Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing

What is Spiritual Living at Its Best?

The concept of spiritual living is enjoying increasing popularity these days. More and more people are seeking a life with meaning and purpose, which involves tapping into the vast realms of spirit.

The way we approach it, spiritual living makes sense for people of all spiritual faiths and systems. It’s natural. It embraces the vast realms of spirit in a unifying way that just about anyone can embrace.

The challenge is learning how to bring spirit down to earth in a way that is joyful, fulfilling and enlightening. This has been our focus as holistic/spiritual coaches and healers for more than three decades now and we have been amazed at what we have discovered.

Spiritual Living isn’t actually as difficult or challenging as many make it out to be. With a holistic approach, we recognized that aliveness and connectedness are big keys. What makes you feel the most alive and excited about your future?

The Profound Benefits of Spiritual Living

Feelings like love, joy, playfulness, and lightheartedness  increase our sense of being alive. They also increase our sense of being connected with each other and most importantly, with our creator, God.

This brings the benefits into clear focus.

Living happily feels good. Happiness is what most of us want above all and it’s free. Ideally, every day can flow with joy and ease. For us, this is the foundation for spiritual living.

Happiness also benefits your health. It’s a cure for stress and anxiety, which is widely known to be linked to just about all major diseases.

Love and happiness lift your spirits. When you feel happy, love is also present and love is the ultimate solution. It makes us feel connected with others and with our creator.

Keeping your spirits up builds confidence and self-esteem. This is something to reflect on, because it is important. Feeling positively connected with your creator makes you feel better about yourself.

Lifted spirits also bring out the best in you. You tap into the wisdom that radiates from your heart, so you can make wise decisions and create the life you truly desire.

An opening heart also opens you to your purpose in life. The heart knows what is right for you. As the saying goes, “follow your heart.”

Unity is good for the world. With religious intolerance being one of the biggest causes of war, uniting in a spirit of love is a blessing for us all.

As you can see, tapping into the power of love and happiness presents the ultimate choice for creating a wonder-filled life, and love is the ultimate solution for making the world a better place.

Spiritual Living and a More Loving World

Imagine living in a world where love and happiness reign, where the unique gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured, where people look out for the well-being of everyone around them.

These are the outcomes of spiritual living. Is it an impossible stretch to believe that what we imagine we can create? Is it possible that we could unite behind the potential of creating a friendly world where everyone can thrive with love, ease, and happiness?

In this friendly world, there could be no war, no poverty, no exclusion of any good thing for anyone or anything. This might sound idealistic and impossible at first, just as many major shifts have throughout human history. The fact is that life is a series of choices and decisions.

Spiritual living – with love and happiness at its core – is a powerful choice.

The choices we make each day ultimately determine who we become and the quality of the lives we lead individually and collectively. Think about it. Choosing to tap into the power of love and happiness is one of the most positive choices you can make for yourself and everyone around you.

If the feelings alone are not enough to convince you, consider the statistics. More than 70% of people in the US report experiencing stress on a regular basis. Stress is so pervasive that it seems normal, but the body tells a different story.

Some estimate that around 90% of all illness is stress related. This includes heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging, and even premature death.

Unfortunately, more people report having overly stressful lives than happy ones. Though these people don’t realize that they have a choice in the matter, they actually do. Their fate is in their hands.

You alone generate your responses to the world around you. When you understand how powerfully love and happiness support longevity and a higher quality of life, spiritual living makes a lot of sense. It is also our best tool for making the world a better place and it’s free! What could be better?

Spiritual Living and Spiritual Development

We all go through stages in our growth as human beings. In the process, we become more aware of ourselves and what we are creating. In our free “Special Report” Ten Powerful Doses of Love and Happiness, you can learn how to transform suffering and stress into love and happiness by increasing your awareness and making more positive choices.

You can also learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an amazingly simple process that has positively impacted countless thousands of lives around the world, often in miraculously positive ways. For you, this book could be the beginning of a journey from an ordinary, ho-hum life to an extraordinary, energizing spiritual life.

Right now, a lot of people are metaphorically wallowing in the mud. They are settling for ordinary lives, with little chance for true happiness. Their reality is characterized by fear, suffering and feeling alone.

These people act on the belief that the world is an unfriendly place and the supplies of good things are limited. People who are wallowing around in this way generally feel like victims of situations that are beyond their control.

This is a limiting perspective. As Eleanor Roosevelt stated,

“There are no victims, only volunteers.”

Consider the possibility that you are more powerful than you ever imagined and you do have control. You could even say that it is your birthright to create a magnificent life where you feel happy and vibrantly alive every day.

In contrast to wallowing in the mud, this feels like rising to a lofty mountaintop, a magical place where you have a panoramic view of the world below you and the heavens above you.

Envision an Extraordinary Life

Imagine being on a beautiful mountaintop now, with clear, crisp air and a magnificent, panoramic view extending for miles and miles in all directions. Here you feel powerfully connected with everything around you and your possibilities are as vast as the view. Take a nice deep breath of the clean, fresh air. Feel the soft breeze and the nurturing energy of the sun that’s shining so beautifully down on you…

Now imagine dropping down and settling into the mud where so many people reside, feeling stressed, fearful, and angry, with no way out. You’re afraid, feeling like a victim of forces that are beyond your control. Take another breath now and notice the difference – because the choice is yours.

Only you can determine the importance of this choice, between empowering yourself to create an wonderful life filled with love, excitement, a vibrant sense of aliveness, and happiness or settling for an ordinary life, where not much is likely to change. In your heart, you can probably feel that the contrast between creating and settling is similar to living or dying. It’s powerful, for body, mind, and soul!

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Love, Happiness, and Spiritual Living

As discussed here, choosing love and happiness also relates to the world you desire for yourself and those you love. The life you create is your vote for the world you want to come into being. Why not choose to tap into the power of love and happiness?

Your heart matters. Positive change only comes one heart at a time. Always remember…

“The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched,
they must be felt with the heart.”



Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing