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Developing Intuition and Spiritual Growth with Oracles

A Mystery School Training
for Learning Transformational Tools for Transformational Times

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Filled with insights and exercises, spiritual coaches and energy healers, Phillip and Jane Mountrose share their unique, highly effective approach to oracles.

Are you interested in self-mastery?

Do you enjoy experiential learning -- the kind that deepens knowledge into 
being and knowingness?

Would you like knowing how to use a powerful spiritual tool
to help yourself and others that you help?

Developing your intuition is crucial to your spiritual development.  It entails going beyond your logical mind to discover deeper answers and gain greater awareness.

But how do you develop your intuition?

Over the past 33 years in the holistic field, we have learned many holistic and intuitive approaches. We have also developed our own effective modalities (our GTT -- Getting Thru Techniques).

One of the tools we keep coming back to -- and find extraordinarily helpful -- are oracles. In the process, we have made some new discoveries about how to use oracles for developing your intuition and spiritual growth.

What is an Oracle? 

An oracle is a person or thing that reveals knowledge from a divine source. Famous examples include the ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi.  

Oracles have been used throughout history, both in ancient and modern cultures. They are popular because they can reveal hidden connections and relationships, sometimes showing probabilities of what the future holds.

Oracle decks have cards showing an image with an associated phrase or word. The cards can be laid out in any format used for guidance and awareness.

Today oracle readings often focus on helping people with their dream job or relationship.  Although it's natural to want to know our future, there's a problem in reliably using oracle reading in this way.

Even though oracle readings run into difficulties accurately predicting the future, here's something important to know. There are other ways to use oracles that are astonishingly effective.

Here's a key point to keep in mind.  Used with the right approach, oracles can be a powerful resource for dealing with today's fear-driven and crisis-ridden world. What's more, they are easily available to you on a regular basis for handling life's ups and downs.

Plus, the input and solutions oracles offer are customized to you and to those you help.  In sum, oracles are practical and work effectively in many areas and on many levels.

Announcing an Exciting New Course ...

 "Developing Your Intuition and Spiritual Growth with Oracles"

Mystical Tools for Growth, Transformation and Enlightenment

Who is this course for?

  • traditional and alternative healthcare practitioners
  • EFT, energy and spiritual healers
  • coaches and counselors
  • business people like realtors and sales people
  • educators and teachers
  • artists, authors, speakers
  • self-taught learners
  • holistic-minded people

Why this Unique Course is Highly Effective

This is a Mystery School Training, in the tradition of spiritual schools that have taught profound practices and knowledge throughout history.  These highly effective trainings -- drawing on spiritual principles and tools -- arise to meet the needs of their times.

With the right training, you can use oracles to greatly enhance your intuition. It will help you see the Big Picture, while fitting your current situation into it.  As a result, you receive key insights to make good decisions. You get clear on your life's direction and purpose.

Whether you are new to oracles or familiar with them, we think you will greatly benefit from our new discoveries on how to use them to accelerate your spiritual growth and enrich your daily life. We have found our lives so much more fulfilling with this approach to oracles, as have our clients and students who use them.

Our approach is different from many oracle readings that try to tell you the future in order to magically find the perfect job or relationship.  Why does this fortune-telling approach fall short? Yes, to be sure oracles reveal underlying patterns that can indicate probable futures.

Yet the future is dynamically in flux.  You and the world are constantly changing, making even the best predictions unreliable .... Also, it is dis-empowering to depend on anything external -- whether it be a person or an oracle -- to tell you what to do.

Instead, you can learn how oracles can help empower you by using them as a reliable and profound resource. Receiving simple messages from the cards can be helpful and a good starting place.  

The approach you will learn in this course will take you much further, into greater depths and connections that are mystical and transformational.

So what happens when you learn how to do effective oracle readings? You more easily and synchronously learn and grow from a soulful place.  A practical, soul-based training will give you hands-on tools and knowledge you can use immediately and for a lifetime.

Using oracles is like having a wonderful companion and guide to accompany you throughout your life's journey.  However down you may be (anxious, lonely, sad, etc.), an oracle deck is there for you, readily available.  On the other hand, when you are already inspired, oracles will ground you, giving you invaluable insights and direction.

Here's something else important to keep in mind ... 

For too much of the time, our awareness is restricted to a tiny fraction of what is possible.  We  have blinders on, filtering out so much that could enlighten us. But so much more is available, including phenomenal resources that oracles can connect to in uncanny, accurate ways.

As you learn from the oracle's wonderful light and wisdom, you will be given a direct path for raising your awareness. It will light your way, bringing more love and energy into your life. Your newfound awareness will radiate out to others and the world at large.

Having the right tools, knowledge and support makes all the difference. And you will have this wisdom and know-how for the rest of your life.

We've streamlined how to use oracles for profound states and guidance. And this approach is easier than you think.

How We Can Help

We're Phillip and Jane Mountrose, Founders of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to making the world a more loving place  where everyone's unique gifts are honored and nurtured. Our work focuses on healing and awakening ever more fully to the loving power of the soul.

The many benefits of learning how to read oracles to develop your intuition and spiritual growth include ...

  • Being both more in the flow and aligned with your purpose on a daily basis.
  • Learning key life lessons and letting go of the past to be more fully present here now for what your heart wishes to do.
  • Accessing higher dimensions, guides and enlightened masters. See the Big Picture clearly and find the best options for you.
  • Trusting yourself more with deep connections that provides assurance from enlightening knowledge.
  • Daily connection to profound and practical guidance for direction and healing.
  • Enhancing holistic practices such as EFT, energy work, therapy. spiritual healing, massage and more with greater insight and resources
  • Greater creativity and synchronicities.
  • Using the crucial skill of discernment, which develops your brain and spiritual growth
  • .Accelerating your evolution so you can help yourself and the world, more easily and effectively

Special Note: Oracles are a great way to educate and have fun with children.  Our approach to oracles includes archetypal stories and fairy tales that children (and adults) love.  From this course, you will learn how rich with meaning they are.

In sum, you will receive a rich toolbox of resources to live fully and accelerate your spiritual growth.

To get a sample of how people benefit, watch the two-minute excerpt demonstration below of an oracle reading we gave in a recent online class.

What People are Saying about the Mountroses' Trainings ...

"My extensive trainings with the Mountroses helped me take charge of my life and make better, healthier choices to reach my goals. 

During the trainings, I lost 150 pounds, manged my fibromyalgia and diabetes. The changes have lasted too. It was a journey from mutliple physical issues to having abundant health!"

sharon williamson

"The Mountroses last amazing course helped my spiritual evolution and helped myself and clients with accessing the akashic records. It gave us an open window to new possibilities and solutions for me and those I have helped.

For example, I guided a person to help stop her caffeine addiction and its resulting anxiety. From what she discovered in the records and the spiritual guidance how to go forward without caffeine, she became free of the anxiety. She had tremendous guidance and clarity, which helped her greatly improve her marriage problems, too."


"I connected with Phillip and Jane at at time in my life that, as I see it now, was the beginning of the end of a life I no longer wanted to live. In turn, I manifested wonderful friendships. I actually healed an acid reflux issue that no longer requires medication while in their course.

I also learned to manifest a mindset that helped me realize that what I already had in my life was full of love and abundance. That may seem insignificant, but to me one’s mindset of gratitude can create miracles. I am now enjoying a beautiful retirement as a holistic coach / healer and spiritual counselor with increasingly better health."

john fiore

“During the course, I loved connecting with others and validating more deeply what I have learned in other trainings. I liked sharing and it’s experiential and interactivity. Plus I was be able to talk openly with others of a like mind.”


Here's what you receive in the Developing Intuition and Spiritual Growth with Oracles Course

The course comes with four live webinars (that will be recorded if you miss any), plus an overview introductory webinar, two exclusive guide booklets plus targeted handouts.

The live webinar trainings will occur on August 2, 9, 16, 23  at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET.  All classes will be recorded as a video and an audio version for ease of access.

Note: To clear blocks, we will also use energy healing, like our Angelic Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and intuitive methods in the course.

Here's something really important to understand ...

How do you know which oracle decks to use from the hundreds that are available?  We have reviewed dozens of them and used different ones over the years.  

To save you time and energy, for this course we have chosen a couple of special oracle decks. They are easy to use and have tremendous depth. They will enrich your daily life in miraculous ways and can be added to any spiritual practice.

There will also be live and recorded transformational exercises and demonstrations.

So whether you want to use oracles as a powerful personal spiritual tool and/or to help others, you will be able to ask the right questions and get deep, targeted answers.

Note: In this course, we will be sharing new methods we have never taught before in a course. We will also build on what we've taught in previous courses as well.

Here is what the classes include ...

Class 1:  Opening to the Amazing Resources of Oracles

In this session, you will connect to your inner resources for many profound purposes. With this activating class, you'll ...

  • Get an overview of the course: understand how to step into your fuller identity as a magnificent soul with a greater purpose using oracles
  • Know the different types of readings
  • Understand the importance of angels and higher guides and how to connect with them
  • Establish a strong foundation for using oracles
  • Experience a demonstration of oracle card reading

Class 2: Oracle Readings Using Archetypes, Myths and the Inner and Magical Child 

In this class, we will explore ...

  • How to use the power of intention
  • How to choose oracle decks
  • The  profound significance of archetypes in your life
  • How to prepare for a reading
  • The transformational nature of inner and magic child oracle approach and the tarot
  • Experience a live experiential demonstration

Class 3: Oracles to Harmonize with Nature: Engaging the Elements and Three Kingdoms

This class hones in on the four elements and their profound significance. We'll guide you through ...

  • A review of the three kingdoms and how it relates to oracles
  • Understanding the elemental realms and the tarot
  • The bigger picture and using oracles
  • Contacting the elemental realms with oracles
  • Experiencing elemental realm through oracles with live demonstrations

Class 4: Diving Deeper into Oracles and Expanding Possibilities

In this session, we'll delve into how to expand your intuition and healing with oracles. We'll guide you through ...

  • An overview of three healing techniques: Angelic EFT, the  Violet Flame, Archangel Raphael
  • Describing different card spreads and when to use them
  • Creative opportunities
  • Oracle reading demonstrations


1- Gifts and Blessings from Oracles, Angels and Enlightened Masters

This 34-page concise guidebook is customized for this targeted training. It focuses on getting started with the tarot and other oracle decks. It will summarize general approaches to oracles, plus details our specific approach used in this course.  It also includes key insights and related information on intuition and spiritual growth that will deepen your understanding.

2- Oracle Spreads Reference Guides

These handy reference sheets can show you different oracle spreads so you will know how and when to use them.  You will also get an overview with these guide handouts, which you can be an evergreen reference for you.

3- Angels Checklist

A quick reference sheet for the main archangels and their attributes that we will refer to and connect with in the course. The checklist will show you how to connect with a particular angel for a specific concern you have.

4- Key Areas to Explore and Questions to Ask with Oracles

In this short, targeted excerpt from our recent book The Loving Power of Your Soul, we share key questions and guidelines for connecting with oracles and higher guidance. Includes questions to ask and ways to verify answers and clear doubts, plus suggested do's and don'ts.

The above materials are all filled with targeted material, carefully designed to promote your spiritual development. The transformational information would be hard to find elsewhere, and much is original and customized to this training.

We value you.  

After you go through the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

In this time of Great Awakening, the world needs as many people as possible to step up and open to more of their greatness. Taking practical steps -- like using oracles for self-actualization -- leads to shifts in your consciousness.

In the process, you can become more of service, more able to develop and express your gifts.

If this approach resonates with you, we would love to have you join us. It will be a journey of discovery and transformation, with joy, miracles, "aha's" and creative hands-on learning all rolled into one.

And you will have the tools and knowledge for the rest of your life.  Get ready to raise your vibration daily and create the life you want to live ...

Choose the Option that is the best for you

Developing Intuition ORACLES

Get Immediate Access to
this Unique, Easy-to-Follow Course

  • Four How-to Transformation Webinars plus Intro Webinar with audio versions and handouts 
  • An exclusive Guidebook and targeted reference guide sheets
  • Many demonstrations and interactive exercises




Get everything in the course -- Plus add:

  • Three Personal 60-minute sessions. Working with Jane or Phillip over time can have a large impact on your well-being and spiritual growth in different areas of your life that need boosting.



If you have any questions, please email us here.

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