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Looking for a Spiritual Guide, Coach or Healer?

A Special Opportunity for Spiritual Seekers, Healers, Lightworkers, Way Showers and more…

What is a Spiritual Guide

How can a spiritual guide help and support you so much now?

A spiritual guide is a person who takes joy in revealing a person’s spiritual gifts and activating the soul’s full potential. A spiritual guide is also a person who supports others in their spiritual awakening – with evolving and growing in magical, mystical ways.

All in all, partnering with a spiritual guide is an opportunity like no other.

If you are seeking a spiritual guide, you’re entering a whole new world of possibilities. And you can receive transformational spiritual guidance, coaching, and healing in any area of your life in personal sessions with Dr. Phillip Mountrose or Dr. Jane Mountrose. 

Do you want to explore your true deeper identity as a magnificent spiritual being, where you are on your spiritual journey and how to move freely forward in the direction of your dreams? 

It’s completely up to you. Life-changing sessions with Phillip or Jane may include:

  • Accessing inner guidance and wisdom
  • Getting insights and clarity with oracle and tarot readings
  • Visiting your Akashic Records (your energetic database holding past, present and potential futures) to understand your divine nature and purpose
  • Getting spiritual support from beings of light (archangels and enlightened masters)
  • Healing wounds that are blocking you from reaching your true potential
  • Gaining clarity on the path forward to your brightest possible future.
  • Some combination of these and more, to meet your specific needs and goals …

Below are two powerful demonstrations where Phillip helps Susan and Babs create breakthroughs in their creative expression and career.  Included, he uses oracles, helping them connect with their Akashic Records for insights and more.   Watch the transformational sessions below

A Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Coach, and Spiritual Healer — All in One

How can this make a big difference for you? With an effective spiritual guide, coach, and healer, you have three essential keys for accelerating your spiritual growth and clearing what’s in the way working altogether for you.

And you don’t have to figure it out on your own. You’ll have an expert guide with a wealth of wisdom and experience.

Is it your time to remove what’s in your way and thrive?

Are you ready to live more fully, to grow and evolve in more magical and mystical ways, and to awaken to your true identity as the magnificent spiritual being you truly are?

This is your birthright and the the opportunity lies before you. For those who are blessed to find the right spiritual guide, spiritual counselor and spiritual healer all in one, the experience can mark the beginning of a whole new life.

The Mountroses understand that each person needs a personal approach that recognizes and honors your unique gifts and challenges.

Introducing Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

With more than three decades in the field, we are highly effective spiritual coaches, healers, trainers, and guides. We have a developed sense of the challenges people face on the spiritual path and how to overcome the challenges.

Over these many years, we have become known as pioneers in the fields of spiritual growth and healing, with highly effective approaches that have withstood the tests of time. We have also written more than a dozen books and manuals on healing and spiritual growth that have touched thousands of lives around the world.

Now, we serve as the Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to creating more loving world. Along with offering personal sessions, we draw on decades of experience to offer empowering trainings for spiritual coaches, spiritual healers, and spiritual guides. We are dedicated to helping people make profound and lasting changes for their spiritual growth.

Here are two important questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Is it time for you to take your spiritual growth to a deeper level and experience more fulfillment — with greater clarity and direction?
  2. Do you want to clear what’s holding you back and make more of a difference?

Wherever you are in the world, we can connect online. Sessions can be conducted by phone or Zoom video. So if you’re ready for an exciting and rewarding next evolutionary step, we would be honored to connect with you. 


Note: After registering, you will immediately go to the Resource Page. There, you can choose the person (Jane or Phillip) you wish to work with and schedule an appointment.

Choose the Right Option for You:

Introductory Session

20-minute session
$ 25
  • Get started now
  • Know how to proceed
  • Start taking positive action and get results

Single Full Session

60-minute full session
$ 110
  • Get deep targeted support
  • Receive deep clearing
  • Get clear direction and support for going forward

Three Sessions Plus

Three 60-minute session
$ 325
  • Get deep targeted support with three targeted sessions
  • Deep clearing and guidance
  • Ongoing support for clarity and the right direction for you
Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing