Spiritual First Aid for Pandemics and Other Crises

In April of this year, we offered the following course live on how to handle the Covid-19 Pandemic on a body-mind-spirit level.  The recordings, handouts, ebooks we think you'll find to be valuable and practical resources in your everyday life.

For this time of year, we want to offer it at a highly affordable price for yourself or as a gift to a loved one needing help and uplift in this trying time.

Note: the Facebook Group that originally started with this course is no longer active, but it does have resources including the original webinars for this course.

We're in unprecedented times, and the situation we are in -- a pandemic and a far-reaching crisis -- is at times stretching us to our limits.

This situation is bound to trigger fears, stresses and anxiety. It can also raise a lot of questions we can't answer right now.

But what can you do about it?

The simple answer is find support. None of us can get through this alone. And in addition to the current physical crisis, you may also sense a spiritual crisis going on, too.

In these tremendously challenging times, what's the best first aid?  It can be the information, companions, soulful insights, and practical tools we find and implement. This support can work to help for vital, holistic healing and balancing: body-mind-spirit.

And what's one of the most productive things to do now in a stay-at-home culture? Participate online to learn and grow -- and be connected to a supportive group.

Effects of the Crisis

You can get worn down now in these uncertain times, including ...

  • Isolation with feeling alone and afraid
  • Risks for self and loved ones contracting the virus
  • Many fears and anxieties that arise from the stressors
  • Dealing with uncertainty, disruption and change
  • A Spiritual Crisis: loss of hope, trust and meaning

To help and give you key resources...

Announcing ....
The Spiritual First Aid for Pandemics and Crises -- A Course and Support System

We are offering a convenient online approach (no travel necessary) to get key practical soulful tools, knowledge and support to handle things -- and even find the hidden opportunities in today's challenging time.

This concise, user-friendly training will be presented with direct access to special resources.

Becoming Spiritually Fit

In a time of social distancing, we need different strategies to come together and be "spiritually fit." It's also easy to get lost in negative news, impatience, powerlessness and even despair.

Now is the time to support each other, find workable strategies and help keep your spirits up and help others.

This is the perfect time to learn online.  This easy-to-consume training is designed keep your body-mind-spirit up to help yourself and others.

The Five Targeted, Hands-on,  Experiential Online Classes

Class 1
* The Centering Process
* The Spiritual First Aid Coaching Wheel
* Handling multiple losses during the crisis (such as illness, income, freedom, emotional strife and more)
* The Brightest Possible Future Process

Class 2

* Living healthier longer keys
* Soul Centering with group insights
* Practical ways to communicate with people who are not available in person (spiritual/etheric plane communication)

Class 3

* More living healthier longer keys
* The Four Levels of Healing Process (explained in detail and a powerful demonstration)

Class 4

* Going further with the Spiritual First Aid Coaching Wheel.
* Critical success key: elevating your default perspective and set point
* Four Stages of Change/Competency

Class 5

* Soul Centering and group awakening
* Five Lessons from the Pandemic Crisis
* Resilience and Antifragility catalysts and more...

This course is brought to You by Awakenings Institute and Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

Phillip & Jane Mountrose, Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute, are the originators of Spiritual Kinesiology, which draws from NLP and other energy healing methods. They have reached thousands of people during the past 25 years in the field.  They specialize on how to greatly deepen and expand the results people get from energy healing and holistic coaching. In the process, they have written over a dozen books and training manuals on holistic healing, coaching and personal transformation.

What You'll Receive in this Course

Five Targeted Classes for dealing with pandemics and crises, available for replay and downloadable audio format

The Holistic Approach to Living Healthier Longer -- Targeted short ebook with Seven Essential Keys to make the most of living now and going forward...

Ultimate Paradigm Shift: Guidebook for Creating the Life Your Were Born to Live -- Easy-to-read ebook on how to become a master of your life, removing any victim tendencies

The Belief Buster with EFT Process -- Use our signature Holistic EFT Tapping Process to shift and enlighten your beliefs with this straightforward process -- video demo and instructions included

Spiritual Heart

We value you, so we want to make this promise.

After you complete the course, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

Choose between Two Options for Instant Access to the Course:

For this special training and support, we have kept this online course highly affordable. It is designed to help you access valuable resources and support to build your confidence and well-being on all levels.

The best way to overcome hardship is to have the right tools and connections. Now is a perfect time for e-learning -- no travel needed. Join us and let us be part of your rapid response team. Help yourself so you can help others.


Complete Online Course Plus 
Individual Session


197  $99

  • All the online course materials
  • Private phone or video conference 60-minute individual session to get specific help

Life has led us to this point. The greatest challenges bring the greatest opportunities. You can rise to this challenge. By taking an active role, you will empower yourself.

To you and the person you are becoming,

Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Awakenings Institute
Santa Maria, CA

Spiritual Living, Counseling and Healing