How You Can Make a Difference and Change the World with the Power of Love

Are you concerned about the future?
Want to make a difference and change the world?

Our Solution ... Join "The Heart Campaign"

The Global Heart Campaign

With so many problems mounting in the world – fear, hatred, racism, environmental disasters, poverty,, and more – you may feel overwhelmed and dispirited. If you’re like us, you may be wondering how you can make a difference and if it’s really possible to change the world.

A Call to Action to Change the World

We have a practical, real-world solution – the Heart Campaign – and we need your help. This campaign is for those of us who look at what’s happening and know there’s a better way.

Helen Keller described it well in this quote, which we shared on Facebook:

If you’re feeling saddened and frustrated with fear, hatred, and the divisions that are pulling people apart, we understand. We’re struggling with it ourselves. For those of us who envision a more loving world, this situation touches the soul and reaches into the depth of our humanity.

Many heart-centered people are feeling confused and angry with the hostility that’s coming to the surface here in the US and around the world. And many of us feel helpless to effect change.

Be Part of the Solution

What if we COULD create a more loving world where everyone is honored and nurtured?

If we want to change the world, we need to be direct and aim for the ultimate solution, which is love. We know we’re not alone in reaching this conclusion. We’re reaching out now as a community to all heart-centered people who want to draw on the power of love to create change.

If you feel like you don’t matter, you’re mistaken. All of us are creators – including you – and the actions we take are our votes for the world we want to create.

Together We CAN Make a Difference and Change the World

Margaret Mead put it this way:

“Never doubt that a small group of 
thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, i
t’s the only thing that ever has.”

Through The Heart Campaign, we can highlight the wisdom of individuals like Margaret Mead to inspire us to act. In the broader scheme of things, those of us who vote for love is are than a small group – we are a force for change. We just need to make ourselves heard.

Our non-profit mission here at Awakenings Institute is to help to create a more loving world where the unique gifts that each individual offers are honored and nurtured. For more than two decades, Awakenings Institute has focused its attention on realizing this dream in practical ways – by healing one heart at a time.

How to Heal the World

The world clearly needs healing and all of us can be part of the change if we rise to the challenge. Marianne Williamson, who has stepped up to the challenge by running for president, encourages participation in this quote, which we shared on Facebook:

Like many of the people who visit this website, we have many years of experience with healing. From this, we understand that it’s all about energy. Personal healing – and opening to the power of love – requires us to access higher vibrations of energy to heal the wounds that drag us down.

The energies that heal and transform lives resonate with soulful, heart-centered feelings like love, gratitude, kindness, joy, unity, respect, dignity, and the like.

The keys to personal transformation apply equally to the challenges we face as a society, and a global family. As Albert Einstein noted:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking 
we used when we created them.”

As healers, it’s also reasonable to say that we cannot heal our divisions with the fear and hatred that created them. We have to rise above them if we want to create a better world.

Taking the High Road

The world is polarized – left/right, good/bad, all/nothing. We are held in limitation by clashes of opposites. Fighting it out in the trenches is futile. This, too, highlights the importance of rising above it, shifting from separation to unity and from fear to love.

Unconditional love is connectedness. It is the absence of division, of hatred, of fear, cruelty, fierce competition, and the like. Here’s the real point:

If you recognize that love is the solution, 
the world clearly needs you.

You Can Be Part of the Change in The Heart Campaign

The Heart Campaign needs your help and it’s easy to be part of the change. All we ask is a few minutes of your time on a regular basis. If you use Facebook now, it can easily fit into your current schedule.

Anyone can volunteer to support The Heart Campaign as a “Love Ambassador” and share messages of love with the world. The more the merrier!

Our mission is simple – to make love go viral on social media. Together, we can become a force for change, not just for this campaign season, for an evening or a day, but for every day of the year.

Here’s the plan – to make messages about love like the ones you see here go viral on Facebook, on other social media outlets, and in communities all around the globe. We’re starting on Facebook and plan to expand to more social media outlets in the near future.

How You Can Participate and Make a Difference

You'll be ready to make a difference as a "Love Ambassador" now in a few simple steps. 

1. Focus more attention on love, gratitude, kindness, and joy. There are a lot of personal benefits. It’s great for your health and even better for your spirit.

You can get your free copy of Ten Powerful Doses of Love and Happiness now for more information and solutions.

Doses of Love and Happiness

2. Go to The Global Heart Campaign on Facebook and “like” the page AND "Follow" the page. It's important to follow the page, so you will receive posts in your timeline. 

The Global Heart Campaign

As part of The Heart Campaign, you can help us to amplify the love by sharing images and posts from The Heart Campaign and helping them to go viral.

In the near future, we also plan to conduct Facebook Live interviews with thought leaders on topics related to love and kindness. If you don't want to miss them, be sure to "like" the page now.

3. While on The Global Heart Campaign page, you can also "Share" the page with your friends and encourage them to join in.

4. Go to The Global Heart Campaign Discussion Group on Facebook and join the conversation.

We created the Facebook Global Heart Campaign Discussion Group to provide opportunities for likeminded, open-hearted people to connect and share.

5. Watch for messages of love from The Heart Campaign and “share” them with your Facebook friends. They can only go viral with the help of people like you. You can also encourage more of the people you know to join us.

6. If you have more than 500 friends on Facebook, you can also help us more by giving The Heart Campaign permission to post messages of love on your personal page. Go to the “Contact US” page and send us a message to give your permission.

If you want to go further, you can help us to start getting the word out on Twitter and other social media outlets you use.

If there was ever a time when this was needed, the time is now! We’d love to hear from you, receive your insights, and again call on you to share The Heart Campaign’s messages of love with your friends on facebook and in your local community.

Together, we can make a difference!