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The Extraordinary Value of the Akashic Records

What if there was a way you could easily access and evolving library of records of your past, present, and future? What if there was also a way to mold your spiritual journey to optimize your growth and enhance your experience of life in magical and mystical ways?

Yes, there is such an open source available to everyone: the Akashic Records. It’s sometimes called the Book of Life, the Universal Library or The Hall of Records. This cosmic library holds all human events and experiences. It contains the energetic imprints of every soul’s journey. Yes, it’s hard to get our minds around that.

To be clear, this is not a Hollywood movie, although imaginative stories are certainly drawn from this vast database by creative writers. And the Akashic Records are open to everyone.

So how do you enter this “library’? The good news is with methods like certain meditations, visualizations and past life regressions, everyone can access their own records, with their past, present and potential future.

The Akashic Records in History

Across different cultures, this universal repository of knowledge and experience has shown up many times.

Hinduism has the idea of the Akash or Akasha, a foundational ether and the vast expanse where all things exist. Buddhism has “Buddha nature,” sometimes connected with a universal consciousness or storehouse of knowledge. Native cultures believe in a collective memory and connection with their ancestors.

And there are more references, including theosophy with writings by Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Furthermore, Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious shares much in common with understandings of the Akashic Records.

Spiritual Wayshowers

Highly advanced spiritual figures have used the Hall of Records as a key part of their work. Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet,” accessed the records in his trance communications hundreds of times, evaluating health and relationship issues and pointing out valuable solutions.

Also in the early part of the last century, Rudolph Steiner — a multi-talented person whose roles included architect, occultist and clairvoyant — used the term “Akashic Chronicle.” He maintained that this cosmic memory was available to all who can perceive beyond the physical world. It interconnects the spiritual with the physical realms.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi and brought yoga to the west in the last century, also tapped into this cosmic library. He referred to this universal consciousness in exploring the interconnectedness of people and the higher planes of reality.

The Akashic Records Phenomenal Value

You are certainly entitled to learn from your own records.  But to read others’ information from these records, like Edgar Cayce did with extraordinary depth, takes permission, an “informed consent” to read another’s records. Also, to access another’s records takes a certain ability as well.

As you learn how to access your own records, they become more and more usable and revealing. The powerful benefits of exploring the Akashic Records include:

* Understanding Past Lives

You will get a deeper and broader sense of who you are by viewing your past incarnations. Personally, we’ve been able to connect with many past lives going back to Atlantis and more. They explain certain tendencies we have in this lifetime and illuminate areas to work on.

With a greater awareness of your past, it is easier to learn, grow and change now. It also helps to create a bright future going forward.

* Healing and Transformation

As you gain insight into your multi-lives existence, it becomes clearer in which areas you now want to address, including karmic patterns from the past.

For example, Jane has dealt with fears carrying over from past life experiences about the destruction of Atlantis.  On a smaller scale, Phillip has been alerted to slowing down at times, so as not to miss things or make mistakes like those that happened to him in past lives.

Overall, you become more equipped to deal with the recurring patterns in your life. Some of these programs (automatic responses) may be quite unconscious. Nonetheless, they are still playing out in your external world by what happens to you and how you react.

The Akashic Records offer an objective history for recognizing problems. Then, in turn, you can heal and gain insight.

* Spiritual Evolution

As the book of life reveals your weaknesses, it also highlights your strengths. You can use your intention – what you aim to focus on – to get specific information that provides clarity and direction. Crucial areas come to light, such as the origins of a problem and aspects that were hidden from your awareness.

For example, once Phillip saw himself as a sailor going down with the ship in a torrential storm.  After seeing that experience, he never had vertigo again, which had been a lifelong issue. Sometimes, of course, more examination and healing is needed.

As a result of the powerful evidence from the Akashic Records, you can become more clear-eyed and open-hearted. You treasure the records as a higher dimensional place. It’s like a sacred cosmic sight holding important knowledge in a pristine reserve for you.

Using the Right Approach

As mentioned, it’s best to learn how to open the records for yourself, rather than depend on another. It’s more empowering and reproducible. In any event, you do need to validate the accuracy of the reading for yourself.

How then do you authenticate the information you receive? You can evaluate your reading by further reflection and observing how the information plays out in your life.

Also here’s something important to keep in mind. When you are coming from a soulful perspective, you will be discerning with the information.

Approach the Book of Life with an open mind and sense of humility. It’s a higher-dimensional place that should be respected for its extraordinary value, as if you were taking in a masterful work of art or visiting a holy site.

Final Thoughts on the Akashic Records

Why are you living on earth here now?

The answer contains multiple reasons, including to learn, grow, heal and love. From this big-picture view, the Akashic Records is one the best resources you could ever have.

We go deep into the Akashic Records — the how’to’s with powerful knowledge and support — in our Spiritual Guide Certification Program.




Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing