The Love and Happiness Gift Set

Love... happiness... isn't now the time to add more of these all-important qualities to your life, to grow and share with others?

It's important to realize that this season puts the wind behind your back to amplify these life-giving qualities. And it may be easier than you think.

So what's the natural gift to give yourself and others?  More joy, love and happiness. Imagine being more loving and happier each day -- and sharing that with friends and loved ones.

So we've created a multi-media gift bundle with ...

  • Three new love and happiness webinars with downloadable audio format
  • Happy Tap with the Power of Yes EFT Video and instructions
  • Our classic 10 Powerful Doses of Love & Happiness ebook
  • Love and Happiness uplifting reminder cards and stunning bookmarks

This is a perfect gift to yourself and others for any day of the year.

Your Love and Happiness Gift Set includes:

Our Three New Uplifting, Practical Love & Happiness Webinars -- with downloadable audio format

  • Transformational Words to Live By -- Find out how words can drag you down or lift you up in this inspiring training.  Includes our Miracle Reframe with EFT Process.
  • How to Be Happy Each Day -- We go through a series of practical ways to boost your spirits and others in everyday life
  • The Power of Your Intention -- We often forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. By setting intentions you can get the best of all possible worlds. We show you how. Learn simple, effective ways to empower yourself each day.

The best part is that the 10 tips are so easy that just about anyone can use them to make powerful changes in their lives, with little or no time, starting today. This transformational little book also describes how to use the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Happy Tap -- Power of Yes EFT Video

Find out how to do our signature Happy Tap with EFT Process to insure more love and happiness.

Uplifting Reminder Cards

10 original attractive, simple reminders (like "Breathe, relax, joy" and "It's a great day to be alive."). You can print them, cut them out and post on your surroundings or give to a friend.

Love and Happiness Bookmarks

These unique, original beautiful images can be used for your books or to give to others. You will receive a pdf file with book mark sets that you print and cut on the paper of your choice.

LOVE & happiness gift set

A wonderful unique gift to give yourself or a friend


 47 $17

  • Three Exclusive Love & Happiness Webinars with audio downloads
  • 10 Doses of Love & Happiness Ebook
  • Happy Tap EFT Video with Instructions
  • Love & Happiness Reminder Cards
  • Love & Happiness Original Bookmarks
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