection

Waking up means living by the awesome light of your soul. As the above chart shows, there's no substitute for reliably connecting with your inner guidance.

What People are Saying about Awaken to the Power of Your Soul


Founder of Enlightened World Network

"The Mountroses provide a comprehensive overview of science, ancient wisdom, and emerging holistic practices that when combined, can offer life-changing results. Jane and Phillip offer real-life examples, thought-provoking questions, and complete step-by-step directions to guide readers through their own process of exploration, awareness, and expansion.

Time spent working through Awaken to the Power of Your Soul is akin to exploring several courses with the Mountroses, including Soul Centering, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Spiritual Kinesiology."


Author of Energy Psychology, Founder of Advanced Energy Psychology

"Awaken to the Power of Your Soul  is a tremendously satisfying and enlightening journey from mindfulness to soulfulness, as you see and grasp the power of your soul to manifest an absolutely remarkable life. Herein lie understandings and processes for manifesting your soul’s purpose and to profit from your journey."


Midlife Courage Coach

"As a long-time life coach, I am always on the lookout for tools to help my clients learn self-actualization. The visualization practices the Mountroses reveal in Awaken to the Power of Your Soul are powerful and effective. The book is an encyclopedia of knowledge without being the least bit intimidating. Try the processes on yourself, and, if you’re a practitioner, try them with clients. They’re fast and simple, but profound. They absolutely work. “


Spiritual Coach and Teacher

"Since learning about the power of soul growth and development through the teachings of the Mountroses' and applying many of the tools and techniques for healing and expansion shared in this Program's training book my life has not been the same. 

I have developed a deeper, more meaningful and appreciative understanding of my journey and how everything is connected. Experiencing life through the eyes of the soul is without a doubt a game changer as I am now able to perceive life from a higher, more expansive perspective. It has positively impacted all aspects of my life, especially my spirituality, career and relationships."


author of
Soul Mastery and Soul Reunion

"I am deeply impressed with the way that Philip and Jane walk the reader through a superb connection to know and experience your soul in real ways. They made the healing process feel light-hearted, joyful and uplifting. What a treat. The book was written with thorough and clear stepping stones to bring you into reunion with your magical heart, infinite soul and your remarkable potential and capacity to express your soulfulness. Bravo. I so recommend this book for anyone longing to connect with the remarkable power and abundant beauty of your soul."

The Awaken to Your Soul Program is for you if you want...

  • to get clear on your life's plan 
  • to optimize your opportunities and avoid pitfalls on your life's path
  • to access proven energy-healing tools like Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology to clear blockages that are holding you back
  • to understand the pros and cons of meditation -- and how it relates to soul connecting
  • to harness your four intelligences (body, emotional, mental and spiritual) for optimal spiritual growth
  • to learn easy ways to connect reliably with your soul

Here's what you receive with the Awaken to Your Soul Program

Awaken to Your Soul Comprehensive Ebook and Training Manual

Clearly written, this how-to book serves as a step-by-step training manual for soul connection and development. The170-page, easy-to-follow book has three sections: preparing to connect with your soul, activating the experience and transformation (clearing blocks/shadows).

Based on twenty years of research, experience and innovation, this is a unique, step-by-step book for soul development:

* Includes six ways to connect with the soul
* Examines the positives and negatives of meditation
* How soul centering relates to mindfulness

* How your four intelligences are used for soul development
* Powerful case studies and real-life examples

* Validation from science research and spiritual wisdom traditions

* How to do Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology with soul work

Three How-to Soul Development Webinars with Demonstrations

Each webinar teaches you from the three sections of the book: Preparation, Activation and Transformation:

#1-- Overview and Soul Centering Demonstration
#2 -- Activation with Mud to Mountaintop Process, plus four alternative soul centering approaches

#3 -- Transformation of blocks with Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology Demonstrations

Each webinar will have powerful demonstrations of the soul-awakening and shadow-clearing processes from the book.

Webinars will occur live on the following dates: March 31, April 7, and April 14th and be available in your Resource Section afterwards, along with downloadable audio version.

Audios and Videos of the Soul Awakening Exercises and Processes

The ebook/training manual has many tested exercises and processes that are easy to use and transformational. The seven original processes include :

  • The Soul Centering Process
  • Mud to Mountaintop (Apex) Process
  • Going to a Special Place
  • The Loving Presence Exercise
  • Inner Strength Exercise
  • Expansive View Process
  • The Mindful Presence Process

Additionally, many of these short (3-8 minute videos) were photographed with stunning visual backgrounds in Napa Valley, California. All of which enhances the impact of the material for soul development.

It's rare to have a program that directly explains how to develop yourself with your soul. This is one of these rare programs.

In addition, it comes out of three decades of research, experience and training others in this profound, all-important subject of spiritual growth.

The Awaken to the Power of the Soul Program is designed to be experiential. Yes, it also does have key knowledge to expand your learning.  Perhaps more importantly, you will have a variety of tested, easy-to-follow exercises and processes. These hands-on, experiential approaches directly elevate your awareness and growth.

What is reliably connecting with your soul, and living with its guidance, worth?

We value you.  

After you go through the Program, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive  a full refund on your investment.

Choose the Option that is the best for you ...


Get Immediate Access to  this Unique, Easy-to-Follow Program for Awakening

  • "Awaken to the Power of Your Soul" Ebook Training Manual
  • Three targeted Training Webinars: *Overview *Activation *Transforming
    with Live Demos



awaken program --
 with personal session

Add a Personal Awaken to Your Soul Session -- customized for you with Jane's or Phillip's assistance

  • Awaken to Soul Guidebook
  • Videos and Audios of all the Processes
  • One-on-one Personal Awakening Session with Jane of Phillip's guidance



If you have any questions. please email us here.

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